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  1. Happy birthday! Thanks for being such a great source of info. It's really made a difference for me.
  2. Noob question here: what does OSL refer to? A quick search didn't give me a definition.
  3. I'm using craft foam from michaels. It's still a little less forgiving than ideal, but it cost $.80 and I'm only putting bones in the top layer ( I'm expecting them to be able to withstand a little more abuse than normal).
  4. Thank you. It's very nice,as a newbie, to be thought of.
  5. Doors can make for solid, cheap, large desks. The pre drilled hole for the knob can be useful for routing cables, too.
  6. Really, I think you're better going with the SW washes. You don't save much money by the time to track down all the materials. I've been having fun playing with the inks and trying to come up with some different colors that are useful, but the SW selection should cover most needs.
  7. I have some home-made versions of the secret mini washes. Recipe available here: http://www.awesomepaintjob.com/index.cfm/resources.recipes I haven't tried them yet on unpainted Bonesium. I was planning on giving it a shot in the next few days. I'll report back if no one gives you better info.
  8. Fair enough. Last weekend was bad in DC, too. I live outside DC and grew up not too far from Baltimore. Everyone always thinks that the entire city is The Wire. If you like planes or space at all, it is a must-see. A space shuttle, an SR-71, and the Enola Gay among many, many other cool pieces on display. The DC area has tons and tons of awesome attractions for visitors besides just the big museums/monuments on the mall. IMO, there's no need to spend more than a day or two on the mall. It can all bleed together really easily if you don't break it up a little. I also need to give a plug for Labyrinth game shop on Capitol Hill. Its mostly focused on puzzles and board games, but its just an awesome place.
  9. It's not nearly that bad! Avoid going north to Baltimore. It is that bad. Both of these comments are ridiculous. They are major cities and there have their unfortunate areas that require caution, but neither are dangerous if you use common sense.
  10. Bump as this ends today.
  11. Where can I get a cool Reaper sticker so that I can make new friends, too?
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