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  1. I'm going to be road tripping down to the Charlotte, NC area next week. Are they any stores in the area that stock Reaper product (paints as well) that anyone can recommend? I'll essentially be staying north of Charlotte in the Mooresville area, but can travel to anywhere reasonable. Thanks in advance!
  2. Still on my schedule. Waiting for class announcements!
  3. I wish Reaper made a lighter color of "Liner". I know a liner is probably not supposed to be light in color, but the heart wants what it wants. I have to agree with this. I started my pathfinder red dragon with brown liner. I think it was too dark for this. On a figure that I want brighter colors on it might have been a problem (but not so much with the dragon). A nice neutral grey liner of some sort would be great. Of course suggestions on a way to create this yourself would be great.
  4. I've got a few of these. Some even from the paint in the first Bones KS. So it's not an age thing all of the time as brand new paints for the KS came with faded labels! I just grab a black sharpie and write the name and number on those.
  5. Thanks for the great answers. Sounds like I'm good to go on the Red Dragon then t start gluing and painting!
  6. Well I'd like to get one in the morning and one in the afternoon. But I'd be happy with one a day, especially if they are topics that I really want more insight into.
  7. I am looking to start on my first larger bones figure. In particular the pathfinder red dragon. Just wondering if you still need to pin bones figures. I wondered with the lighter weight of the bones material if it was still needed and what others are doing.
  8. Thank you for the great detail Wren! I'm not trying to sound like a stick in the mud here. I realize the Con itself will be a great experience and am also looking very forward to meeting and talking with others. Just that I'm looking very forward to some classroom sessions if I can get in.
  9. Though a bit creepy maybe, but I learned loads just watching Derek and a few others paint, no instruction required. Yeah, but to drive that far and not get in any classes would be disappointing.
  10. Still on target to come from the Detroit area assuming I am able to get in some painting classes ahead of time! Well, I'm sure I'd still go if not, but really would like to get some wisdom from the better painters out their first hand.
  11. I'm just shocked Buglips knows the word scrubbing, let alone anything about it.....
  12. This came up in a different thread, so thought I would say the same thing here. Wouldn't it be great of one of the days was the various paints that appeared at Reaper Con (or other events) only? That way those who missed out on them could get them. And those who want more because they love the colors can get more so that they feel like they can use the color and not hoard it?
  13. I hope Reaper is listening, but wouldn't it be cool if one of the 12 days of Christmas this year was the paints from the Reaper Cons (or other events) to give those of us who were not able to attend a chance at getting them. And give those who already have the colors the chance to get more so we use them and don't just put them on a shelf and be afraid of running out.
  14. Never got a sample with any of my orders, I must just be unlucky. Also wish there were ways to get the "special" colors like the clockwork brass that they do for events outside that event. Especially when so many people say the color is great.
  15. They are offering them! Look a little closer. Some are shown as "1/2" the width (so you need two of them). But these are clearly for the bones KS case: FCR004 FCR007 FCR008 FCR009 They have "Bones" in their name description. Unfortunately only one insert is for the minis though, the others are for paint and tools. The other ones listed are for the pistol sized carrying cases they have.
  16. Further away than me I see! And I'm north of Canada! Mapquest tells me 1250ish miles. Just a matter of if it's better to go through Missouri or down through Tennessee.
  17. It's a 20 hour drive for me, but I plan on going in the spring this time. Have to drive, I did way too much business travel flying and HATE to do it now. Especially given the hassle of airports now. As well as limits on luggage, what you can bring, etc. And I have always loved road trips.
  18. Does this include discontinued Reaper colors? If not, it would be great to see that in here to find suitable replacements for colors we don't have anymore.
  19. Whether it's the brush itself or part of the brush, they go together and we all lose. Hopefully they can work out this ridiculous problem sometme soon and work on things that really matter. Less red tape in many areas would be a good thing.
  20. I think the answer you received is the easy out answer by the distributor. Its easier to say they are banned from being imported then telling you what the real problem is. Here is a link to what I consider the best and most concise explanation as to what is going on: http://www.warpathgames.com/wholesale/warpath.php?m=list&promo=317 Well I read that link and it clearly says to me that any brushes coming into the USA without the proper forms are considered illegal by the Fish and Wildlife Service. If you are having them shipped to you, you are the importer and are responsible. Just because you aren't a distributor doesn't make you immune from their (misguided) regulations. And living on the water on the border my whole life, I know how serious that group takes these sort of things. So it still says to me that having these shipped into the United States without the paperwork they want is illegal. Even if it's a messed up system of paperwork and makes no sense!
  21. Lucky you got those R&C brushes. Right now it is illegal to import kolinsky brushes into the US. Why we have such a shortage currently. It is not illegal to import Kolinsky brushes into the US on an individual basis, you can order pretty much whatever you want (although in theory restricted to size 7s and smaller) from international sources. The issue is a form. The US wants to use a new form, which contains identical information to the old form, and the Europeans don't see the point in changing forms when the old one was perfectly acceptable before (not that I blame them). The shortage of Kolinskys in the US is due to bureaucratic red tape. Kolinsky brushes are not part of the sable ban which is for the importation of antelope sable pelts from Africa. If you read back through the earlier pages I think you will find several links with this information. In other words, Kolinsky brushes are NOT banned in the US, although the effect is the same. I'm just going by what I was told by the DaVinci distributor for their line. I mentioned to him that I had ordered brushes from Europe and he said ANY importing is banned and subject to confiscation and fines. Personal orders just are getting though as they are under the radar.
  22. Lucky you got those R&C brushes. Right now it is illegal to import kolinsky brushes into the US. Why we have such a shortage currently.
  23. Don't forget the Oathsworn KS going on right now. Their stuff is very good.
  24. Harrek

    The Case

    Someone earlier in the thread mentioned that or was going to try it but they never posted if it worked or not. That was me. Or at least I said that in some thread. But the figure case is not giving me problems at all. It is the cases that the paint sets came in that are quite bad for me. I'm still hoping someone comes up with replacement foam that fits these cases. I'd rather have 2 deeper trays than the 3 shallow ones. Either way I plan to get a battlefoam case of the 720 type.
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