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  1. How so? Over the last year, the US Dollar has continuously increased in value versus the Euro (especially lately).
  2. This notion aged well. With Covid delaying my games just as my groups entered Hell, I'll definitely get to use Hellscapes.
  3. Exactly (mythological speaking). But when it's talked about on say, a gaming miniatures forum, the Gygaxian creation is the default assumption. He'd likely be melancholy without needing a reason. But yeah: I like mythos stuff for the gaming and miniatures: I'm a Peterson fan rather than a Lovecraft one. (..fwiw: I'm pretty sure Cthulhu can vary her size as desired though)
  4. Heh: that's kinda like saying Gygax was wrong about the size of the Tarrasque. Sandy Peterson is the source material material for CoC (which inspired most of the Cthulhu craze). He might've been inspired by certain sources, but I don't really read this Lovecraft guy you speak of ;) (who was sorta imprecise anyway when describing Cthulhu as "miles high").
  5. I thought I might have buyers remorse (after all: Sandy Peterson has stated that at 28mm scale, a real person could serve as Cthulhu). But now I'm very glad to have purchased it; it's easily the most epic of all the miniatures I own! My condolences to those without a garage or attic for storage. Maybe just put it on the exercycle that's gathering dust?
  6. I'm hoping I can use these for the next D&D campaign: "Descent into Avernus". It seems like a good fit, but I'm not sure how the encounters (and timing) will line up.
  7. How so? Do you mean to make it match the sides? I've used black pens on the white edges of cardstock before (which works pretty well), but I haven't used other colors.
  8. I'd guess: Speculative Earlybird lock-ins opting out, and The campaign announced a reboot Hopefully they'll get an opportunity to make those trees (and tree-bridges) at an affordable price in the future. Seriously: just selling trees (from a single mold) could make them a mint.
  9. Ditto. I too was very happy with their final product (and how they handled their kickstarter), and will be backing them again.
  10. I too really like the trees, and they appear to offer them separately via their first pledge level ("Reforestation"). However, it appears to be $65 for two trees (plus $15 shipping). Ouch. Did I get that right?
  11. This Kickstarter did not disappoint! I've been using this as a prop for my Call of Cthulhu game. The artwork and presentation is incredible... exactly what I wanted (at a very reasonable price).
  12. I really like that they re-purpose minis: I got a great deal with the first Kickstarter, and I'm glad PF and 5e players got a similar chance to obtain the same cool minis. Well: if I'm going represent actual Cthulhu as a mini, it should probably be at least toddler sized. Anything smaller is suitable only as an avatar or spawn ("Gogobeg or go home"). Before the 'Death May Die' Cthulhu came along, I had been eyeing the Horrorclix Cthulhu (and thinking it was still too small).
  13. I did something similar for my Reaper Bones, but Army Painter Leather Brown primer came out far too dark when combined with Army Painter Strong Tone ink/dip (aka Minwax Polyshades Tudor satin stain). Army Painter Fur Brown primer seemed to work better for dark brown results, while Desert Yellow primer worked well for a light brown/sepia results. I dipped several hundred Bones this way, but I didn't like this technique when I tried it on terrain. Dry-brushing seemed more suitable (plus: it didn't require a mat spray afterwards to take off the gloss).
  14. Ditto. I mostly play D&D and Call of Cthulhu, so these new sets seem perfect for me. The only down-side is that I have too much unpainted terrain. Any tips for getting Terrain Crates table-ready easily? I dry-brushed some of the brown pieces with light-brown... it seemed good enough.
  15. Really? Out of the 80+ Kickstarters I've backed, the Terrain Crates was actually one of my favorites. It felt well run to me, and I was extremely pleased with the results, which seemed exactly like the concepts. I now have an obscene amount of (non-fragile) terrain at a ludicrously low price (I almost felt like I ripped them off)... so I'm pretty darn happy I didn't miss this one.
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