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  1. Alright! A lot of drybrushing, detail painting, gloss varnishing later... the cavern set is fully painted! I set it up with some demo minis in it to show it off. Next back to minis for the campaign!
  2. Here is another update. I finished steps 1 (brown) and 2 (pick out stalagmites/tites) on all caverns pieces I have! There are several steps left. Yellow bits, 2 drybrush layers, picking out water, mushrooms and weird stuff. I have also redone the priming on the templars of the ivory labyrinth and am actually liking where they are going now. You might not be able to see it properly, but the armor is white (still needs highlighting). Very WIP still. Then also my order of minotaurs from Zealot Miniatures came in! :) I put together most of the bits I can do without losing the ability to properly paint them. They will be standing in for the Minotaurs of the Ivory Labyrinth from book 5. One of them is going to be a named anti-paladin minotaur of Baphomet. :)
  3. I have not been able to do much painting due to the medical reasons. I was able to do some bigger paint work though. So I basecoated my box of Dwarvenforge caverns! I have also put together a bit of the Hobbyzone storage system. A bunch of drawers and some more space for paints. :) Starting to feel better, so should be able to handle detail work again soon (tm).
  4. I have a fiendish minotaur in progress. I am going with a blue skin instead of the typical red-ish. I am not entirely happy with how he is turning out so far, I am going to add some serious runes to his back though. This is me practicing blending. The colors look a bit different, these are quick iPad WIP shots. Disregard the rest of the mini, it is all just base coats besides the skin.
  5. Finished a group of 6 'looters', think they are all from Dreadmere. Happy with em! Very expressive faces and the Bones black is a lot easier to paint then basic bones. Better detail, sharper, etc.
  6. Finished the looters. :) Happy with em! Very expressive faces and the Bones black is a lot easier to paint then basic bones. Better detail, sharper, etc. Am now working on the risen succubus some more and the fiendish minotaur. :)
  7. You're dutch right Glitterwolf? So am I, any specific dutch link? :)
  8. Pricewise it feels like it is a 'large' fly demon thing. Even though it is metal. *shrug* :) I will go over the entire book again of course, eventually, but my spreadsheet says only one. Here is a WIP for 6 'looters'. I grabbed a combination of nasty looking fellows, mostly from Dreadmere. Painting is what keeps me sane atm. All a bit trickier, the medical thing has (temporarily) made me near sighted. *sigh*
  9. Thanks guys. :) @Haldir I believe I only need one fly, not entirely sure. The one I painted up is also Reaper. I think I have seen the other one, isnt it a larger scale? This one right? https://www.reapermini.com/search/fly/sku-up/02744
  10. Well a lot of quiet from me again. Have some medical issues, did a lot of laying on our couch for the last 6 weeks. Also quaraintine stuff effecting my work (I had to work more). Diagnosed with a life-long medical thing now (not the point). So lots of delays. I am just gonna throw the recent paintjobs here without much description: Three more villagers done. 7/10 villagers now. Last three are being worked on. A hueceva, undead thing. Albino cave viper. 5 librarians. I grabbed robed miniatures I had laying around without weapons (of staffs that look not that hostile). Currently working on 6 brigands. Will see if I find time to update.
  11. Not slow, awesome. :) Painting is a SWEET distraction. And I like him. :) He could use a nice base. ;)
  12. Here is a Vulture Demon that I have used my newest Iwata airbrush on. I am very pleased with how he came out. He is on a 50mm base and is made of metal from Reaper. I had to bent the wings into an interesting pose, but I like where this guy ended up. :)
  13. And here he is, Mr. Mythic Vrock all done :) I am really pleased with how he turned out!
  14. Hey Jasper 2nd, that might just work thanks for that. :)
  15. Been on the mythic hero Vrock for a bit. My new airbrush is amazing and I am loving the model. Most of the green parts are not finished, nor is the base or the sword.
  16. @Glitterwolf: Thanks :) I have seen those though and personally I think they are pretty much nothing. All prepainted undetailed. :( The Paizo one looks the best, but meh. Thanks for checking though Glitterwolf! :)
  17. Been a while, here is an update! I finished a clan of barbarians from book 3. Practiced some non-metallic metal on these barbs. They still need a fiendish leader at some point. Then we have 5 babaus from the end of book 1. These babaus are really boring minis. So I bought 3 bones versions and 2 metallics. I posed the metallic ones a bit different. Then I added different weapons for all of them, since they came without weapons (though they always tend to wield a longspear in-game). They are also the first time I did a zenethal and then used the existing highlights and a red ink to get an interesting effect. They do not win a beauty competition, but I like em! Now that these groups are done I have started working on some non-done minis. The glabrezu from earlier, some more villagers that are half done. I could not resist and put together 3 vrocks though. I need to find some more unique vrocks, but these are the start. 2 are metal (1 Reaper, 1 Otherworld Miniatures) and 1 is Bones. I made some bases, did some basic zenethal with my airbrush and that is where they stand. I got a 2nd airbrush coming tomorrow and I wanna try to use a more detailed airbrush to do some of these vrocks. So if you know anymore good Vrock models, I need at least 3 more or so, a few more basic, and another 'special/hero' vrock like the one in the middle here.
  18. Thanks! :) They are supposed to be part of one clan indeed, even though the minis are not related that much. Three lady barbarians are a set, and I think originally half-orcs. Then two of the guys with sword + axe and roughly the same poses are also a set.
  19. Painted up these 8 unrelated barbarians as a clan for my Wrath of the Righteous campaign. Tried my hand at non-metallic metal again. This is the result. :)
  20. Another villager from me. :) This is a 03856 Townsfolk: Courtesan Got this one done at a painting day in about 3 hours of work, but interrupted by cups of tea. :)
  21. Recieved all my stuff in europe this monday, picked up the package yesterday. Everything seems to be there. Woohoo! :) Only a few magnets to glue on that apparantly didn't stick properly.
  22. OMG shipping in europe confirmed. Package at a local pickup point. :)
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