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  1. Wonderful shading on the skin- very realistic. And your metallics are fantastic too. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Trust me- the wife- that this picture doesnt do the fig justice. The vials are amazing as is the shading overall.
  3. Thrym, the flag is from the Pathfinder Dragon Empires Primer. I'm using this fig in an upcoming campaign and I wanted her flag to truly represent where she's from and what she's fighting for. The region is Shokuro, kingdom of exiled samurais. My husband and I are experimenting with photographing techniques. Will hopefully have a better pic soon, as well as one of her from behind.
  4. I'm inspired by your skin shading and eyes. Will have to use this as a model for future figs. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I'm inspired by your skin shading and eyes. Will have to use this as a model for future figs. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Fantastic job. The shading on the pumpkins and vines are spot on. Perfect choice for the base as well- the color compliments the rest of the fig. Good luck in your contest!
  7. The eyes didn't come out good in the photo. You can't see the whites at all. Granted, I'm still struggling with getting my eyes right, but they aren't pools of blackness like the photo suggests.
  8. The green and gold look fantastic! I will have to keep this combo in mind. I have this fig too and have been trying to visualize the color scheme. I've been thinking something very colorful. Never would have thought to go this route. Absolutely amazing work.
  9. Yah, we are new to this and have to work on our photos. This is by far my best fig. I think it's because I've played her for a few years and know the sculpt inside and out. She's great inspiration.
  10. I love how you used such bright colors without it looking garish or cartoonish. I struggle with that. Great job!
  11. The hair is fantastic. I'm still working on getting such realistic texture.
  12. My favorite character, my cleric of Sarenrae. Being a cleric of the "Dawnflower," I always imagined her in oranges and reds and yellows. The painted fig from Pathfinder just didn't jibe with my mental image of her. This is one of my first painted figs. Please offer constructive feedback so I can improve.
  13. Just began painting minis since Gen Con. Really proud of this one and would appreciate some constructive feedback so I can improve. Thanks!
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