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  1. Wish I was near you to take the pictures. Could throw a color correction card in the picture and get the colors perfect. ;-)
  2. I use these that I found at Michael's. They hold in the hand nice and in this photo you can't see it, but they have a hole in the bottom that you can fit your finger into as well. I just use some two-sided tape to hold it on it.
  3. I want an option to get the bases to add to their first KS minis!
  4. Same here. Like to get a couple of those figures individually. I don't want the whole set.
  5. Seeing paint jobs like this that I could not imagine just makes me want to get multiples of some figures to do them in different ways. Great color scheme!
  6. The marble is so amazing. But then again, all of it is. Be interesting to see someone do one of these like the LOTR palantir with the eye of Sauron looking out of it.
  7. Same here. Love to see what you tackle next.
  8. I don't think I have words to describe how good that is....
  9. The best deal for all the figures will be about £100 + P&P if you're outside the UK, but that's for everything. There will be cheaper pledges for the various different groups of figures. So if 100 pounds, more figures than the last KS?
  10. Harrek

    The Case

    I have heard rumors that there might be other inserts available for the case in the future. Which I would assume would help to store larger figures as well. I certainly hope this is true!
  11. I've got the complete Reaper line of paints, what would people recommend from other lines that are interesting colors NOT represented well in the Reaper lineup? I often look at other lines and am not sure as remembering all of the Reaper colors is a daunting task when they are not in front of you. When I go to paint something, I look over the bottles and decide what I want to try and use. So I'm figuring people with more experience with other brands that are still available could give some pointers?
  12. I ordered a blick one to try in my tests. But I felt the Winsor Newton or DaVinci was definetly better to me.
  13. Yes, very true! And I'm no expert by any means. Just passing on the info on what I found as a person coming back to the hobby and trying to figure out what works for me so far.
  14. But I seem to like the control I have with the 1505 brushes more. From what I have seen the point is just as good on the shorter 1505 brushes compared to others. I bought one of each major brand and type when I was choosing and settled on the 1505.
  15. I like the 1505 Da Vinci series alot. I should try the longer bristle ones though. But I have a few Winsor and Newton ones that I use in that roll till they are worn out I suppose.
  16. I have settled in on the Da Vinci 1505 brushes as my favorite after trying out one of each brand. Having said that, I do use the WNS7 size 0 that I bought for my testing as well when the longer bristles are needed (than the shorter bristled Da Vinci brushes).
  17. Resources are amazing given when I last painted there wasn't any such thing as a website.....
  18. I've seen people say both good and bad. So some more experience on it would be cool. I look forward to your tests!
  19. Go grey if you do. Easier to see what's primed, and it should bring up all the details. So will the Army Painter grey work on the bones then? Be happy using that (and perhaps the bone color for undead dragons).
  20. I really want to use a primer on my bones. I often find on metal minis that a coat of primer (in addition to giving a good base for the paint) lets me see details far better. On the bones minis I really want the same thing. I think the details are even harder to see on them.
  21. Those are the purples I suggested.... She thought they were too blue.
  22. I'm painting a mini for my wife and she wants something specific in a purple color. I've looked through my reaper selection and not been able to find it. She describes it as being a Royal or Regal purple. Something that is more purple/red than purple/blue. Anyone able to recommend a paint color for that? Or perhaps a mix to get something along those lines if there isn't a paint in a paint line out there like that.
  23. Tankless are not without problems either! When I replaced my hot water heater last year I looked at tankless as well. But the location of where it needed to be would not allow it because of building code and the venting needed for one.
  24. Any idea on what one is the same as the one Reaper uses?
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