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  1. I wanted to announce that we have just launched a new Kickstarter, Mayan Number Dice: The Return. Mayan Number Dice was the very first product that Paymaster Games ever made, but we were unable to make more after the first campaign. Now we have chosen to bring Mayan Number Dice back. Each set is made up of standard set of RGG Dice that will feature the historically accurate Mayan Numbers, in the place of the Old-World Numbers, and come in 5 different colors, including Mayan Blue. Please check out the new campaign and please share this with your friends and gaming groups. [url]http://kck.st/3DjwXjY[/url] Here are the new Dice -
  2. I am looking in to this service. I can not tell from the wedsite what models are cast with SIOcast process. What models are cast with the SIOcast process?
  3. Hello Everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that we have reached the $3000 mark. We have reached the final push over the line to the goal. Please help me push this campaing over the finish line. Please let your gaming groups, forums and freinds know about this campaign. Thank you very much for your support of my company and model lines. Here are some photos of my new models -
  4. We are moving along. We are just shy of the 50% mark. I am real excited about the progress. Ok i had a very question that i never thought about. Would you guys be willing to back a kickstarter that upgraded my equipment vs. just covering casting costs?
  5. I got the design fro the first rider for Patricus back from the artist. This is a Mercenary Officer and he will come with three weapon options a sword, a spear. and a great weapon (likely a mace) and he will come with 2 to 3 head options. What are your thoughts?
  6. Thank you for your past support. Is thier anything in this campaign that like this time around?
  7. Paymaster Games have posted thier first update for this campaign. What are your thoughts? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2139148164/going-native-rise-of-the-city-states/posts/3529808
  8. Please do not let the shipping discourage you. I have gone through a fair mount of effort to make shippping very affordable to every one. I have already imported several copies of Tribal and nearly all of the models in this campaign are ready to go at the casters. I just need the funds to run them. Every thing helps from the smallest impuse by to the the largest battle force. So the costs are as cheep as i can get them, and in most cases you will get most of the model before the christmas holiday. If you can not pledge during this campaign, I completely understand. Please let your freinds and gaming groups know about this campaign. I would love to see/ hear about people in your towns and gaming groups playing Tribal with my models. Thank you for helping spread the word about this camapign.
  9. Thanks for the Post. So here is that Giant Starfish mount. We are calling him Patricus. The first rider planned for Patricus is fantasy mercenary hero, that would not be out of place in a Merceary army or party. As the campaign continues we will unlock more rider for Patricus. Also I wanted to point out that we are running a Cross Promotion with Mana Press's Tribal Skirminsh game. We have created 4 Tribal Starter Kits from the different lines we are offering during the campaign. This really is a great game and i very proud to offer models that work so well with the game.
  10. I would like to chime in as a creator. Kickstarter allows people like me to build a product line and to make big and complicated models in a single go. It would take me, at my pay level, 1 to 2 years to save the amount of money that I could get from a single campaign. One of the greatest accomplishments I am the most proud of is that I have delivered on every campaign and better yet delivered good models. For any company delays are common and can come up for any reason. Using myself as an example I have had delays because of because of artists, larger companies taking my spot in line, re-sculpting of models that did not measure up, red tape, shipping from all over the world, cutting down models to prep them for casting, running out of and the reordering of supplies, I have had to wait until after Gencon to even place order for casting, this list does not even stop their. One of the biggest thing that causes delays is success. Success creates a ton more work that was not in the original campaign. If a campaign was for lets say 5 28mm models that would take 3 weeks to hand sculpt, and then lets say every thing goes well at the caster it can take another 3 weeks for the whole casting process. If the campaign is successful and has stretch goals like additional models, this stretches out the sculpting and casting time needed just to get your goods too you. So unless the campaign stays small, the successful campaign you backed will be late. I have done allot to speed up the production of my last campaign, I hired 5 sculptors, 3 artists, and did everything in my power to try to plan around large shows and holidays, and I still ran late. As to the second part of this question, I have not thought about running a second campaign while I still had a active/ fulfilling campaign. I have started the planning process to build another campaign when the last campaign was finishing up.
  11. I am supplying models to this campaign. The prices listed are retail. I should let you know that the price for several models in my Out of the Mysts campaign was estimated. For example, Quetzacoalt ended up almost 2 to 3 times larger then it was meant to be so its retail price went up. So did several other modes. Other models dropped in price and others stayed the same. You guys and gals have no idea how bad I feel when I get the prices wrong like that during a campaign.
  12. Just so you know the pre-order store is now closed. We have finished building a web store and we are looking for opinions on how we did and to see if we need to make any fixes. Here is a link to their facebook page if you want to help with this effort. https://www.facebook.com/Paymaster-Games-359212084153483/
  13. Lexomatic, I am sorry that the shipping was a bad experience. I will look into the problem for the future deliveries to The Great White North. Did the models and package arrive alright?
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