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  1. I think I'm going to focus on the units rather than the monsters. I'm going to twin them up with some of my Mierce Ysians to create my second Darklands warband Mmmm, damn, not a bad idea that.
  2. Cool. Oh yeah, that big Spider Mother, I'd forgotten about that one. No sculpt for that beast yet, right? I really hope the pledge manager will display the sculpted minis, and not just the artwork, or it will take me hours to scroll through the updates and make my choices.
  3. Same here. As for the Beagle, the harpies are the only ones I know I'm getting for sure, everything else is kind of a blur (not really in a negative way, most of the stuff look quite awesome, I just don't really know what I want). BTW, were the big fantasy monsters, the manticore and the hydra, unlocked during the campaign? I seem to have forgotten if they are available or not.
  4. Well you can certainly sign me up for any monsters you make, a manticore sounds very, very interesting.
  5. I'll be getting the harpies as they will be quite useful to have more than one for D&D games (as, well, harpies, or alternatively Erinyes devils). Otherwise I'm also kind of in the boat that for many of the troops I'd like to have one of the minis, but perhaps not a whole unit.
  6. Wow, that thing is truly enormous, didn't realize it was that big. Very cool!
  7. Wow, thanks MS, I hadn't seen that! Oni is going straight into my pledge manager shopping basket then.
  8. Thanks for posting. I didn't back the KS but jumped in at a later date with a fairly large post-pledge order. Really hope it works out for Andy, the minis he's producing are spectacular (that big, female, Jabba the Hut slug-thing he's sculpted is sooo cool).
  9. Have we seen a sculpt for the Undead Oni? It was one of the things I was most excited about during the campaign, but there is so much to choose from now, I'm kind of leaning towards going just for completed minis. It's possible I missed a sculpt for this monster, but I don't recall it. I'm thinking of picking up a couple of the Torii starter boxes as they seem to give a pretty nice mix of samurai. But I'm also looking at a lot of the very cool monsters. Decisions, decisions...
  10. So many choices, I've been really waffling over what to get. There are a number of the undead I want to pick up, but I'm not building any armies so don't really need big units of everything. I had pledged for the Core set + Expansion level, but finally decided to switch to the €90 Add-on level and go whole hog à la carte; some undead, some samurai, some of their very cool beasties. What are you all getting?
  11. Looks bloody brilliant, anticipation is on the rise.
  12. I'm still waiting. Starting to worry slightly as I got a shipping notification on the 6th of April. But perhaps it's being held by customs, sometimes that takes a while. I want my toys though!
  13. They are about 3 cm across as sculpted. The legs are pose-able so with a bit of adjustment, they'd fit on a 1 inch. Perfect! As said, they look really great, nice work!
  14. Oooh, those spiders look fantastic! How big are they, what base size would they fit on?
  15. My minis showed up in Sweden today. Everything in order, quality top notch. Awesome stuff.
  16. That's an insane amount of minis made available (and all of it contained in the crazy €725 pledge level). Also, only 18 more backers needed for this freebie:
  17. WIP of the new Oni: And more options available as add-ons:
  18. Four days to go on this campaign and it's looking pretty good to me; a nice amount of stuff included in the core set, and there's also a ton of options as you can get living samurai from their existing range in place of the undead if you like. I think they've said that pretty much their whole range will be available in the pledge manager at a good discount, so a €1 token pledge might be worth considering. Just sayin'. Also, a bunch of cool add-ons have been added:
  19. That's true, a lot of the images are pretty zoomed out, and there's never more than one angle shown of a mini. Their webpage is good, but they could definitely do more with the photography.
  20. Trip to the post office today netted me my pledge reward (alongside my Zenit and Otherworld Black Friday orders - sometimes Christmas comes early ). I got the Hunter Demon and the big Faceless Demon, very happy with them, they're great sculpts (Alan Carrasco!). Perhaps not quite Mierce level detail on the Hunter Demon, but nice and clean. Scenic bases were quite awesome! This thread can probably be locked fairly soon as all rewards have now been shipped.
  21. I just picked up my Zenit Black Friday sale order from the post office (picked up their awesome Oni for my D&D games and a couple of badass samurai heroes). Having checked them out in person (they're great) I've now talked myself into a core set.
  22. Wow, fantastic work, they both look magical and mystical, perfect for elves! I'll be coming back here for reference next time I paint a cloak.
  23. The 32K goal down for one very awesome kill-tree-thing-beast, and only one backer needed for the 200 backer goal of a mounted undead samurai. This is going pretty well! Not exactly sure what you mean, but the Funeral Set (for €35) is separate from the houses (almost at the bottom of the KS main page). I'm not sure if you can break up this Funeral Set into smaller pieces though, like getting extra tomb stones (if that was what you meant).
  24. 48 hours to go on this! All the minis (including the stretch goals) have been sculpted and sent to the caster, so I think this will be pretty sure thing even though it might not quite reach its funding target. I went in for a bunch of fishmen plus a few add-ons from the previous campaign.
  25. I went with: Bomb Kit Babes​ Choi​ce 1: 10055​ - Qa​dira ​of th​e San​ds Babes​ Choi​ce 2: 10050​ - Ce​leste​ the ​Sorce​ress Babes​ Choi​ce 3: 10046​ - Gw​ynnet​h Babes​ Choi​ce 4: 10041​ - Khai​ the ​Huntr​ess Babes​ Choi​ce 5: 10047​ - Ga​briel​le Babes​ Choi​ce 6: 10015​ - Wu​ Ling​ Shu Babes​ Choi​ce 7: 10017​ - De​lzira​ Demo​n Pri​ncess Babes​ Choi​ce 8: 10018​ - Ca​ve Gi​rl Add-ons 20004 - Girron 20006 - Jungle Elf on Raptor
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