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  1. That's crazy. Why isn't it mentioned on the box? I also don't see her in the clear view: https://www.reapermini.com/search/baba yaga/latest/44130 Oh, you know what? I think I DO see her to the left of the left leg. Kinda hard to see. They should advertise that a little better.
  2. Oh cool, I didn't know she was in the hut's box. Thanks. EDIT: I just checked, it doesn't look like she is in there.
  3. Is there a SKU for Gauth, Baba Yaga, or the Half-Ogre Fighter from Bones 4? I know the metal Half-Ogre is available but my tracking sheet is missing a SKU for the Bones version.
  4. Ah, yeah, similar logo in corner. I mistook it for the core logo.
  5. I'm pledged for what I hope to spend, however, I'm not really there yet, in terms of buy-in. Love me some Reaper Bones, and hope everything turns out amazing (I suspect it will), but right now I only "for-sure" need $68 of the $400 I hope to spend (I can go more, if necessary, but that's what I have budgeted as a target). Right now, it's Sullenhall and paints for sure. I strongly suspect I get the core also (the orcs are definitely helping), and if it comes down to it, I'll probably get the man at arms kits also.
  6. Live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/base-boss-2-new-bases-and-base-top-inserts?ref=discovery&term=base boss
  7. Just based on the scale, I think they'd all be manufactured in China anyway, then moved to state side for post KS runs.
  8. Eventually all B1 and 2 items were fixed and rereleased, but some were never reordered (Kalydrax, for example).
  9. Has anyone heard back outside of the auto-reply for missing items yet? Not being impatient, just trying to gauge if I need to resubmit.
  10. Was the brush holder dragon an add-on? I received one, but didn't pay for it. I'm thinking it was a mispick since my Demonic Temptation was missing.
  11. Correct. Bones 1 they did vampire only orders, I think as soon as they got them in, and then waited a really long time before informing everyone that the rest weren't there yet. It was interesting, because there was no information out whatsoever and no expectations about communications. I thought mine had been lost in the mail or something. Eventually, they realized it was easier to keep us in the loop rather than answer the same question hundreds of times.
  12. That's awesome, hope you asked for a big donation for those hobgoblins! They are pretty hard to find!
  13. Likely just a delay in the notification queue. Also check your spam folder, and double check the email you used on the PM.
  14. There have been plenty of wave 3 reports so far, and the unknown amount of orders per wave that were filtered makes it entirely possible. While it could be a troll, it doesn't look or seem likely.
  15. Thought I had dodged the delay. Heh. Only is annoying because I thought I had already dodged it. I was pretty accepting of it when they first announced there was a delay related to power ups. Ha. Oh well. It really makes no difference.
  16. My guess is the last container comes in on the 28th, delaying the start of delivery by another day. Best laid plans.
  17. Just remember if your order is held up not to let other people being happy impact your happiness negatively. That's no way to live, and will turn you into a petty person.
  18. Ah. Okay, so in this case is it better to use the unsupported mini and let Cura add supports?
  19. Is this the general help thread? Borrowing an Ender 3v2 to see if I like it, got a nice clean print of the Snoring Warrior Tavern off of Thingiverse, and a couple other little things. Decided to buy a nicer mini to test out, decided to run the pre-supported version. But about 75% of the way up the mini it seems to knock the mini off the plate and starts spinning it around while it tries to print. What can I try first, so far I only really use default settings, but I tried using the Tune option and running about 95% speed last time, it got further than before but same story. Is this a problem with an unclean bed? I've been using soap & water, then followed by IPA. Manually leveling, because I read that might be the problem, but I was doing that anyway prior. Any suggestions on what to try next? Thanks in advance.
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