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  1. Thanks to everyone for your responses... I had a feeling there would be a little bias I'd post the same question over at The Army Painter's forum... oh wait... they don't have one! And in a way that alone is a selling point as the forum here offers a community to bounce ideas around. So I think I will go with Reaper, I also like the fact that they are based here. It's been mentioned that I should also support a FLGS unfortunately my closest FLGS is around 25 miles away AND they don't sell Reaper paints ! So It will be online mostly for me. I have only used MSP paints thus far and may try t
  2. Hi Everyone! I've very recently started painting miniatures. I will soon receive a bunch of miniatures through Kickstarter (not reapers), and figured they will need painting. So I researched all over the internet for about 2 weeks reading in various forums and watching youtube videos and reviews etc. I then purchased the Reaper Learn to Paint kits along with an Army Painter detail brush and files and have been working through those miniatures. Thus far, I have enjoyed it and the mini's have come out better than I had expected and I plan to increase my painting supplies before my o
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