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  1. Ah. Okay, so in this case is it better to use the unsupported mini and let Cura add supports?
  2. Is this the general help thread? Borrowing an Ender 3v2 to see if I like it, got a nice clean print of the Snoring Warrior Tavern off of Thingiverse, and a couple other little things. Decided to buy a nicer mini to test out, decided to run the pre-supported version. But about 75% of the way up the mini it seems to knock the mini off the plate and starts spinning it around while it tries to print. What can I try first, so far I only really use default settings, but I tried using the Tune option and running about 95% speed last time, it got further than before but same story. Is
  3. Hopefully it looks better in Mobile, but the PC formatting is all messed up with the latest update. Hopefully just a couple style sheet fixes. The 'page' buttons are laid out vertically instead of horizontally, growing multi-page topics: more feedback to follow. Took me a while to find the elipsis to edit this post, it's moved to the left now instead of on the right where it belongs. The table on the right is just all sorts of wonky:
  4. Mantic has done extremely well in curbing the "our models only" mentality. Kings of War basically got a lot of Warhammer fantasy defectors that hated the switch to Age of Sigmar. This is probably getting off topic though.
  5. Given how data driven Reaper has always been, I think they have a significant foothold in UK that made the hub make sense regardless of Brexit. Given the prevelance of Reaper in the Kings of War groups I'm a part of on Facebook, I think there is probably a lot of wargamers there still using Reaper that it probably just made sense as their next permanent hub. I don't think the UK hub is just a Kickstarter thing, but rather an attempt to occupy some of the same space as the big boys at GW and their younger cousin Mantic. Obviously, not being privy to any of this information, we can only spec
  6. I get that. And I fully understand the string of promises - but that's not exactly new behavior here is it? Hasn't this happened 3 of the previous 4 times? I appreciate that you read my post and understood that I was not trying to be confrontational or disrespectful, just trying to point out that this was always the most likely scenario (at least in my mind).
  7. Eh. Hate to point out the obvious, but any failed attempts at finding a partner in the EU are pretty clearly covered by the Campaign page. Not to mention their history in previous campaigns. Fool me once, etc. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose I guess.
  8. My spreadsheets say I'm at 610 of 1787 Reaper painted, 1883 of 4635 total minis painted (including scratch builds). Most of the Reaper are Bones, but there's a decent amount of metal there too.
  9. @Maledrakh - Love me some Vallejo Plastic Putty, but I generally only use it as a filler - can you go into detail on how you use it in combination with glue? Is this a mix thing, or a apply putty to one side and glue to the other and instant adhesion type thing, or something else I'm not thinking of? Thanks in advance.
  10. Huh. I guess Warhammer skewed my impression of cockatrices. They were horse sized in it.
  11. Okay, I'll edit. I meant mythological cockatrice rather than DND Cockatrice. Those things are tiny.
  12. Going through some lists of stuff that I need, I see some holes in the Bones lineup that honestly I thought were already covered for some reason: Cockatrice (bigger, non-DND ones, mythological) Hippogriff nevermind B5 has one! Probably why I thought it was already covered. Lamassu I'd also like to suggest a few more gargoyles.
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