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  1. Got my set of 9 (Life Counter waiting, and 2 for friends, so 7 for me.) They seem about a half size smaller than the sizing rings I used to get the size with, so a couple fit the finger I sized a little tighter than I'd like, but wearable, a couple I need to wear on a different finger. Not huge issues as I can just sit them on my middle knuckles while playing, and put my "jewelry" ones on a slightly smaller finger, but for any looking to purchase from their website just a heads up, might want to go up a half size for comfortability. As far as spinning, they mostly spin great, I gave them a dish-soap bath just to clear them out, but they spun decent even before that. Slight exception for my d4 probably because it's so small/thin. (I got the d4 sized for my pinky, it's tiny.) Overall I'm happy though! Excited for my next game.
  2. I haven't gotten my second wave yet, but I *finally* sat down and painted up the Bones Giant Spider using my first set. From a noob perspective they did well. I only used the #2 for basecoat, then #000 for fine edging along all the highest raised parts of the spider, as well as the eyes (used the reaper flat #2 from LTPK for drybrush in between) and they held points well. I'm happy with them but I cannot compare them to other high end brands. I figure once I wear all of these out I might actually be good enough at painting minis to compare them to other brands. :P
  3. I finally jumped in at the $20 level. I was mostly hesitant because my group doesn't currently play any music or background whatsoever so I wasn't sure if they'd enjoy it. I really do like his samples though so I'm going to get it and then just turn them on quietly and see if any of them notice. I always have my laptop at the table, searchable PDF's are so much better than a million books you have to look through!
  4. I would also bet that they're running out of room in their primary shipping box. Having based all shipping fees off of a specific box size/weight there really is a finite amount of stuff they can put in there without ruining their company. I'm pretty sure nobody would want them to have to declare bankruptcy because of shipping fees. This is especially apparent *because* of the very tiny sized freebies at the end, and that the last 2 goals were addon packs. I would very much bet that if we break 1.5M (which we most likely will) any additional stretch goals will also be addons, with a small chance of them having saved a very specific amount of space for one more really cool free peice left as a final push item.
  5. Uhhh.. buying them in even number sets is exactly what my previous point was. Pledge for a 2 set reward at $120, then overbid another $120 for a total of $240 which would be 4 sets. That's $65 over a 3 set pledge, so you pay a little more for that 4th set vs the previous 3, but you are also getting a second tote bag to go with it. Of course at that point you might as well pony up the extra $20 for yet another set at the 5 level and give up that extra tote bag. If that odd number of freebies is really that frustrating to you then stick with 4. Or just drop from 3 sets down to 2. Would it have been easier if they set up 4 and 6 set pledge rewards? Sure. They didn't, and it's a little late in the game to worry about it now.
  6. You know you could get 2 x 2 sets for a total of 4. Or 2 x 3 sets for a total of 6. That would fix the problem. Or just look at it as getting 2 of the curved stairs usable, with a spare in case you lose one. Yes it would cost a little bit more for the broken up sets, but you'd also get an extra tote bag for the extra cost.
  7. Two more addon packs in the upcoming stretch goals... so... ummm.... how long can a human live on water alone? Food may have to become optional for a couple paychecks... :P
  8. The molds themselves cost the same amount regardless of complexity of the peices, it is the volume of space taken that is finite per mold. The same amount of material in one of the 4x6 floors is the same as 6 standard floor peices. Each floor peice is about the same material and area as a door. The only "complexity" is the way the doors are attached and able to pivot open/closed. So rather than a 6 to 1 comparison maybe you'd say it's 5 to 1 to make up for the door attachment. So yes the cost to produce the floor addon pack is probably very similar to the dungeon dressing addon pack. The only difference in costs would be the initial model, however since these are all based on current models, and it seems like Stefan is doing most of the modelling anyway, that becomes a moot point. Personally I'm excited for both. Dungeon dressings just look sweet, but if you were to place out a dungeon and had a well painted mosaic floor in the center of the room what will draw the eye more? A barrel and some chairs? Or the artwork on display as a centerpiece of the room? The mosaic will be far more of a visual impact. Both together obviously just make it that much better. I'm super excited to see the upcoming stretch goals. This year I'm going from only having a bag of dice and a wet erase mat, to having everything I need to run a visually kick-elf game.
  9. Personally I love how they have done the stretch goals. If you want more floor, buy the floor addon pack, or up your set pledge. I'm super excited about all the extra cool looking add ons we're getting. Even the treasure piles. Because seriously, what is the major thing you're looking for in your dungeon crawls? TREASURE!!! Plus it's useful for so much more with some different paint schemes. As mentioned before, gray for rock piles (dilapidated dungeon that's in the process of caving in) greenish for muck piles or garbage piles (where else would your carrion crawler jump out of?) or redish black for the remnants of a burned out fire left by the last party who came through here... then skull piles in the next room. Already stripped of the flesh while the coals of their fire are still burning. >:) I'm in for at least 2 dungeon dressing sets, can't wait to see what they restructure them to. I'm sure if someone really doesn't want any of the "flashy" peices there will be tons willing to trade them out 1-to-1 for boring old standard floor peices after we get our stuff.
  10. Well I'm glad I have good credit and they keep upping my limit, cause now I'm in for 10 unpainted sets and 4 addon packs (2 dungeon dressing, 1 floor pack, and 1 to be determined later.) I just can't pass this up. I'm also in Salt Lake City, Utah just in case any of you internationals visit here ever and wanted someone to ship to until you can come pick it up.
  11. New stretch goals announced sound epic. I'm definitely going to have to add on the dungeon dressings and the mosaic floor/stairs packs once they are unlocked. Still super tempted to upgrade to a 10 set as well but not quite sure if I can justify that, 5 sets with addons will probably be my limit. Can't wait to see what other great things they have in store after the 1M mark.
  12. Thanks again for all the suggestions guys, good to hear this business model can work out when done well. I appreciate all the input! It's certainly going to take me a good long while to get the ball rolling (curses for having a full time job and still being poor!) but now I've got a good starting point seeing how others have done it.
  13. I imagine brains are like muscle. The more they're used they get all stringy and tough, the ones that sit there and do nothing are juicy and tender. Hence, haters will be zombie-licious!
  14. I would totally move to Denton and manage that for you! ;) That's my concern on making money. Hence why I'm going to attempt to contact those that are successfull and ask if they'll share their experience. I would imagine a bit more expensive on food, and it would depend if the crowd continues to order drinks while they play, or sticks with just one or two. Also ratio of standard food table sizes vs large gaming suitable tables, things like that. From a few quick web searches I can't find anything like this local and I've certainly never been to one myself. Hearing positive response has me excited to do some legwork and fact finding on my days off. Once I can get a ballpark figure for costs to open/run it for a few years while building up business then I could look into finding funding for it through whatever avenues (Kickstarter?!) are available to such a small startup. (AKA currently: me.)
  15. That AFKTavern looks exactly like what I had in mind. I will have to get in touch with them if possible to see if they have any advice. I love all the suggestions and help so far guys thanks! Always open to more feedback. Since there's some examples of it working out I will definitely start looking into exactly what kind of captial I would have to find from investors/business loans to get something like this up and running in my area. Honestly the best thing about it is the idea of being my own boss again.
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