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  1. It's not just you. They also don't come across as the kind of army that really requires more poses than, say, the IMEF marines. If I had to guess, this is Reaper shoulder-checking Mantic into a row of lockers while they pass in the hall.
  2. Read what he wrote. Seems like Bryan over reacted to me. EDIT: Nevermind the rest. The UFO looks like it has potential.
  3. There are tons upon tons of dragons to choose from of all sizes though. As much as I agree with you that dragons are awesome. I always opted for the odd creature. Like last KS Cthulhu was too awesome to pass up even though I dont even play the table top nor do I really read any of the books. Leaving Dragons and the old one out of the picture can you think of anything else that would be well known enough to warrant a miniature that would even be as close in epicness to a dragon or Cthulhu? Perhaps some other lovecraft creature that most people wouldnt eve know is all that comes to my mind. Not-Godzilla or a giant mech/clockwork colossos?
  4. Bryan said the goals are more but smaller compared to Exp1, so that the unlocks arent so far apart this time. That's a very good move.
  5. Sell them with a Bones pedestal and call them "Weathered Statues"? "Medusa's Lair Boxed Set"?
  6. That should say every customer that contacted me received a Gift certificate to compensate. We cannot, however, afford to give out 18,000 gift certificates, so it's only something we did for the very upset. As it is we're sitting on literally thousands of dollars in unsellable inventory. Regardless, if it's a point of contention, I will make it right. I have to. If you haven't shipped out the Kaladrax tail for order #5379, I would appreciate it. If you have...Well, I don't want to cost you guys too much in shipping. That's an awful lot of unsellable stock. However, have you thought about putting out Bones upgrade packs with sprues of hands, possibly holding guns or wands or daggers? If you were to sell those, you could then shift the Juliettes along with the hands as some kind of "convert your own character" pack, maybe? If you make some spare heads, then you can do the same with the noseless ones. Or else maybe put up an Andromedan (noseless aliens) pack of civilians using the noseless minis?
  7. Are you saying that the discontinued models were "corrected" by a gift certificate? I ask because the only one of those models I queried about--the only one I cared about--was Juliette, Female Wizard, and I was offered no replacement and no credit. In fact, when I asked about the possibility, so that I could buy a model with a functional left hand to transplant, I was told that there would be no corrective action for Juliette, and presumably for none of the other discontinued models. Is that at odds with Reaper's policy, or am I misunderstanding you, here? I appreciate any answer you can give me. If Reaper isn't dealing with those redacted models in any capacity, then I'll just buy a donor model. $2.50 isn't exactly a deal breaker for fixing a defective model, but it does end up making a Bones model cost close to its metal version's price...which amuses me.
  8. I depends on the figures, I guess. I mentioned Juliette, Female Wizard out of all the defective, noseless minis in my first email because that was the only one I wanted a replacement for. But they aren't doing anything to replace the discontinued minis. No credit, no replacements, nothing. I'll end up buying a Balto Burrowell or other gnome with small hands so I can chop one off and transfrom Juliette Thalidomide-born into Juliette, Female Wizard. So, if you want to get a replacement for one of the discontinued defectives, you're SOL. Which is not the same thing as SOD, apparently. However, they did fix all my other issues (kind of. Still waiting on a part of a kaladrax tail.), and I finally got to assemble my Fire Giant King, so I'm pretty happy. I'm joyfully participating in Bones 2, but I really hope none of my favorite models ends up as being discontinued.
  9. My package arrived. Aaaaand it's got an error. I've sent them an email. Hopefully we can all still be friends.
  10. This is what they sent me via email: "We're sending you the following: 77192g: Right Front Leg (0.00) x1 80014: Garvin Markus, Nova Corp Hero (2.49) x1 89003: Pathfinder Goblin Warriors (2.99) x1 77194e: Head (0.00) x1 Note: SOD for order #5379 - please also add 2nd to last piece of Kaladrax tail and Fire Giant king left chain If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email, reference #200785. Please let us know if you have any questions we may be of assistance with. Reaper Miniatures 9062 Teasley Ln. Denton, TX 76209 (940) 484-6464 "
  11. They told me they were sending me something on Sept 19th. I'm in California and I still haven't received anything. Should I be worried?
  12. I would have taken a copy&paste response that said "certain minis are not being replaced due to to high of a complaint number/impossible to fix all of them". I know how many orders they are filling, especialyl if they only have 1 machine that can do it. It just makes sense to take a few seconds to copy and paste a little note instead of sending another email that ultimately wastes more of their time. Hell, even making an official announcement of it couldn't hurt. Still happy its the major issue minis getting replaced. sorry. The tool we use doesn't have the ability to give that kind of detailed note - it sends a form letter. Certain minis could not be replaced because good copies don't exist, and there was just no way to say that in the form letter without confusing people who didn't ask for those minis. Wait. I thought those were the ones you were issuing store credit for..? I thought it was odd that some models didn't appear on the form you sent me, and just figured you were 'replacing' them with a different process. So, nothing then? I'm not particularly upset, but I am confused. Please help me out here.
  13. I haven't heard back from them either and have found a few more miscasts since I sent the email. However, if they send me store credit, I'll just buy another Goldar the Barbarian and toss whatever the other minis were at misbehaving puppies. Actually, it depends on how they correct the other issues.
  14. If we are talking about what we want to see in Bones 2: Bone Hard with a Vengeance, then I would like to speak up for myself and other wargamers I know. First of all, I understand that the "Vampire 2" pledge is unlikely to have any units or Chronoscope models in order to satisfy Reaper's core market, the RPG players. However, I feel that the stretch goal freebies or even paid add-ons should have a lot of units or Chronoscope, so that wargamers have a reason to pledge again this time around. I suggest that Reaper offers a lot of the Warlord boxes of troops in Bones. If there is a hero in the same range, he can be sold separately as a character. Now, these units can be great for RPGers, too, as town guards, mooks, whatever, and a 10-pack for a decent price with 2 or 3 sculpts offers a lot of flexibility for both types of customer. For example, if Reaper decided to tap the market that Mantic just created with terrific rules, and then lost with their clusterfailure of a Men at Arms sprue, while also appealing to Warhammer players and other fantasy players, then they could release the Overlord line. First, the onyx models for that lawful evil/Basilean/Sigmarite Empire look. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/overlord/sku-down/06146 Then there are missile troops: http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/overlord/sku-down/06147 And characters/heroes/captains/etc. (including mounted): http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/overlord/sku-down/14258 http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/overlord/sku-down/14128 http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/overlord/sku-down/14147 http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/overlord/sku-down/14267 Now, I don't know which factions sell the best for Reaper, but I would expect that metal troops sales would probably be less of an indicator of what wargamers want than, say, commander sales, since wargamers are not going to have built blocks of 40 troops at metal prices, but probably will buy characters they like for armies they collect for Reaper's metal prices. In any event, I'm sure Reaper is fairly on top of the market research here. I suspect Nefsokar would do well in Bones among the Tomb Kings or Wargods of Aegyptus players. Lizardmen just need a few more models and some big beasts to finish out the line. Monsters are also something that Reaper Bones does well. Very well. And wargamers love monsters at least as much as RPGers. However, wargamers want to be able to build units of ogres, trolls and werewolves. If Reaper added another 2 unique sculpts in line with their previous ogres and trolls (which is the wargaming standard for variety), wargamers would love them, painters would love them, and RPGers will probably pick up some for the variety or so they can differentiate rogue fire hill trolls from ranger fire mountain trolls. Throw in some more mount options, like a wyvern for orc players for example, and Reaper can capture the attention of all kinds of converters and counts-as players without alienating the RPG market. The most important addition for the wargamers might be the hardest to sell Reaper on: Sci Fi. In wargaming, sci fi (futuristic or steampunk, but mostly futuristic) outsells fantasy by a wide margin. And wargamers tend to buy lots and lots of troops, i.e. multiples of the same 3 models. It's a fairly lucrative market if you can tap it. There is a golden opportunity right now: wargaming is between media. Metal is too expensive for troops, even for skirmish games. Restic is cheaper to make and to sell, but there is a lot of discontent in the market with all of the mold lines, warping and casting issues that tend to make restic minis such a pain. If reaper can give a lot of wargamers a reason to try out Bonesium minis, they might win them over. Bones also has a lot to offer as a proprietary media (like Trollcast for Trollforged) for prospective board games producers. Not all sci fi needs to alienate the fantasy gamer. The frost Wyrm looks pretty alien. Sell him in a line with the astral mauler, Bathalien Primarch and such, and you've got a nice alien horde. The Nova and IMEF lines are great so far, but could really use some special weapons (for Nova) and some more variety for IMEDF. Throw in a Bones General Drake (or his IMEF equivalent), and you've got the Imperial Guard players on your side. The only thing missing is a Bones giant-sized mecha/enforcer droid for Bones giant prices.
  15. I'm guessing Goldar the Barbarian, or whatever his name is. Mine has no nose, and I've seen other complaints about him here and there.
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