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  1. Yay! New stuff to read and paint! (Not that I am short of either, but still. . . .)
  2. I just won an auction for a bunch of Mr Potato Heads. I have plans to turn them into giant stompy robots. Should be fun. And I have enough that, if I mess up a couple learning how to scratch build, it's not a big deal.
  3. So, I saw an add for this and the associated minis earlier today. I enjoyed Traveller back in the day and have the KS version that Miller did a few years back. I'd like to play starship combat in that universe - has anyone tried the game? Is it any good?
  4. I won't get them for a couple of days, but I ordered Pathfinder and one of the adventure path modules, so I can run a game for the kids and a couple of their friends. I also have a few Judge Dredd minis on the way, and some new heads for my Orks (I want to do a pirate-themed army, and bought the specialty heads from Kromlech)
  5. So I haven't bit the bullet yet and bought a printer (though I am playing around with building things in TinkerCAD), but had a question about printers - I've heard that you need serious ventilation for resin printers, but not so much for filament models. My wife has asthma (generally well controlled), but would it be a good idea to get a decent air purifier at the same time as a printer?
  6. I'm bummed. I planned on dumping a lot of stuff in the Bitz trading, and then buying all new shineys. It's been a lousy last 12 months, and I really needed the convention to relax. It is what it is, and I'm not mad at the organizers, but I am not a happy gamer right now.
  7. Picked up two books the other day - Vol 8 of the Thieves World series (which is now complete), and Mediaeval Latin. (One of my goals for the year is to brush off my old Latin textbooks and get cracking on that again.) No gaming stuff yet though. I'm doing well - I haven't bought anything since last year!
  8. I did very poorly on my 2019 challenge, so my 2020 challenge is to simply play more board games - and more minis games - in general. We're redoing the basement next month, and hopefully, when all is said and done, I should have space and time to play games again. Over the holiday break, I expect to get in some games of various flavors of Pandemic, and maybe some Boss Monster, Settlers of Catan, and maybe Agricola.
  9. I just finished "How To" by Randall Munroe. It was pretty funny and educational, which is always kind of nice. I'm finishing up "The Toll" by Neal Shusterman, which is (at the moment) a reasonably solid third (and presumably final) installment in the Scythe series. After that, it's a quick reread of "War of the Wolf" by Cornwell, so that I can read "Sword of Kings". I have a couple others that I plan to read over the holiday season - I generally get some good reading time in, and I try to take advantage of it.
  10. I got mine the other day (before Thanksgiving), but haven't actually looked at it yet. I did go get the big Cthulhu out of storage though. I plan on unboxing it at an all-night charity event this weekend. . . . because 3 am is the perfect time to learn how to play a game, right?
  11. I didn't, but only because I am going in on the pledge with a small group - I just need to throw some money at them when the pledge manager goes live.
  12. Since I haven't been painting lately, and I have a huge pile of unpainted lead and plastic. I decided to add to it, and picked up a copy of the Carnevale starter. I did also pick up some more of the contrast paints and primer - I'm still on the fence about those. They aren't as nice as the Reaper triads, but they are soooo much faster, which is an issue when it comes to painting large armies. I think I will paint in the more traditional manner for characters and elite units, but cheat and contrast the masses.
  13. So, this image pretty much describes how most of my games go. I really want to find a hydra and convert one face to basically match this. Anyone know of a hydra that only has 3 heads? (I plan on using it in a 28mm army, so it can't be too big, but as long as it fits on a 120mm oval, I should be ok)
  14. Could go the whole franchise route. Keep Vin Diesel, recast everyone else, and go with The Fast and the Furriest. ETA - Vin, not Van. Silly autocowreck.
  15. Harvey, where the only non-Muppet is Harvey. . . .
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