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  1. Thank you all for the kind words, I really appreciate it!
  2. I haven't posted anything in awhile, but here's the Pathfinder Red Dragon (in Bones) that I just finished off. This ended up being kind of an experiment, trying stuff out as I went, and I think I learned a few tricks that I will apply to the next largish scaled and winged beast that I tackle. For one, I messed around with inks (from Scale75) for the first time; I highlighted the scales individually, and then put a layer of red ink over the whole thing. I really like the effect it gave, but next time I will definitely go for a lot more shade-midtone-highlight contrast before using the ink to pull it all together. The wings I actually redid several times; I first tried blending but could just not get it to work on those big surfaces, so what I settled for in the end was kind of successive stipling (from Walnut Brown through red to Fiery Orange), and then gave the whole thing a red wash. As this will be used as a grid-based gaming piece in D&D/Pathfinder I put him on a 50mm base. Added some small stones, a ruined pillar from Dragon Forge Design, and a few Army Painter grass tufts. The tail on this mini was really outstretched and elongated, so I actually curled it back in and pinned it to the resin pillar to keep it more contained on the base. Anyway, thanks for looking, and C&C are always welcome!
  3. This is basically half-way funded now, with 17 days to go. I really hope some more people join this project so that it makes it across the finish line!
  4. The sculptors are listed at the end of the main page: Patrick Masson - Lo Jun, Otomo, Aktra Juan Navarro Perez - Shogi, Rigfr Roberto Chaudon - Faun, Kruuz Luc "Thantor" Pinganaud - Gorgr, Keras, Oren, Agni Jody Siegel - Brokkr, Vakr
  5. So these were the guys that originally did the Demigods minis, before they switched to Prodos? That sounded like a pretty horrendous situation, I'm definitely staying clear of this project.
  6. Project is live! I'm grabbing me a Harbinger level EB. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/831472366/corvus-corax-miniatures-dawning/description
  7. I love Conan and they have some nice artwork and designs, but this campaign doesn't look like it's for me. The number of minis (and even more importantly, the number of unique sculpts) is quite low for the price they're asking I think, so it seems to be targeted towards people for whom the prepainted aspect is a great benefit. I guess one could argue that it's foremost a game they're selling, and not a collection of miniatures, but there doesn't seem to be that much information on the game mechanics etc either. Probably they're planning on dumping some more info later on in the campaign, but right now I can't really see anything that says that this would be a great game to play. The people behind the campaign are veterans, but the feeling I'm getting is that they are just not miniature gamers but have looked at the CMoN campaigns and decided to strike at the prepainted angle. I dunno, they're marketing it as "mass combat" which to me sounds like quite a few minis should be involved, but in my eyes this just clashes with the monopose miniatures. I mean, the Bossonian Archer is an OK mini (if a bit static), but I don't think a whole unit of that sculpt would look all that exciting. Likewise, the Poitainian Knight on the rearing horse is a cool design, but a whole unit of that miniature? Sure, if this would reach millions of dollars there will be a bit more sculpt diversity, but if not I mean.
  8. Indeed, Harbinger with the ability to pick and choose seems like the perfect pledge level for me. Nice! A nitpick, but there's a parenthesis missing in the description of the topmost four pledge levels (Harbinger and Messiah) which made me have to reread. I might also put the "or" in the pledge levels in caps to clearly separate the option of picking by faction or going for single minis. For example, for Harbinger:
  9. Although I haven't had time to examine everything in detail, I think it's looking pretty good, and I'll definitely be throwing in some support. As others have said, the ability to pick and choose would be really nice if it's doable, the ones I like the most are a bit all over the place (Gorgr, Keras and Oren from the Outcasts, Aktra from the Exiles, Rigfr and Agni from the Nomads). By the way, I have a hard time telling on my phone here, but are the remaining two members of the Nomads (besides Rigfr and Agni) a render and concept art? Oh, and I would also love to see who sculpted each of the minis! Good luck with this Grefven!
  10. That is very, very nice to hear! Vulture's Froghemoth was the piece I was most looking forward to from the Tome of Horror fiasco. Should be a beast that works very well in Bones too, just awesome!
  11. The Drake vibe is strong in me as well: it's a ton of sculpts they're taking on. Will definitely not back, although I hope it works out as I love some of their designs (trolls mostly).
  12. I hope it works out Willen, that seriously sucks.
  13. Forget about the elves and the dwarves Dave, they are merely distractions on your path. Do you remember that toad you sculpted? That was love man, and I think you know it. More frogmen say I...
  14. I would, absolutely. I think they're really nice minis. I have to go through them again, but I think my favorites might be some of the Thousand Faces beastmen (the lionmen, Kaesar, Uro). They were really cool. The only issue I might have is that some of the normal human figures (mostly from Kingdom of God) look to be slightly on the largish size compared to some other stuff I have (Red Box, Hasslefree, etc), I'll have to put them next to each other to see how well they'll mix.
  15. The juggers are big, hefty chunks of resin; very nice. Perhaps not the mind-boggling awesomeness of the detailed Mierce beasts, but still very nicely cast and pretty darn impressive. The Kingdom of God jugger could work as a spectacular piece of scenery, if nothing else. My favorite of the juggers was actually the Not Alive one, which I didn't get. Might have to get that at retail at some point.
  16. Got my stuff in the mail yesterday: two starter boxes (Kingdom of God and the Thousand Faces Cult), a couple of addons, and a cute little rulebook. Very happy with it all!
  17. Huh, yeah I can see where you're coming from Suden. I really hope it all works out. I'm not telling you until you reply to my emailAh, crap, I've been busy but I know I owe you an email. I'll try to get on it tonight, sorry mate!
  18. What was the problem? Just kind of low quality components, or what?
  19. I backed their first KS for the Pathfinder edition, and it's a pretty damn cool setting: I can recommend it.
  20. I'm in for two hosts and four of the drinkers (Rollo, Zethag, Ciniod, Cormac); it's a lot more than I had planned on spending... And yet I can see myself adding quite a bit more in the webstore for some of the beasts (the lion, the bear, the sand-worm, etc). Damn you Mierce, yet again you pull me in!
  21. It looks like $57 is the new $90, and $73 is the new $110. Meaning that the two higher levels are now redundant.
  22. Huh, the slightly smaller size of the scorpion would actually make it a bit more attractive to me (use as D&D giant scorpion). Sometimes the problem with the Mierce beasts is that they're just too big. Thanks for the info!
  23. This is one of the few Kickstarters that I regret dropping out of. It's all looking fantastic, and I will surely be looking for these at retail.
  24. The ROW shipping and taxes is what it is. I probably won't back for a big box because of it, although I'm considering a small pledge of addons (the paints and the frost giants are tempting me). I also didn't back Bones 2 for similar reasons, but am now in the process of picking up all the pieces that interest me piecemeal at retail. Surely Reaper is happy for these later sales too! That is very true. I started painting and collecting miniatures because of Bones 1.
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