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  1. just saw this on a FB post earlier today and felt compelled to share with you all especially if you struggle with highlighting the large horizontal surfaces on tanks and other vehicles like i do: http://modelbrush.com/free-pdf-guides/ the files are under the airbrush heading
  2. +1 LA's totally awesome. it's only $1 at dollar tree and it strips off paint from metal and plastic mini's admirably although the gold paint took a little bit more scrubbing and some of the deeper recesses required some toothpick work.
  3. man i hope i can intercept the shipment before my wife finds it...
  4. awesomeness! thanks... here goes some more of my hard-earned cash ;)
  5. i'm getting back into miniature painting after taking a 20 year break (grad school, marriage, kids...) and when i saw the paint kits at black diamond games i bought all three sets. the quality of instruction in the pamphlets surprised me and i was actually interested in buying the fourth and fifth sets even though they duplicate a few of the colors i've already acquired but the one remaining kit 4 at the store only had those cheesy paint by number sample paints. can anyone tell me if i purchase kits 4 and 5 from the reaper online store if i'm guaranteed to get the dropper bottles or not? i used to paint with these small glass bottles that had these extremely annoying metal lids which tended to get gunked up or stuck not to mention it was harder to consistently mix the same color paint each time so i find these dropper bottles to be a brilliant innovation :)
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