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  1. I think I'm taking any dark elf with a mace and a skull seriously, whether their garters are showing, or they are wearing a bathrobe and pink bunny slippers. :p Seriously, I think a lot of dark elf backgrounds point towards a bit of sex fetishism, and S&M.. I'd probably file it off myself, but in the end, it's up to you.
  2. Cripdyke - †all human heights. :) †In all due fairness, there has been one female player in our group, so even some of the female characters played by men are influenced by that, of course. SDNelson - Boy, I wish some people wouldn't take things so personally. Now, does that "poor postured" character of yours have any really good stuff about him? I betcha he does. Again, heroic fantasy. Sure, lots of people will play a beefy brawler who might not be such a brainiac, or a charming ladies man who couldn't take a punch, but no one wants to play a frail, weak, dumb, and ugly character.. Anyway, my whole gripe was simply that two non-stooped, fighting stanced, human males were about 1.5-2 scale feet apart in height. Again, for those of you who are reading too much into what I'm saying: Normal Height Difference: Yay! Outrageous Scale Difference: Nay!
  3. You see, while in theory, yes there are all types of people, short and tall, that doesn't make a great excuse for this. Other than the collectors, I'm pretty sure the largest part of Reaper's market is table-top roleplayers. Now, for this to work, the figures should represent PC's well. I challenge any GM to grab a handful of old character sheets of humans and check out the height range. I can check the last 8 years of campaigns, and other than the odd exception, all human heights fall in the 5'10-6'3 range. Why? The same reason no one plays the 90 pound, store clerk, weakling. That's not heroic. Qualities that are seen as unattractive(short, fat, balding) are not something people want to fantasize about being. The fact that there are many normal people in the world doesn't mean we need miniatures representative of the population. So? Almost all PC's are the same general height, mini's should be close too.
  4. I love Reaper, really, I do, but I picked up two minis the other day, and have a major complaint. The first was Iron Fist, Monk The second was Randall Devonshire, Brigand Chief Both look great, but Iron Fist doesn't even come up to Randalls armpits! Isn't there a standard scale? This is not the only case of this. Many standard humans are taller than others. I do all my shopping from the website, then go to my FLGS and order what I liked. It's not until they show up, then I'm stuck with some insanely tall looking guy. Another bad offender is Ballbek of Jalahandra I'm not talking about minor differences, these are fine, but this is more like a human to a halfling, than a tall guy to a short guy. Can we not get all our artists on the same page?
  5. You heard it here first, folks! Reaper miniatures is the #1 choice of Necromancers everywhere! 4 out of 5 Liches and Wights recomend Reaper as well! Sadly, most Zombies still prefer Chainmail.. but, hey, their brains are rotted, so don't listen to them! :D
  6. Not really dead-on topic, but who cares! Is it just me, or is there not enough gnolls out there.. not just Reaper.. but no one makes gnoll minis.. Oh.. thought.. is it a copyrighted D&D monster?? I just assume everything is historical fantasy.. I forget that some things are company specific..
  7. It depends on the mini of course, but 8/10 times, I prefer to paint individual pieces before gluing, simpy because I hate doing any brush work in tight spaces. I can't say that I've ever had problems with white residue, but I use an accelerator with my insta-cure. I do sometimes have to do touch up work, but to me it seems easier than painting a arm against the chest, as opposed to the same arm lying on the table. :)
  8. Yes, and if you skip the skin tone all together, and use just a deep crimson, you have my "tan". :p
  9. I think everyone has a preference, but I think any "crazy" cyanoacrylate glue kind works fine. I've used all kinds myself, Citadel makes some decent stuff, but is pricey. Insta-Cure+ is one available all over the place, distributed to all kinds of places to put there own name on. They make thin, thick, gap-filling and de-bonder.. as well as a spray-on accellerant. (So you don't have to wait that extra 5 seconds) I use the gap-filling a lot, it's good and thick, and on SMALL seams, you don't need to putty. Anyway, pretty much anything works, but I suggest a modelers crazy glue over the stuff you buy from a hardware store, it tends to be less brittle over time. Oh, and don't use Testors plastic model glue.. that just won't hold in the long run. It's meant for melting together plastic bits, not metal.
  10. Too pale??? Huh, I often complain about the opposite. Everyone seems to think deep tan is the perpetual state of life. I paint what I know, and I KNOW pale! †:p My favorite one on that topic is GW's Necromunda.. where no sunlight has ever reached.. but yet, everyone has deep bronzed skin tones. Honestly though, the oxidixed metal is a great idea! I mean, I suppose I could mix up almost any color, but I like buying the exact color I want!
  11. Wow.. parties that OVER-plan.. the group I GM for has never had a planning session over 60 seconds. Player 1: Ok.. theres some bad guys up there.. do ya think we should prepare back here, and then sneak up? Players 2-5: Do what? haha, no! All Players: CHARGE!!!!! **10 minutes later** Player 1: Well, two of us escaped with our lives.. that's pretty good. Player 2: Stupid meat-grinder campaign.. why is everything so hard? Player 3: Well, my original character is right out of twin brothers.. can I play his father this time? † Or something like that! †
  12. That is really cool Steven. I would like to know what Bobby Jackson (the sculpter) envisioned. I'm sure it involved red for sure though.
  13. Not that it isn't a great paint job, Scowling.. But I personally could never pay 40+ dollars for it.. Can you imagine trying to amass a collection?? Maybe because it's because I can paint myself.. I'm just surprised there is a market for quality paint jobs. I can see someone paying to have their army slop-and-go painted, but for me, it seems weird.
  14. Maybe I shouldn't have asked.. now I have a deep urge to see it painted in other schemes too.. No! I'm not buying more of the same mini.. not until I finish painting all the oens I own.. which should be about 2032. How about the opposite? You ever buy a really cool looking mini.. and have no bloody clue about color? I know I have a couple I pick up, look at.. put back in the box.. Can't think of a Reaper example of the top of my head tho.
  15. I was painting the the Wizard of Malvernis 1 yesterday, and for me, I looked at the mini, and knew what colors it should be. However, later I was thinking, what would someone else think? How about the sculptor (Bobby Jackson)? I'm sure he had something in mind when he did it. For me, it's a scarlet cloak, with a black stole and trim. There was no question. Anyone else get that with a mini?
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