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  1. I got my order of two bugbears, a deathscale, and a golem in the mail today. They were very well packaged and arrived safe and sound. Very cool minis, especially the bugbear. Kind of regretting not getting the troll though, that beast looks awesome.
  2. Yep, this is what I've found as well, I think I have generally lost money by pledging for RPG's on Kickstarter. Even stuff that seemed like a great deal, like the Chained Coffin box set for DCC for $30, turned out to have a lot higher shipping than I had thought (another $30) - I could have ordered this product today from NKG for $35, plus $15 shipping. That being said, I was generally happy with the Modiphius project Achtung Cthulhu, where I pledged for only the in print core books at a decent price, and then got free PDF's of a gazillion unlocked supplements. So depending how highly you value PDF's, those might make it worth it for Infinity as well.
  3. I'm loving the dark elves and the lust elves, I think there's going to be a lot more I want here than initially foreseen. To be honest, some of the daughters of the crucible are a bit too "posing with guns, ammo belts and boobies" for my taste though, so I'll probably skip those. I thought you were in on this? Piggybacking is not a problem though, no worries mate.
  4. This is exactly me as well. I'd really like one of each of the big avatars, but that's pretty much it. Will most likely drop out.
  5. I sent in a request for the $230 I squandered on ToH1 (my bank was able to refund me the $400+ that went down the ToH2 hole). Pretty cool of Frog God Games to do this I think! Talae - I have Whispering Tsar (Pathfinder), and it's definitely the biggest RPG book on my shelf (it's absolutely enormous). I've read parts of it, and it seems pretty damn cool, but I suspect it's just too big a campaign for me to ever get around to running it. Frog God has some shorter adventures/campaigns that might be more user friendly (unless an enormous campaign is just what you're looking for). I have Razor Coast as well (also Pathfinder), although I haven't read more than the introduction. It's a gorgeous book though, and seems pretty neat. Like Mattnuke said, pirates and Cthulhu. Don't know anything about their 5e stuff, sorry!
  6. Only two days before a bunch of stuff is taken down from the pledge manager webstore. I put in an order for the Anglecynn Duguth and the Norse Hrafnen Crew; these are minis I've been wanting to get and also wouldn't at all mind having in metal instead of resin. Also, I wanted to order something as kind of an experiment to see how they turn out in the new material, if they're nice I'll probably get some more, definitely the Jutes I'm thinking. Are you guys going metal with your Darklands?
  7. All right, cool! I'll be following the campaign, and have a think about backing. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck!
  8. This looks really quite nice and seems very useful for skirmish games (Darklands maybe?), or the odd RPG scenario (there always seems to be a bandit fort that needs to be taken). My main concern is that it seems extremely cheap, and that might actually keep me from pledging (because I'm paranoid). The Bronze, Silver and Gold pledge levels all seem to offer fantastic deals, especially if the stretch goals up to $25,000 get hit. I mean, the Bronze level will for a lowly $22 ($27 with international shipping) give you 14 walls, 3 towers, 2 gates and 2 miniatures if $17,000 is hit (Silver and Gold receive a lot more of course), and $22/27 is almost what I can end up paying for shipping alone when ordering a medium to largish sized box of miniature goodies etc from the US. This will be plastic, so pretty light I guess, but it still seems very cheap to me.
  9. Sounds really cool, and I know Frog God make pretty nice books, but the international shipping is brutal. They've had really high shipping rates on all their campaigns though, and it is going to be an enormous book by the sound of it (800-900 pages), so I'm not surprised. I'll have to try to get ahold of this one at retail somehow.
  10. Awesome, nice work Patrik! Looks like he means business (business being slaughtering foes to the beat of heavy metal music).
  11. 33 hours and 12,000 SEK to go. Come on people, support the Swedish economy.
  12. They look great! I like the colors you used.
  13. That is actually really, really good! I've just started painting with my five year old daughter this summer, she seems to be enjoying it a lot but is struggling to get this level of coverage that your girl achieved here. She uses almost exactly the same palette by the way...
  14. Thank you Patrik! I learned about the workshop via Facebook. Are you present there? If so you should join the two Swedish groups "Minis WIP" and "Visa världen att svenskar är ena jävlar på att måla" (funny name). In fact, if you're interested in these things, I just learned tonight that Robert from Rogland Painting Service is thinking about having a workshop in Stockholm sometime this winter perhaps. He's an astonishing painter, he's been painting all the miniatures for the games Bloodrage and The Others. Could be fun, let me know if you want to hook up and attend!
  15. I think Vakr is looking pretty damn promising! At 75% funded with about a week to go, this looks like it might become a real nail-biter. I'm pretty hopeful we'll make it though! Yep, I am also getting a Arena Rex vibe from some of the figures here. Several of them I could definitely see in an arena.
  16. Wow, that is really impressive! Great work!
  17. Wow, thank you for all the praise, truly. Makes me itch to get back to the brushes. Thank you for the comments Jordan, that was really nice. Regarding the base, it's from Dragon Forge Design who I think make the nicest resin bases on the market. I like them for exactly the reasons you state: they are very well made but never too much, basically they just keep it simple, which is my very strong preference for bases.
  18. Thanks guys! Ah, I'm sorry, I should have written it out. Thanks to seej for explaining it!
  19. Thank you all very much for the kind words! There ain't nothing much that can beat painting a meaty barbarian! Rage on bro!
  20. A few months ago I attended a little two-day workshop, which was hosted by a talented Swedish commission painter named Martin Lindblom (http://amongtheway.com). This little event was sooo much fun for me, it's actually the first time I've ever painted in the company of others, and I'll certainly try to attend more of these types of things in the future. The workshop was centered mostly around two themes: "NMM" and "skin tones", and everyone got to bring their own mini. I chose Wolf, a mostly naked dude with a big sword from Hasslefree Miniatures. This was the first time I attempted NMM, and I had time to try both steel as well as a little gold on the hilt of the sword; it was really nice to have a teacher present to help me figure out where to put the shadows and highlights as I worked. It was a lot of fun to try this out, and I'm happy with the results I got. Honestly, I think my preference for most painting is still TMM as I think by my hands it looks a bit more realistic (Martin, as can be seen at his webpage I linked above, can of course achieve some absurdly realistic looking NMM). I could definitely see myself using this if I wanted a more over-the-top look though, like on a heroic paladin's sword or something. Hope you like him, and C&C is of course always extremely welcome!
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