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  1. @Maledrakh - Love me some Vallejo Plastic Putty, but I generally only use it as a filler - can you go into detail on how you use it in combination with glue? Is this a mix thing, or a apply putty to one side and glue to the other and instant adhesion type thing, or something else I'm not thinking of? Thanks in advance.
  2. Huh. I guess Warhammer skewed my impression of cockatrices. They were horse sized in it.
  3. Okay, I'll edit. I meant mythological cockatrice rather than DND Cockatrice. Those things are tiny.
  4. Going through some lists of stuff that I need, I see some holes in the Bones lineup that honestly I thought were already covered for some reason: Cockatrice (bigger, non-DND ones, mythological) Hippogriff nevermind B5 has one! Probably why I thought it was already covered. Lamassu I'd also like to suggest a few more gargoyles.
  5. What's with the menu item under Accessories that says Flesh&Blood TCG? Is it a new Trading Card Game from Reaper? An old one? Why does it connect to a 0 results search?
  6. Help me out, what company designed the dragons for this campaign? I know they were outsourced, and there's a new KS campaign claiming they did them, but the name doesn't match up. Trying to do due diligence on this other campaign. They had a picture that I swear matched one for one of Ildraedis.
  7. Thanks all. Decent day, got to stay in bed for a bit and play some video games. Kind of a rare occurrence right now.
  8. Come on, I've lost my follow status on a thread 6 days in a row. This is beyond sub-par.
  9. Whenever a thread is moderated, we all lose our "follow" status. I know this is a known issue, but can we please please please move it up the priority queue for fixing? It's incredibly annoying on popular threads.
  10. Players: *sigh* "We get it Doug, you bought a ship"
  11. PSA: Kit just updated the main view on the PM to include previous purchases.
  12. I love GSW, they have been killing it this past year. Not a good look for them, but looks like an overreaction that they recognize as such, so hopefully they settled down a bit and figure out proper behavior.
  13. Update on "No Pledge Found"-gate: there was indeed a case sensitivity issue with the account name, and it appears to be resolved.
  14. Unless they end up waiting on a ship for something you ordered, like last time... This bug is seriously bothering me now. I stay up to date on all these platforms so I can be on top of this stuff and get it as soon as possible. The reason I get wave 1 and lock in as soon as possible is because I want to have it all as soon as possible. It's only a day, but it still bothers me that I was on before someone announced they were order #69, wave 1, and I'll likely be end of the line wave 1 by the time they figure it out.
  15. This is pretty annoying. I want to lock in as early as possible. Contacted via the contact me button and sent back a link to the faq, the faq says to go to [email protected], which is fine, but, seriously, a little politeness goes a long way. As a 5 time backer and long time customer, I'm slightly cheesed at this rollout of the PM. I don't need to be wave 1 spot 1, but if I'm doing everything right on my end, it's a little annoying to be pushed a day or two back. ETA: and yes, I've double checked all my email addresses match. The capitalization is off compared to KS, but that shouldn't matter, and I can't get it to update to match.
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