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  1. I’m using electrical tape now (which I’ve been told is adequate, if less than ideal). Changing the screen took maybe 45 minutes, but a lot of that was either dealing with the old tape residue or applying the new tape. When I have to do it again, I think it will only be 30 minutes at most.
  2. Near as I can tell, I managed to get a small spill of resin under the resin tank. It wicked along the edge, and then cured (without affecting the print). When I pulled the resin tank to change resins, the LCD came with it. You live, you learn, you add tape just in case. ;)
  3. Well, this happened a few days ago. Got the replacement part Saturday, and it was back up and running Saturday night.
  4. Looks good! My printer is down until sometime tomorrow - I put a pinprick hole in the FEP yesterday or today, and found out only when I went to switch resins. So, got to take apart tank and clean the cured resin off it, and decided I would just move the printer tomorrow across the room to where I really wanted to put it when I got it.
  5. Most of the ones I have been printing were designed to be printed without supports, or with minimal ones. One of his previous KS require supports, but the weight of the raft and supports is still pretty negligible compared to the miniatures, though I concede that, over a year or so, it is definitely going to add up. It's still well under $.50 per mini, if I ignore the cost of the printer itself.
  6. I'm amazed at how many minis I can get out of a liter of resin. There are another dozen or so not pictured here (because they are on my painting table), and there was still some resin left.
  7. It’s Elegoo translucent blue. With a coat of gloss, it looks even better
  8. Testing out another of the translucent resins.
  9. I have not. I'm still at the goofing off stage with the printer, and trying various resins (and this was cheaper than some of the other colors, and since I expect to lose prints still, cheap is good). I'll probably spray a couple of the spaceships with a matte finish and some different primers, to see what I like and what works well. Pics when I do it.
  10. I'm currently printing some spaceships in that black, but I wont have good pics of them until tomorrow.
  11. I like the way that the Siraya smoky black turned out here.
  12. Stopped by the FLGS for some new paints. Realized when I got home I needed to get primer too, and I probably should have picked up a spare bottle of this. (It wasn't new, but it's almost empty now)
  13. Got traded an Ender 3, plus filament and some extra bells & whistles yesterday. Just need to move some things around in the basement and get it set up and working.
  14. I got my Mars Pro on Tuesday, and this is from my first successful print (already painted, just because)
  15. So, I finally broke down, bought a Mars Pro so I could justify some of the various KS I have backed for the stls. Opened the box, plugged it in, turned it on, and nothing. I managed to get a dud unit. Huzzah. . . . At least the return process is easy enough.
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