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  1. Thanks all. I somewhat agree with Dai, 2016 is out with a vengeance.
  2. I did loot crate for just shy of a year. It wasn't bad, but most of the stuff I got I ended giving to others. You get a variety of stuff with them, but it does come down to the theme and what you like. If you have broad stroke interest in geek pop culture, it's good. If you have narrower focuses maybe not. Also, I do RPG crate. They've only done three boxes so far and have been ok. I personally think it's only because they are so new on the market. I'm willing to stick with them for awhile and see where they go, but part of me wouldn't be surprised if it went belly up. There last box was very disappointing, the theme was Lady Knights or something similar. It had very little to fit that theme, my wife was very disappointed in it. But one missed mark isn't enough to condemn it. Just giving full impressions.
  3. Hey everyone! It's been almost, if not over, two years since I was on this forum. Work and life have been killer these last two years, but I think I can return to this lovely little hobby of painting miniatures and running some random contests. Look forward to chatting with everyone again and seeing everyone's marvelous work! -LM
  4. Q21-22: This year I'm cooking up a "Hobbit" style Thanksgiving with Cornish Hens, stuffed with steel cut oat and Russian black bread stuffing, blue cheese mashed potatoes, and a black pepper sauce. Our typical tradition is just staying at home we are a boring couple.
  5. Question 20: In the country south of San Antonio, TX. I'm not really sure what makes it worth while though the night sky is awesome, and so are the storms over the fields (when that happens). Plus, Dragon's Lair comics has a good selection of reaper minis.
  6. Very cool. It has an air of menace about it.
  7. Question 16 is never as much as I want. Work drains me badly, so I have weekends to work on painting and RPGs.
  8. Love fantasy. I enjoy sci-fi, but fantasy is where my heart lies. I also enjoy horror, but lovecraftian style horror.
  9. My GW Carnosaur when I first started the hobby. (The smallish metal one) Morghoul from the Skorne Hordes faction. GW Lizardman Oldblood done up as an homage to Megatron from Beast Wars. Autumn Bronzeleaf (metal) Khong-To, Reptus Warlord.
  10. I think yours is more visually accurate Mate, even without a weapon swap. I'm very much ok with her holding a staff, but I could pick up a Seoni sprue for an extra open hand. Thanks!
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