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  1. So this may be old, but was exactly what I was looking for today. Going to do them a little bigger as bases for the wyrmling familiar.
  2. I didn't see this in the thread, but the female with a glave and sword in Heroes I, is she in metal already?
  3. This is glorious. I don't know when I'll get to it, but these will definitely get some play testing mixed into other armies or other silliness on the table. I've more than once considered the RAGE mechanic would make a good way to throw mass combat into pfrpg/3.5 better than any of the mechanics designed for it. So this is neat.
  4. Sometimes the work is worth it. The web army builder at Reapergames isn't very mobile friendly, and saving army lists to easily bring back up is very much a thing. There are flgs so impressed with battlescribe for other games that they require a battlescribe built army list at tournaments. Even stores like the one I play at prefer you send them a list built in battlescribe for format consistency to facilitate armies that still have to be manually validated. If adding warlord to battlescribe repositories makes it more attractive to stores who run store supported events, then its community building, and community building is never a bad thing.
  5. Maredudd, if you download the all systems zip. It has the data set creators in it. I don't know about the windows or mac download (linux user) but the zip is just the java files, which open on any machine with java.
  6. Yes, although battlescribe is built to support closer to gw style units, enough work can get restrictions into the catalog. I'm hoping with other hands we'll figure out how to set unit size limits based on leader (not an upfront way to do that so gonna take some thought) as is I can get it to limit # of leaders per troop and # of warlords per army.
  7. I've gotten as far as I can today with a Nefsokar catalogue. Here's the git repo https://github.com/Notsonoble/warlord-battlescribe
  8. So now that the warhammer 40k league and tourney are over at my FLGS. There's a chance to push warlord and other miniature games again at the store. Lots of the 40k and fantasy players use battlescribe. I know there's the army builder on reapergames but I can see a few advantages to doing army lists for battlescribe. 1) Visibility for Warlord 2) Rule Validation (to some extent) Would anyone else be interested. I've started a nefsokar catalogue, and game system file. If others would be willing to help, I'd start a github repo for building / improving the files.
  9. Notsonoble

    Home Safe

    Made it home Sunday. Noticed i'd left my trade metal at the store. Called and they found it. Waiting for a call back so I can either pay for shipping or arrange to go pick it up (2 hr drive).
  10. First, I'll agree with the names on the badges. I actually would like to go back to the pouch badges of the previous years. I could do without the ribbons. Second, game table registrations... A lot of people are griping about squatters/full tables when they got to a game. I agree that it was a problem, but I'd actually rather see pre-registration go away, because our biggest issue wasn't squatters, but we hat a game that showed full on sunday not even play due to the table being packed up. I really liked having a schedule but could do without the idea that you might have to signup on day one of registration or get no game time. Which is exactly what I was worried about when I saw the seats available list. RE: Auction, I didn't have a problem with pooling, but I'll agree that the low ticket items weren't great items. Iphone cases weren't really worth, especially when we looked at the auction table and saw 6 of each mouse pad, but the auction only gave away 3 of each. So to sum up, Named badges, game schedule good, game seat registration bad, gamers and painters are apparently android or blackberry users :P Otherwise it was a great year. I will say again here what I said to Bryan in person. The move to the hotel scared me into expecting a much more separated feel between con-goers and reaper. That was not the case. Thank you for not making it so. See people next year (and reaper peeps sooner, i'm too close not to occasionally raid the store in person for stuff).
  11. I'll second the comment on games, and add that we missed one because the registration line saturday didn't start processing until our the game we scheduled to be at. Then sunday's game we signed up for, even though it was full, didn't even make because the people running it had packed up. (There may have been a reason, and I can understand it, but to show up to a "scheduled" game and find an empty table was confusing.) Honestly, i'd rather not have a "sign up for game slot" on the website. I liked free roaming of the year before. I did like having a schedule to look at well ahead of time, but the seat sign up thing... Other than that it was a great time. I wish i'd found you guys though. I was looking forward to meeting Shadowraven and Fltadm from the BT boards.
  12. Thread necormancy... I'm trying to start this again at the local store. Hoping my bones vampire will help me get a few armies built up to start.
  13. I'll also chime in about paint stabbing needles. Some of mine and the bro's have disappeared in the many paint sessions we've hosted at our local FLGS in Abilene. So we could definately use a few more.
  14. Also, here's my concept for the Nefsokar 300 pt for the book. 298 Points Luck Stone Hand of Sokar Doctrine Desert Swiftness 1 Senet Net'merew 2 Khamsin Lancer 1 Chosen of Sokar 1 Sokar's Disciple 3 Awakened Mummies
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