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  1. what happened to the goblins I LOVED the variety that just vanished
  2. manyik


    I'll get mine tomorrow morning but now I want PICS dang it. lol
  3. I would be able to GM a game.
  4. My son and I will be interested in playing as many pathfinder games as possible during the Con. There are not many listed on the official schedule though...are there plans for more pickup games during the day?
  5. very excited indeed! This thing looks like it is going to be so much fun to run a group through.
  6. Will there be GM boons for running games?
  7. I will most likely be dropping by as soon as I get the email. I see the conversation going something like "I got the email honey jump in the car and remove the back seats we have an errand to run."
  8. Who do we need to send an email to to pick up or orders?
  9. Question? Those of us that are fortunate enough to life close to Reaper HQ can still pick up our shipments as soon as the wave 1 stuff goes out right?
  10. Is that Sir Forscale? Boy he sure gets around the kingdom these days.
  11. Anybody know does a day pass get a swag bag or not?
  12. Ok so just a question. If I show up for a single day pass what is included In that? Swag bag or no?
  13. We were in on the first Chibi KS from Impact and the quality was just not there. Seems like they are getting better with each round but I still haven't painted the first ones I got.
  14. the armor looks excellent and definately gets the idea across. I like the stuble on the face and head nice touch there.
  15. PCs without weapons. The monks got very little love in the last KS.
  16. Halflings lots of halflings. I can only get one KS for the rest of the year so please inclulse a big group of little people. ninjas, magic users, necromancers, paladins, fighters, knights, halflings need Reaper love.
  17. well Nethy sure is even if nothing else is
  18. So it turns out the Goblin Navy may well have gotten to that last ship....
  19. How fast are the tickets selling out each day? Is their any chance if we are not there at open on saturday that we could get any class tickets?
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