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  1. The list I killed my wife with the other day was primarily a grunt based list. The grunts are so good, I don't feel like I really need too many of the adepts!
  2. Any chance of somebody updating the Army Builder files to reflect RC2007?
  3. I'd much rather have a shiny rulebook too, and would gladly pay for one. The only reason I mention the online version is its easier to keep up to date and allows for a "living" rulebook. The economics also make it easier for the company. Free rules online becomea much easier selling point for newbies than rules you have to pay for though.
  4. Wow!! Dwarves are TOUGH!! I just played a dwarf list against my wife's Darkspawn that included the giant pit fiend. I completely dismantled her army! Admittedly, her list wasn't the greatest and she failed to take advantage of some things (like the Witch Queen's spellcasting!) But even so, my dwarves just soaked up a ton of damage and kept on keeping on. When I got a couple warriors in B2B, backed up by halberdiers they were able to dish some serious damage. The piercers rocked too! That critical shot ability is nasty!! I always love dwarf armies. . . I'm glad this system seems to do them justice! I wonder if that's why the dwarf thread gets so much business in this forum! LOL!!
  5. This was touched on in the Rage Chronicles thread, but I think it deserves its own. I'm fairly new to the game, but I'm going to be bringing my gaming circle into the game. But the current rulebook situation is less than ideal. I would suggest Reaper needs to do one of two things in the near future: 1. Release a new shiny rulebook with all the updated rules, errata, data cards and so forth. 2. Just go whole hog and make the entire ruleset available online - preferably for free. I'm not particular about which. I'd be perfectly happy to buy a new copy of the rulebook, but one or the other needs to happen for the game to progress. The second approach has the virtue of allowing for a "living" rulebook that I think is the direction Reaper is wanting to head anyway. Rules could be clarified where needed right away, with a big version update once a year if required. I think gamers appreciate and reward a game that is well supported from a rules standpoint, rather than taking the attitude some *other* companies have saying "We're a miniatures company that happens to make a game. . . therefore our rules support is going to suck/be nonexistent." Don't be that company. Instead, be the company whose rules are praised for their clarity and the support that is given to them. . . . and the company disenchanted gamers from other systems turn to when they start looking for alternatives. Hell, if you don't have the in-house resources to do it, you could find plenty of volunteers who would do the grunt work of updating the documents for you for free if you simply tell them what to put. In fact, you could find a "rules coordinator" who keeps track of the questions and concerns on the forums and elsewhere, and consolidates and communicates back to you possible areas in which the rules need to be tweaked - all of which at no expense to you. Anyway, I've soap boxed enough, but please do something about the rulebook situation.
  6. I'd also like to see some more situations in which morale came into play. I don't want the whole game to pivot on it, but it hardly ever matters now. Like maybe if a unit's leader is killed, every model has to take a discipline check or get a shaken token?
  7. This model rocks for Rathuros! Makes me want to play darkspawn just so that I can use it!! http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02895
  8. How about a necromancer spell that allows the caster to raise fallen foes (or allies) as zombies or skeletal warriors or something? Doesn't work on corpses that already had the undead SA.
  9. Oh, thought of something else. . . 1. It doesn't seem like you ever have to make very many disipline checks. Basically just when you try to break contact, or when you charge a fearsome monster. Neither of which happens all that often. Am I missing anything? Could somebody outline all the situations in which you have to make discipline checks? 2. Shaken tokens do not appear to give the model with them any penalty. They only grant models ATTACKING them a +2 bonus, is that true, or am I missing something there too? Thanks!
  10. Any chance we could seem magic items with odd costs such as 3 or 7. . . it would be helpful in filling out that last few points sometimes.
  11. Even though we're just getting into it, and I already have the rulebook, I wouldn't mind seeing a new printing of the rulebook. Be nice to have all the rules and errata in a single place. Not that having the errata in RAGE-C's a big concern once you know it. . . but I guess I just like to have a pretty book with everything I need in it. :)
  12. O.K. So my wife and I are building a circle of people to play Warlord. . . two years after we bought the book! LOL! We got distracted by "that other fantasy game" for a while. . . but after a while found it unsatisfying. . . Anyway. . . we're playing last night and had a few rules questions come up: 1. If as model is in B2B contact with an enemy when it becomes stunned. . . when you make the Tough roll, does it stand up straight back in B2B, or does it have to charge in again (assuming the original opponent is still there?) 2. A model with First Strike is already engaged with an enemy model when a new enemy charges in. . . does the first strike trigger against this new enemy since it is the first round of combat for that enemy? 3. The book says to move bodies and stunned models out of the way when moving other models around. This can have an effect on where the stunned models are for the purposes of War Cry and other such spells that affect stunned models. Is this the intent, or are they supposed to be considered to be in their original locations? 4. Regarding looting: Seems like a model that starts in B2B with an enemy model can use its left-over non-combat action to loot the enemy if itsuccessfully stuns the enemy with its attacks. Is this the case? Seems like its awfully easy to put down tough models permanently that way. 5. On a charge, do you get an attack at the end of your charge move, or do you have to spend an attack action for it normally. I though that I saw somewhere that a charge comes with a free attack, but I can't find it anywhere now. SO basically, if you have to take a double move to charge, do you get to attack or not? 6. Can do deploy something with the Summoned SA on the table normally during the deployment phase, or does it HAVE to be summoned? I guess that's it for now. . . probably have more later! Thanks!!!
  13. My wife is an excellent painter, and she's FAST. She could easily keep up with the Warlord releases if you guys wanted to hire out the painting of the miniatures for the display cards.
  14. O.K. so I just discovered my Warlord book that I picked up at GenCon a couple years ago. We've decided to actually give it a try! I was just wondering if anybody had created a cheat sheet for use with Warlord. It would be helpful in remembering all the rules and teaching my friends. (Yes, I know all about the RAGE chronicles and such, don't worry. :) )
  15. Picked up the Warlord rulebook at GenCon last year. Stopped in here a while ago, hear about the Warlord 2E coming out via RAGE Chronicles. Saw that Rage Chronicles have been posted. . . CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE! . . . even when I follow the link that supposedly takes you right to them, it just takes me to the Reapergames site and I can't find a downloads section or anything. 1. Can somebody point me to where they are located? 2. Can Reaper look into making them easier to find??
  16. . . . do not introduce black powder into Warlord!!! Or. . . if you ABSOLUTELY MUST limit it to very few units, restrict people's ability to take multiples of them, and make it expensive to take! Miniatures gaming needs a great FANTASY game, and I am very excited about the Warlord revision making that available. It does NOT need another quasi-renaissance game with elves, dwarves, and undead. I am beggin you, don't ruin the fantasy flavor by making black powder weapons widely available!! And for the love of god, no steam-driven automatons!!!! . . . and please copy this post into your design guidelines so that in the future all kinds of blackpowder/steam weapons aren't introduced in later supplements!! Please!!
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