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  1. I just did the $1 pledge level and then put in enough for the 4 sets.
  2. In the same boat here along with 40ish hex parchment tiles. And I paid to have the square shipped now as opposed to waiting for the hex. So I expected to have the 40 square in hand by now or at least info about shipping!
  3. Well mixed feelings. I received 2 boxes of figures today. One was the 20 no-duplicate Sherwood Legacy 20 figures. The other was 15 of the same (short 5). What I had pledged for was the 20 no-dup, the 12 Neverland Legacy, the 34 alternate Albion, and the 7 King's Journey figures. So I didn't get 3 sets and got 15 duplicates of the set of 20. So not sure what to think, but I did send off an email and just wanted to put an update here. I didn't pledge for the game at all.
  4. And there is no way Reaper can package the whole KS release to ship them all at once.
  5. Optivisor for the win. Only way I would paint. Great lenses, both eyes, makes painting far easier with good light sources.
  6. Looking forward to seeing the remaining info on the con with the changes. One thing I have noticed on the rate different from the Hilton Garden is that we can get the same rate before and after the “con” dates. Where they would not give it.
  7. Being optimistic and also booked my room. Mrs Harrek wants to go this year also. Keeping fingers crossed.
  8. And I always thought Goblins just stowed away on trains ....
  9. When I go I normally leave on Monday afternoon after lunch but before rush hour starts. Of course I have to go through Detroit and you don't! Then I drive a long day Tuesday and roll in around noon on Wednesday. Although last year I DID arrive late Tuesday night in the Denton area as I was making great time on Tuesday and got out ALOT earlier on Monday (before lunch). I assume you could get an early start on Tuesday and be there well on time Wednesday. Oh and edited to say you do pick up an hour driving there with the time zone difference.
  10. Well you know what I do. And I'd call it a bit more than 17.5 More like 18.5 to 19 I'd say.
  11. Looking very strongly that I won't make it this year. Hopefully things turn around more and I can.
  12. That's the question. Are these the old original molds? Or new models made to look like the old but at the new Reaper scale. If they are smaller scale they would look funny on the tabletop next to the newer.
  13. Will there be one new one added to the line each month? Or will the line start off with more than that? And edited to ask if they are in the same scale as the Dark Heaven Legends.
  14. These are awesome. But I don't see me getting to something to paint that I won't use on the table top given their size. I've already got a few things like that to paint!
  15. Exactly what I use here. And you can just order them on the USPS website and they deliver to your door.
  16. Ours was the exact same way! new pajamas to wear for the Christmas morning photos!
  17. Email customer service if you need customer service?
  18. My shipment is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Excellent service from Texas to Michigan!
  19. I like how he tried them over something other than gloss black and the effect they seem to have. I'd like to see a video so you can see the actual shift!
  20. But its easy to pull out too much! I use the palette as a guide and perhaps do like 1/4 to 1/2 inch less. Oh, and I found it does stretch some when it gets wet. So trying for a perfect width is really hard. So do the 1/2 inch or so less!
  21. The roll I have fits perfectly. I simply pull out enough to handle the shorter width. And then when I cut it in 1/2 each piece almost exactly fills the Masterson wet palette!
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