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  1. You're dutch right Glitterwolf? So am I, any specific dutch link? :)
  2. Pricewise it feels like it is a 'large' fly demon thing. Even though it is metal. *shrug* :) I will go over the entire book again of course, eventually, but my spreadsheet says only one. Here is a WIP for 6 'looters'. I grabbed a combination of nasty looking fellows, mostly from Dreadmere. Painting is what keeps me sane atm. All a bit trickier, the medical thing has (temporarily) made me near sighted. *sigh*
  3. Thanks guys. :) @Haldir I believe I only need one fly, not entirely sure. The one I painted up is also Reaper. I think I have seen the other one, isnt it a larger scale? This one right? https://www.reapermini.com/search/fly/sku-up/02744
  4. Well a lot of quiet from me again. Have some medical issues, did a lot of laying on our couch for the last 6 weeks. Also quaraintine stuff effecting my work (I had to work more). Diagnosed with a life-long medical thing now (not the point). So lots of delays. I am just gonna throw the recent paintjobs here without much description: Three more villagers done. 7/10 villagers now. Last three are being worked on. A hueceva, undead thing. Albino cave viper. 5 librarians. I grabbed robed miniatures I had laying around without weapons (of staffs that look not that hostile). Currently working on 6 brigands. Will see if I find time to update.
  5. Not slow, awesome. :) Painting is a SWEET distraction. And I like him. :) He could use a nice base. ;)
  6. Here is a Vulture Demon that I have used my newest Iwata airbrush on. I am very pleased with how he came out. He is on a 50mm base and is made of metal from Reaper. I had to bent the wings into an interesting pose, but I like where this guy ended up. :)
  7. And here he is, Mr. Mythic Vrock all done :) I am really pleased with how he turned out!
  8. Hey Jasper 2nd, that might just work thanks for that. :)
  9. Been on the mythic hero Vrock for a bit. My new airbrush is amazing and I am loving the model. Most of the green parts are not finished, nor is the base or the sword.
  10. @Glitterwolf: Thanks :) I have seen those though and personally I think they are pretty much nothing. All prepainted undetailed. :( The Paizo one looks the best, but meh. Thanks for checking though Glitterwolf! :)
  11. Been a while, here is an update! I finished a clan of barbarians from book 3. Practiced some non-metallic metal on these barbs. They still need a fiendish leader at some point. Then we have 5 babaus from the end of book 1. These babaus are really boring minis. So I bought 3 bones versions and 2 metallics. I posed the metallic ones a bit different. Then I added different weapons for all of them, since they came without weapons (though they always tend to wield a longspear in-game). They are also the first time I did a zenethal and then used the existing highlights and a red ink to get an interesting effect. They do not win a beauty competition, but I like em! Now that these groups are done I have started working on some non-done minis. The glabrezu from earlier, some more villagers that are half done. I could not resist and put together 3 vrocks though. I need to find some more unique vrocks, but these are the start. 2 are metal (1 Reaper, 1 Otherworld Miniatures) and 1 is Bones. I made some bases, did some basic zenethal with my airbrush and that is where they stand. I got a 2nd airbrush coming tomorrow and I wanna try to use a more detailed airbrush to do some of these vrocks. So if you know anymore good Vrock models, I need at least 3 more or so, a few more basic, and another 'special/hero' vrock like the one in the middle here.
  12. Thanks! :) They are supposed to be part of one clan indeed, even though the minis are not related that much. Three lady barbarians are a set, and I think originally half-orcs. Then two of the guys with sword + axe and roughly the same poses are also a set.
  13. Painted up these 8 unrelated barbarians as a clan for my Wrath of the Righteous campaign. Tried my hand at non-metallic metal again. This is the result. :)
  14. Another villager from me. :) This is a 03856 Townsfolk: Courtesan Got this one done at a painting day in about 3 hours of work, but interrupted by cups of tea. :)
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