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  1. Rhonda's review of the 3D printed material: https://youtu.be/1xPZdCA-5bw
  2. Blue liner is an amazing item. Perfect for undercoats and shading natural light scenes. Makes a perfect daytime shadow. On top of being a terrific liner and Bones primer.
  3. Great box. Number 2 in my mind for all time skeleton boxes. Only beaten by it's big brother Skeleton Army: http://www.solegends.com/citboxes2/skeletonarmy.htm
  4. Out of the loop - what happened to Ed? Hope he's alright.
  5. Zenithal, AP Speed Paints, and finished with Reaper for highlights/adjustments. Gold is from GSW dry pigments, Silver is old, old, old Citadel.
  6. I love AP for exactly the lack of colors. I have hundreds of paints, and I often get analysis paralysis starting a mini. AP Speedpaints means way less of that. I zenithal, base in SP and then adjust colors with highlights/glazes after I see what works/doesn't in SP. It's a great tool for getting over the first couple layers hump. Well done for working through it and getting a good result though!
  7. 20+ years into this hobby and still getting the hang of conversion work. Bones definitely made it a lot easier, but greenstuff and I still don't always see eye-to-eye. I toughed it out though and got this one done. For use in Kings of War.
  8. Shot Jon a message on Discord. You think they'd put it on their calendars.
  9. Yes, BoH has it right, that Medium is gold for upping contrast on the more subtle ones. I'm loving working with AP's Speed Paints for one reason - limiting my pallette. I have so many paints that finding the right colors initially for base coats can introduce analysis paralysis sometimes. The limited range of Speed Paint means I get over that hump and get painting. After the initial coat, I can highlight or tint with my thousands of other paints as I see the need to correct or push the mini in a different direction, but man knocking out what used to be 3 coats with a single pass is just amazing.
  10. Weren't we due for an update on 7/1?
  11. Sounds like a misplaced absolute value function.
  12. That's crazy. Why isn't it mentioned on the box? I also don't see her in the clear view: https://www.reapermini.com/search/baba yaga/latest/44130 Oh, you know what? I think I DO see her to the left of the left leg. Kinda hard to see. They should advertise that a little better.
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