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  1. Update: the Saurian is unlocked. Still 16 hours to go to get to the last mini Stretch Goal, the Rakashan.
  2. Hi gang, just a final countdown advisory as we're in the last days with less than 24 hours to go. As noted before, there is a Reward Level just to get the miniatures if that's all you want, and it includes getting unlocked Stretch Goal minis for free. We've already unlocked the first of the Stretch Goal minis, the Floran (plant-based alien), bringing the total up to 10 minis in the set. And we are more than 70% towards unlocking the next Stretch Goal mini, the Saurian. Who knows, with enough of a push, we might even unlock the final mini, the Rakashan. Anyway, if you have any interest in Sci-Fi minis or especially a Savage Worlds Sci-Fi Setting, check it out. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/545820095/the-last-parsec-savage-worlds?ref=nav_search Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Pinnacle Entertainment started a Kickstarter yesterday for a Savage Worlds sci-fi setting, The Last Parsec. It's kind of a return to classic SF RPG ideas of aliens and adventure. The game has already funded and reached three of its Stretch Goals. What I thought might be of particular interest to this group are the miniatures made by Bronze Age Miniatures for the setting. Nine minis are guaranteed with the potential for three more if their Stretch Goals are reached. For this Kickstarter, we added something new, a Reward level just to get the miniatures. So if you're not interested in the other stuff and just want the minis, there's an option for them alone. If it sounds interesting, check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/545820095/the-last-parsec-savage-worlds And here's a link to Bronze Age Miniatures for anyone unfamiliar with them... http://www.bronzeagemin.com/ Thanks!
  4. Just an FYI, if you missed out due to the issue with Amazon, Studio 2 is giving until tomorrow (3:30 Eastern time) to get in on the Kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1176616619/hell-on-earth-miniature-mega-release/posts/349901
  5. Amazon payment is working again, so if you tried earlier, give it another shot. Talked to Studio 2 and they will work something out with folks who missed the chance to pledge because of this. Wish Kickstarter had an extension policy when they have issues like this, but you live and learn.
  6. Glad you like them! For those who saw the last two greens (male Junker and female Waster), they were sculpted by Bob Ridolfi as well. He really did an amazing job on them if you haven't seen them!
  7. Hey gang, as we wind down to the last 24 hours, I want to say thanks for all the support and especially the feedback! You guys have really been a great resource, and we do appreciate it. Now, as far as having greens goes, it is money, pure and simple. The whole point of the Kickstarter is to fund production of the minis, including the costs to sculpt them. Studio 2 committed to the first four and had them in the works, but as far as the rest, who knew what would happen. Spending the money you are trying to raise to raise the money you need for expenses is a dangerous circle, and one that puts existing backers at risk for getting their rewards if the money isn't there in the end. That's just not an option. So as things have progressed and goals have become attainable, S2 has contacted Reaper about getting the greens, and they have done an outstanding job! The idea of getting this kind of turnaround on greens is phenomenal to begin with, and when you take into consideration the work Reaper already has on its plate, it's simply unfathomable. I can't speak highly enough of these folks and we're honored to be able to work with them. And the same applies to you guys. Again, the feedback has been awesome, and those post-apocalyptic weapon Bonus Goals? That really came from you guys to make sure we had something specifically for the minis fans and not just Hell On Earth fans. Thanks once more, and we're keeping our fingers crossed to still hit the Mutants, Librarian, and Templar! Given the boost we've seen here at the end, it's still possible (especially with one Leader of the Iron Alliance available).
  8. It's going to depend on the specific mini. But whatever the a la carte price is set at is likely to be the lowest any in that category will be (if not higher). Studio 2 Publishing is a fulfillment house, and this will be no different from what they do handling RPG books for companies (like Pinnacle). They get the product made, then they warehouse and handle getting it to distributors. If your game store carries Pinnacle's game books, then they can carry the minis as easily. And if you haven't seen it, check out the new (now previous) update. Everyone backing at Waster ($25) or higher gets a download of the Hell On Earth soundtrack. You can listen to the first track on the Kickstarter page. Edit: New Update - Extras have been added to both the Gang and Warband levels plus a major boost to the Templar Grandmaster levels (especially when you combine the two together). This one is pretty big, check the breakdown of what the Grandmaster's Traveling Warband gets now... http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1176616619/hell-on-earth-miniature-mega-release/posts/347773
  9. Eh, boss wasn't looking, so I ran with it. ;) Seriously though, first Law Dog has unlocked and only need 6 more backers to unlock the next, bring it to an even 12 Stretch Goals unlocked. The Doombringer Bonus Goal has also been dropped down to $35K and a new Bonus Goal revealed for $50K... Mutants! These will be a 3-pack like the Wormlings only they will have 3 different arms to make each a little unique (oversized arm, tentacle arm, and insect-like arm). Oh, and if they unlock, you will have the same option on switching these guys out if you take the Gang (10 mini) or Warband (20 mini) levels. The Doombringer will count as the same as the post-apocalyptic weapons, and the Mutants will count the same as the Wormlings. Thanks again for the support, gang!
  10. Just got easier, the female Toxic Shaman unlocked, and another "code" was posted that could unlock the second one. Plus, another unlocks with just 14 more backers.
  11. And... Doomsayer 1 is revealed!
  12. Yeah, I think these will be a must-have for Savage Worlds fantasy games since initiative is based off cards. Hoping the Jokers are ultra-awesome (since they're so important to the game), but already told my favorite game store to get these in!
  13. Glad you like him! I'm glad they are being revealed now as some details (like the shaman's bandolier of spook juice*) only show up in the line art. * Spook Juice is used to fuel vehicles, but folks can drink it, though the side effects are nasty. Toxic Shamans have the ability to drink the stuff to "refuel" their power.
  14. ObsidianCrane is dead on here. The concept art was specifically designed with separate arms to allow for easier re-positioning to give the sculpt the option for (slightly) different looks depending on arm placement.
  15. Well if anyone really wants to determine what one of the minis will be, now's your chance! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1176616619/hell-on-earth-miniature-mega-release/posts/340535
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