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  1. Bet the Badger primers would be nice and sturdy for this!
  2. I wonder once you have the lead figure clean and dry if you are worried about lead rot, wouldn't a coat of sealer work to keep it good?
  3. I paint longer than that when I can normally. Also, I sometimes get interrupted and need to cover up and come back a few hours later. These interruptions are un-planned and the wet palette lets me come back and continue right where I left off. Again, I don't use paint in it for days. But over the course of 6 or so hours at most normally.
  4. I use parchment (baking) paper gotten at the grocery store (the Meijer's by you should have it PM). Comes in a roll. Make sure it's NOT waxed paper! The Masterson stuff seems more like what you would use for the paints a canvas artist would use I think. But it never worked well at all for me.
  5. I'll second this. Never had any problem with cleanup. I just throw out the parchment and rinse out the palette well. I also don't use it to keep paint for days at a time. It is really for a session (or extended session during a day). It allows me to paint for a few hours and then pop the lid on and walk away for a bit and come back to the same paint. Keeps it thinned nicely and flowing as well. If I don't use a wet palette and just use a well palette then my paint dries during my painting session and becomes useless. Which to me is much more of a pita than any issues with a wet palette. The well palettes also take more effort to cleanup normally. More to it than just tossing out the parchment.
  6. You might want to google "green stuff world". They have iridescent paint coming out soon and are taking preorders for it. James Wappel has some in hand (I believe) and will be giving a report on it. But this would be paint designed (whatever that really entails) for us miniature painters it seems.
  7. I've seen the ones you use during a class of yours and they are well made and work great as well palettes. I like the size of each well. Not too large and their are many on it! But I find that my paint dries up way too fast if I use these much. So I tend to use them for very specific things like making a wash, etc. And I assume your climate is similar to mine. Well I know it is being I lived in MSP for awhile! Very dry there and here (near Detroit), especially in the winter time. I can't see how you keep your well palette paint useful for awhile? Maybe speaking to that might help some with managing a well palette as well. But having said all that, I use a wet palette for 95% of my painting and really love it. When I introduce even simple ones (plastic plate, paper towel, parchment paper) to new or recent painters they are also very happy with it.
  8. Does being a week or so late on an update that is only going to (possibly) show you some more models and say all is well really constitute being so upset? Geez, you know full well that nothing is really going to happen until much farther in the future due to production times. So why get yourself and everyone else all upset over nothing?!? Also give them a chance to transition from the loss of a long time key employee and face on all their KS projects. Also keep in mind that crafting these updates is time consuming, tedious, and has to be done correctly. Because people are going to nit pick them all apart and read all kinds of incorrect details out of it (and perhaps do so no matter what they write). So getting it word smithed correctly is important. Also keep in mind Reaper does not have an army of oompa loompas working there who can do this. So many people DO shoulder many different tasks. In short, keep calm, this is hardly a time to rant about anything at all.
  9. Yes, paid for the extra shipping. I actually paid months ago when he first announced only the square parchment would be in the first batch.
  10. Waiting also. 1/2 my order was parchment squares. The other 1/2 was parchment hexes. So I'll get 1/2 of them here soon.
  11. So we can only get them if we place a large enough order that day? Or can we pay to add to an order on that day?
  12. All I know is it is something Bryan was looking forward to seeing redone.
  13. One coat done. Letting dry completely. But I think a 2nd wash could be in order. Or do some highlights and then wash again.
  14. Okay, I actually have this here. Worried it’s too dark though? Thoughts? I do also have the secret weapon and reaper washes.
  15. It’s a great figure. But basecoating all them leaves was a task! Going back over them again will be fun. Picture after I wash it later tonight. Putting rare earth magnets in it so I can put it on a gaming base or a diorama later.
  16. Well never posted a WIP but thought I should finally. This is a shambling mound from a recent Kickstarter painted all in Reaper colors so far. I’m at the point where I want to apply a dirt colored wash and then come back after and restore some midtones and add high lights. Given the amount of time it took to base coat with all the nooks and crannies I am hesitant on the wash. Would gloss coating it first allow me to remove the wash if I get it wrong and leave the base coat intact? Any other feedback welcome. I can see some tiny spots that I missed, but they all look like where the wash will flow. Painting for table top plus.
  17. Is the Kaladrax the "new" correct sized one?
  18. It’s not like you can hunt them down. They just don’t exist. Cool idea, just not sure how practical this is though.
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