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  1. Got traded an Ender 3, plus filament and some extra bells & whistles yesterday. Just need to move some things around in the basement and get it set up and working.
  2. I got my Mars Pro on Tuesday, and this is from my first successful print (already painted, just because)
  3. So, I finally broke down, bought a Mars Pro so I could justify some of the various KS I have backed for the stls. Opened the box, plugged it in, turned it on, and nothing. I managed to get a dud unit. Huzzah. . . . At least the return process is easy enough.
  4. So, moral question relating to acquisitions - my son plays Necrons in 40k, so far only against my Orks. He curb stomped me last game. The new Necron codex came out today, and I picked one up for him (see, it is related to this thread!) - the question is, how soon do I have to let him have have it? ;)
  5. Technically, I bought it a few days ago, but UPS dropped off my Elegoo Mars pro and 1L of resin today. And I even found some 99% isopropyl. Still need to set up a UV curing station though.
  6. I’ve been planning on backing it since they announced it, but I’ve been a fan of their stuff since I missed their first KS
  7. If I get really bored at the end of the year (especially if the early cons of 2021 are cancelled), I might take another run at it. My Omnibus page lists 50 different scales or systems, but I know that about 5 to 10 of those are going away, so I really do not need to inventory them beyond what is necessary to sell them. For everything else, I really would like a ballpark estimate of what I have, what percentage is assembled, and what percentage is painted. (FWIW, the barely filled in omnibus was at 555 models, of which less than 2% were fully painted, and 16% assembled & primed. But it was mainly my pico armor and a couple of smaller skirmish game collections, so it did not include any of the Bones or CAV KS, or my 40k Orks, or other historics. The total % painted won't be getting better, but it could get much, much worse. . . .)
  8. And that's my problem as well. I'm so far behind that I'm basically starting from scratch, and since I easily fall into the 1k+ category, simply counting them and quantifying the collection is a task almost as daunting as painting them. For now, I am trying to hew to "I can't buy anything new unless I paint an equal number." In theory, it would eventually reduce the pile of lead, plastic and resin would drop to manageable levels. In reality, I'm not sure it will happen before Pluto completes its next revolution around the sun.
  9. I didn’t quite do that yet, but I eliminated several armies and probably half a dozen game systems from the shelf earlier this year. (Technically, they’re still in the house, because the cons and game store auctions I’d normally use to get rid of them got cancelled, so the pile is taking some time to shrink)
  10. Oh, that's a potentially quick path to insanity. Inspired by a basement remodel at the beginning of the year, I started to take stock of my mountain of lead and plastic. I counted a (conservative) 50 game systems and/or scales (ie, I have ACW models in both 15mm and 28mm). I was trying to keep track of NIB vs assembled vs primed vs finished & based, but stopped after I passed the 500 model mark, and still hadn't gone beyond a couple of the less mini-intensive games. (I was going to resume once the kids went back to school, but that's not happening anytime soon. I might count up all my Bones minis this weekend though - which should be easy, since almost all of them are still untouched.)
  11. Got a copy of the Indomitus box set - son is getting into 40k, and wanted to play Necrons, so it's a good starting point. Also got the Open War cards, a bottle of the new Tesseract Glow paint, and some of the free GW swag.
  12. Yay! New stuff to read and paint! (Not that I am short of either, but still. . . .)
  13. I just won an auction for a bunch of Mr Potato Heads. I have plans to turn them into giant stompy robots. Should be fun. And I have enough that, if I mess up a couple learning how to scratch build, it's not a big deal.
  14. So, I saw an add for this and the associated minis earlier today. I enjoyed Traveller back in the day and have the KS version that Miller did a few years back. I'd like to play starship combat in that universe - has anyone tried the game? Is it any good?
  15. I won't get them for a couple of days, but I ordered Pathfinder and one of the adventure path modules, so I can run a game for the kids and a couple of their friends. I also have a few Judge Dredd minis on the way, and some new heads for my Orks (I want to do a pirate-themed army, and bought the specialty heads from Kromlech)
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