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  1. I got my wave 6 shipping notice and I had the Frost Giants.
  2. I tried to do that, not sure how on the forum. :( Use the edit button at the bottom of the post then add the link.
  3. Can we get a link to the KS page in the first post?
  4. Delivered! Not going to get much done these next couple of hours.
  5. Yes, still waiting, but you don't have to keep this open on my account.
  6. I would go with some snails
  7. Will the pokey tools make it into the Reaper Store eventually?
  8. In Westerly, you and a group of like minded pioneer folk will brave your way across the content. When I think content, I do not think of pioneers.
  9. That is an excellent piece. I really need to start a show-off thread so people can see an actual 'not very good painter'
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