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  1. I got a whole box of stuff the other day, but unfortunately, most of it is for my biz, and not personal use. I did get a copy of SAGA: Age of Magic for myself, as well as a copy of Horizon Wars (because one can never have too many big stompy robot games). Today I picked up a copy of Oregon Trail: Hunt for Food card game and several months worth of comics (Spideys, Star Wars, and KoTD), and a new long box to replace the one that is falling apart.
  2. warlordgarou

    How Many Books is a Lot?

    So, my quick, back of the envelope calculation has probably only about 1000 books still in the house, but (1) I've been paring down, in the face of a likely impending move; and (2) there are already some boxes of books in the storage unit. (I also ignore all gaming books). Of those, there are some that I have yet to read (mainly reference books for historic wargaming), but there are probably in excess of a hundred that I have read, and reread at least once every couple of years. (Hell, if I ever get around to picking up the last couple of books I am missing from the Discworld series, that's about 40 books right there that I will gladly reread. Add in Harry Potter, Niven's Known Space, Heinlein, and a couple other authors, and I'm easily at 100 that I hit every few years. But her thing is also about what brings joy. I just got rid of a series - I read them once, have read the first couple again, but don't really think that they need to be on my bookshelf, let alone moved across the country. So, they can go. And it just makes room for other books - I have been meaning for finish getting the Sector General novels, and I am missing a couple Castle Perilous, and (I think) 4 of the Thieve's World. . . . all of which will bring me more happiness in reading and rereading than this other series currently does.
  3. I wasn't planning on buying anything today, but I got a really good deal on a couple of Star Wars Legion mats, plus the Wookie box and some dice. I also signed up for a 4 week league, so I suppose I need to learn how to play and actually paint some minis in the next week for it.
  4. I've spent the last month trying to get things assembled and at least primed for a 24-hour charity event this weekend. Once it is over and done, I will probably set everything aside for a few days, and then spend the rest of the month trying to finish off all of my Adeptus Titanicus models. Once those are out of the way (and they are actually mostly tabletop ready at the moment), I need to start working on a couple different armies for SAGA. And my Greek for Arena Rex. I won't actually finish either of those, but I want to make a good start before hanging my brushes up for the holidays about the 22nd or so.
  5. I usually miss the Black Friday sale at my FLGS (because I am gone with family most of the weekend), but this year they extended it through Sunday. So, since the used miniatures were 50% off, I picked up (all assembled, most primed) A screaming bell 120 various skaven 3 jezzail crews 2 engineers 1 skaven hero model of some type 2 skaven artillery pieces of some type All told, it's a solid start to a Ratkin army for Kings of War. I also picked up an old Marauder Dragon Ogre, 12 old school GW halflings (seriously old school - most have the metal pegs for shields on their arms), and a bunch of packs of figures from Fortress Figures. I have no idea what I am going to do with approximately 120 Russian dwarves with blunderbusses, but I am sure that I can think of something.
  6. For the past couple of months, I have been tracking my time (in 10 minute increments) across 30 different minis projects. (Not armies - both my 15mm ACW armies were lumped as one project, as were 28mm Nappies, all my Blood & Plunder, etc). But, this month is different. In early December, my FLGS does a 24-hour charity lock-in, where we collect donations for Toys 4 Tots (or similar charities, but along the same idea). So, this month, I am only working on a few things - the games I plan on taking to play, and then a couple that are big spectacle games, designed for people to drop in, play for a bit, and leave, and that look really impressive for the casual visitor. So, I tasked a friend to prime a bunch of my CAV models, and I am going to try to get all my N scale terrain together and painted, and then I have a microarmor game to prep and some Nappies to get beyond the primed stage.
  7. Well, of my 30 "active" projects on that white board (now affectionately known as the White Board of Doom), I managed to work on almost all of them for at least 20 minutes this month. It's not a lot, sometimes - most projects had less than an hour of actual work, but a couple had a good five or six hours over the month, and I can generally see improvement on all fronts. November is going to be different - we do a 24 hour charity event at my FLGS in early Dec, so I am only working on games that we are playing for that. I know I won't get everything painted for it, but I can sure make a dent in making things look nice.
  8. warlordgarou

    Bolt Action Test

    So, on my quest to grognard-dom, I have started playing more historic games, and less space elf games. A couple of us picked up Bolt Action, and I had an idea. Several years ago, at a con, I saw a monochrome Flames of War army. Everything was black & white, except for a single stand in color - a camera crew, off to the corner of the board (and not a game element; it was strictly a show miniature.) So, instead of doing actual research on uniform colors, etc, I wanted to give that style of painting a try. This is still a WIP, and I need to work out some basing ideas, but I'm not entirely dissatisfied with it.
  9. Mid-month update - I have fallen behind schedule a bit, but I am averaging about 40 minutes per day of hobby time, which is the same as last month, more or less. I am getting a lot of stuff assembled and primed, but not much time has been spent painting. As the weather cools down and priming outside becomes impossible, I will probably switch more to painting - but until then, it is assemble and prime all the way, baby! (Well, until I have spent several hours or more putting stuff together, and the pile of grey and white plastic looks intimidating - then I spend a half hour or so painting, just to make a small dent in it and remind myself which end of the brush to use.)
  10. Especially since too many months have only 30 days. Dark Age is probably the smallest*, but I only have a dozen or so models for the historic Wild West, so they will get done first. * Picoarmor is technically the smallest, and actually, I could probably paint all of the picoarmor that I have in a couple of days, if I really wanted to do so. There is only so much detail you can paint on at 6mm scale - most of it is base color, drybrush, wash.
  11. Dangit. Forgot that the Kings of War skirmish game, Vanguard, ships this month. I need to either drop a project, finish a project*, or adjust my board. But 31 projects seems like too many to work on at once. <peanut gallery>And 30 doesn't?</peanut gallery> * Actually, the Wild West historics are only 10 or 20 models, so it is doable. Technically, I have fewer Arena Rex models, or Dark Age, but those will take more time, I think.
  12. Same thing as last month. Basically, I have lots of projects that I want to work on, and need to just get in the habit of grinding away at the lead mountain a little at a time. I managed just over 20 hours of hobby time last month, and I hope to hit close to 30 hours this month. I am not worried about finishing any one particular model, just getting down to the basement and working on things. (Though, if some models actually do get finished, I am perfectly happy with that result.) ETA - in September, I got all my Frostgrave plastics assembled, as well as almost 70 CAV models, plus another 100 or so assorted miniatures. And did some painting for 40k, Adeptus Titanicus and my 28mm Nappys. Time to clear the board and start anew!
  13. warlordgarou

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    So, at the end of the month, the board looked like this: So, just over 20 hours of recorded time, or an average of 40 minutes per day. In actuality, it was longer than that, since I routinely would finish "just one more thing" when the timer ran out, and work for another couple of minutes. And, while nothing got finished this month, I did move a lot of things along in the process. Got all my Frostgrave plastics assembled, as well as almost 70 CAV models, plus another 100 or so assorted miniatures. And did some painting for 40k, Adeptus Titanicus and my 28mm Nappys. Time to clear the board and start anew for October.
  14. warlordgarou

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    I've worked a lot more on Frostgrave since my last update, as well as WWX and Bolt Action. Very little painting, to be honest - most everything thing month is assembly, though I plan on priming everything Sunday afternoon, weather permitting. October may well be more of the same - I am trying to clear some of the backlog of long-ignored projects, and assembly is the first step.
  15. warlordgarou

    September Hobby GOOOOOOOOOOOALS!

    This board is now a bit out of date, but if nothing else, I am working on stuff! Averaging at least 40 minutes per day that I am tracking, probably a bit more, since I suspect that I forgot a few, and I ignore transition time, or taking a few extra minutes to finish gluing something or a quick check. I plan on taking some pics at the end of the month with everything that I worked on.