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  1. Maglok

    Devil May Cry boardgame by Steamforged Games, Kickstarter

    Hahaha! *breath* HA! It is a shame 'they' get to do a great IP like DMC, but I am STILL waiting for more bits of the Dark Souls KS. NO way in hell I am backing this, and I would recommend anyone against it. :)
  2. Maglok

    Mushroom people

    I painted some more mini's from the dark souls board game. My wife is calling them Murder broccoliaki, because of the little blood on the big one (which is in the original art). Actually she is giggling "Yay murder broccoliaki!" Right now.
  3. Apparantly I got a shipping notification, NL here. Says tuesday, though I won't be around much that week.
  4. Yeah I was wave 1 or 2 and no packages in NL here yet. So I agree with @Glitterwolf, it is not over. It might be over for HQ, but they stated it like it is ALL DONE. Nope.
  5. I hang on this forum and read the KS updates. Most people would not know. All good though.
  6. I doubt that they can keep going cause the second one is apparantly arriving roughly 2 weeks later and there really aren't that many packages. Remember they just have to send out, not pick, that is already done.
  7. First I heard of a 2nd container. :( *snif* Whyyy couldn't they just be on the same ship. :(
  8. YESSSSSS :) That means it is through customs. Start the shipping wooo! :D
  9. Think we should not get our hopes up Venun. :) (Netherlands here as well)
  10. Maglok

    Wrath of the Righteous painting log

    So I did some serious work on the Wolf Demon/Glabrezu. While WotR is for Pathfinder I am going with a paintscheme based on the DND5 art. So this is where I stand atm.
  11. Can a kind US person ask tomorrow then? Us EU peeps want some news. :)
  12. Maglok

    Bloodborne : 24 hour EB

    Interesting that this property from From Software is not being done by the Dark Souls peeps... maybe it was cause the DS boardgame is STILL trying to finish up. :) CMON is a better move. :D
  13. Maglok

    Wrath of the Righteous painting log

    @Rigel Thanks! The prepping of models continues. I always thought this 'Wolf demon' (Glabrezu) looked intimidating, but he needs a proper base to prop him up a bit. So I made him one! Here are a few shots of me removing moldlines, building the base, filling gaps (argh hate that part) and after an airbrush basecoat. :)
  14. I'm in the netherlands and nope. It seems unlikely if it arrives in UK this week (which was said) it still would have to clear customs... But one can hope. :)
  15. Maglok

    Wrath of the Righteous painting log

    And fly is done! Can be found in show-off. I am now basing the 'wolf demon' from Reaper, which is basically a Glabrezu. Pretty epic looking base so far. :) Oh and here is a Deva that shows up in Wrath of the Righteous which I had already painted.