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  1. Hi guys and gals, hope you're all well, I haven't been posting at all lately but just happened to see this. Yeah, my update is that I am still waiting on a few big pieces that were missing from my order (received in December). Have basically given up that I will ever see them, Bill seems to pop up and reply every six months or so. Like Beagle, these Kickstarters and the Pacesetter follow up cost me a heck of a lot of money. I did end up with a box of minis in the end, but mostly it was all a big disappointment. Live and learn I guess.
  2. Ha, ha! Sorry, have really not been posting at all lately. Well, the update is that the colors seem to be holding up pretty well, I guess it's possible the paint has lost a touch of its initial vibrancy, but I can't really say for sure. Still looks pretty good after a year. Next update due summer 2018.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate! I had heard that about the Tree though, but I really have to get it for the mini (the Tree and the Dragon are probably my favorites of the big pieces).
  4. Yikes, we're closing in on the finish line here aren't we, I need to decide on my final pledge. At the moment I'm thinking: BF Gold Lantern Dragon King expansion Gorm expansion Lonely Tree expansion For those of you who already own the game, did you get those base inserts in the first KS, and if so how do you like them? How many of those $20 packs do you think would be reasonable to get for a core game and a few expansion? Help a brother out, I'm having trouble deciding.
  5. Yeah, I would have been in exactly the same boat if it wasn't for the Froghemoth; that one kind of sucks to have missed out on I think. Well, maybe Bill will get back to me and I'll be able to get hold of it (with a new round of taxes of course), but I've a feeling it won't happen.
  6. Ouch, that really sucks. Tsathoggua is a biggie, I really hope Bill gets back to you. What kind of irks me is the amount of taxes I ended up having to pay ($100). The box was marked as containing a value of $350, and shipping was noted as $53, when in fact my entire order (including shipping) was $350. And since it lacked a couple of big pieces (worth around $70), it should really have been quite a bit less. Damn.
  7. I actually received my box three days ago (it was preceded by an email a couple of weeks earlier that it had been shipped). Was meaning to come here and post, but have held off as my order isn't fully resolved. Sadly, the box was missing the Froghemoth and Jack In Irons; I've sent Bill an email about it (no response yet). The most frustrating thing, and this is my fault, is that I don't have a list of exactly what I ordered (when I placed the order I never received any notification). But those two pieces were among my favorites, and I'm pretty positive they were in the order. All in all, there are some minis that are really cool to finally have in hand and own (Lurker Above, Flail Snail, Gorgimera, the Vegepygmies, and a few more). But looking at the box now, I'm actually feeling slightly underwhelmed: the two above are missing, and I also had to swap out a couple other favorites that were out of stock (the Tsathar and the Solifugid). Especially considering the money I spent on this in total: $200 on KS1, $400 on KS2 (which my bank actually refunded, so no complaints there), and then an order of $350 to Bill, topped off with $100 in taxes (which kind of stung). I've got to be honest, I'm feeling a bit of buyers remorse.
  8. I've had absolutely zero time to follow along in the comments section, could someone just quickly summarize what people are upset about? Is it just the usual 'I feel entitled to more free stuff', or what?
  9. I dropped out of the first Kickstarter; I just didn't think the game seemed all that fun, it was a big unknown how the plastic would turn out etc etc. But now everyone is saying how amazingly fun the game is, and it's drawn me back in. I'm sitting on one of the $300 EB's for now.
  10. I'm in for $1, I heard you'll be able to up it from there in the pledge manager. It sure is a big pile of minis, and I guess I've always had a thing for naked dudes in sandals.
  11. OK, thanks for the suggestion guys, I'll try Facebook then. Haven't had any reply to my email from a week ago.
  12. Same here, haven't heard anything since the beginning of September. Starting to get nervous, if the end outcome of this would turn out to be that I've paid twice for minis I'll never receive. Well, let's just say I won't be happy about it. I'm shooting him an email now.
  13. Bill said this about the Solifugid in the CSM Kickstarter Facebook group: " Solifugid (the sculpt cannot be molded – we tried several times; most likely we will just trash it and move on). Refund or $12 credit for any other figure."
  14. OK, thanks guys. I guess I'm one of those 10 then.
  15. Kind of the same here. Got an email on August 28th stating that the Tsathar and Solifugid I had ordered where unavailable, so I immediately replied with my replacements. I did get an answer on September 4th that just stated "Done - and thanks", but I haven't heard anything more since then. It's now been four weeks, I haven't really started to worry, but I'm thinking about it. Those that have received minis, did you get an email notifying you that your stuff had shipped?
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