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  1. panzerq242

    New Dungeon Dweller Painting Guides!

    Will these be available on the new website? Currently all the old links go to a 404 error...
  2. panzerq242

    Brushes No Longer Shipped to the U.S.

    If you're a bargain hunter on Amazon try Keepa.com, its a price tracker and even sends you an email alert if the price goes below your target price. Used wisely and with sane prices in mind you can save a bit, I keep myself in hobby consumables quite thriftily using it.
  3. panzerq242

    Brushes No Longer Shipped to the U.S.

    May be short lived but looks like Dick Blick has Series 7s in stock no joy on Raphaels or Da Vincis though. Get'em while you can... ;-)
  4. In support of making an informed decision about said KS I ran across something very similar to the Ichiban brushes, not the exact same thing but a pretty decent analog. Nothing smaller than a #1 made and with all of them being in limbo due to the current Kolinsky importation problems it's not an alternative but at least it gives some semblance of fair market value. http://www.dickblick.com/products/da-vinci-maestro-travel-brush/
  5. panzerq242

    Meet Dilvish the Deliverer's Daughter!!!!

    "GABBA GABBA, WE ACCEPT YOU ONE OF US... ONE OF US..." As the crowd chants back to Brian in perfect unison, "yes we are all individuals..."
  6. panzerq242

    Brushes No Longer Shipped to the U.S.

    Not sure if it's wishful thinking or based on fact but several of the major online art suppliers have a back order date of 30 June now for W&N S7 brushes. May be a good portent for the future!
  7. panzerq242

    Meet Dilvish the Deliverer's Daughter!!!!

    Back in the day of rotary dial party line phones I was quite partial to space food sticks, grape zotz and the now mythic grape tang...
  8. panzerq242

    Brushes No Longer Shipped to the U.S.

    You and me both brother... Which is why through all the hype and hoopla I refuse to lay down a cent for their new offering and why I'm reserving my stock of tier 1 brushes for the finicky stuff.
  9. I went in with several painters I was deployed with and we bought a pretty large allotment of these to split up. They were terrible to the point that I am now pretty much set for glue, varnish and dry brushing... As much as I respect Ichiban studio's work, once bitten twice shy I say...
  10. Counting the days till REAPERCON 2015...