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  1. Let me prepare a list... 1. Please give a Al Leong hair and a fu manchu 'stache. 2. An Urban Wizard with a staff, a revolver, a pendant, and a duster. Hat optional. 3. Spunky news reporter with microphone, a la April O'Neill or Kitty Norville. 4. Fetish-clad Hawk Man with mace and ray gun. Pose him so he can diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! 5. Elderly super hero or villain. ? 6. Bloodsport celebrity. He might hunt down a running man or play a dreaded ball game. His costume should be very 1980's.
  2. So each giant will be about $10? I thought Bryan had put them in the $5 yo $8 range when discussing the storm giants..?
  3. Some friends of mine missed the Kickstarter and are interested in buying some dragons, giants, etc., and Cthulhu to paint. Of course, what thety buy depends on the pricing. Do we know what the retail prices are likely to be?
  4. I would love to see some of the wings packs and the weapons packs released in Bones, especially the futuristic weapons. Also, how about a set of riders to fit on the Bones dragons?
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