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  1. I'm in for a Rollo and a Zethag for now, but must admit I'm rather tempted to pick up quite a few of the infantry units. The Angelcynn and Byzantii hosts are also rather tempting as I don't have the the big beasts included in those. Paid addon (£27 or £54 depending on which one it is). These are intended to fill out the units of monstrous infantry, which in their original form were in units of five. So the Norse addon allows you to get the three reamaining trolls to go with the two you got from the Norse host, for example. The Byantii host is a bit different as it has more infantry and a big scorpion-beast instead of a half-unit of monstrous infantry. So a 750 upgrade addon would have to consist of something new.
  2. I like a couple of the trolls (not all of them) quite a bit. That big beast with the two rocks is cool. I do feel this might be a bit too ambitious if this is their first foray into producing miniatures. I think I would have been more comfortable if it was just a Kickstarter for ten sculpts or so.
  3. I'm in for £10 for now. I've been eyeing without pulling the trigger on the duguth, the hrafnen crew and bagaath's herd during checkout from several Kickstarter projects now (the axe drunes I have in resin). £27 for ten sounds pretty decent, and some of them might really benefit from metal (I heard the resin duguth were prone to ankle-snapping). Did I understand it correctly by the way that everything here will be in metal, even the characters and biggies like the trolls?
  4. Sounds awesome! I don't even remember what I ordered, so have no idea when I'm due to receive my loot. Looking forward to it though!
  5. This campaign is now counting down in hours, and is very close to unlocking the second stretch goal. Last chance to grab some fine looking bases at a discount!
  6. Yep, I'm pretty sure it's going to be metal as an option, with resin still being available. For some of the small rank and file troops, I think metal makes a lot of sense.
  7. Thanks Jokemeister! I think they look pretty darn good, more detailed than I thought!
  8. Thanks for the Zombicide info and links Cash! Just last night I was actually looking around for nice modern zombie minis for an RPG game. Studio Miniatures has a lot of fun stuff, but seeing how you painted these up has me thinking I should maybe just get one of the Zombicide boxes instead!
  9. Like the Walker, he looks awesome. Love the eyes!
  10. Beautiful work! I have yet to see any Zombicide miniatures 'in the flesh', so I'm kind of wondering if they are this nice or if it's your skill that raises them to this level. Are you painting in highlights and shadows that exist as detail in the sculpt (like the creases on the thin guys tank top), or are you creating these effects with your brushwork? How do you think these minis would look with just a base coat and a wash? Seeing your paint job, I think this looks like an absolutely perfect zombie miniature but I honestly didn't think the minis were this high quality, so I'm curious!
  11. This has had a slightly slow start, but is now getting close to funded as Jeff has added some terrain pieces which seem popular. I actually just painted up the pillars I got from the Ancient Ruins KS, and I like them a lot. There are also a few new 60mm bases that have been added, check em out!
  12. Those are the ones I'm contemplating too. And the owlbear.
  13. Jeff of Dragon Forge Design has just started his third Kickstarter, this time to expand his range of Tech-Deck bases. Lots of different shapes and sizes available and, importantly, the existing range (25mm, 32mm, 40mm etc etc) can also be had as add-ons at a discount. I backed his first KS (Ancient Ruins) and was very happy, and I've been supremely pleased with all the purchases I've made from his webshop over the last few years. Very, very nice bases. I'm not sure about this one for myself as I don't do so much sci-fi stuff, but they would certainly make splendid bases for Space Hulk or the like. Link to Kickstarter A few pictures of the bases, check out the KS page for much, much more.
  14. Looking awesome! Very happy with these, I love the over the top macho look of the Helsvakt.
  15. Some of my lower numbers: Rise of the Draconids: #7 Red Box Heroic Fantasy Miniatures: #14 Minion Miniatures: #6 Shieldwolf: #11 As it turned out, I have only one #1: Corvus Corax Miniatures: #1...
  16. I think the human warrior, the druid, the dwarf, the halfling, and the human thief ($22,000 stretch goal) would make a really nice party of 1st level D&D characters.
  17. Excellent. Amphibians make good bad guys I think.
  18. I tried to grab one of the EB's but failed; even though I was in during the first few seconds it just kept "processing...processing..." until they were all sold out. Now I'm wondering how bad Kickstarter will crash when Bones 3 hits.
  19. I've never played Zombicide and don't own any of the other games, but I've got to admit this one has my attention. The shipping costs Blood Rage ended up having makes me kind of hesitant though. Hmmm.
  20. Facebook says around 5pm CST. Now I need to figure out what the hell CST is. Why no everyone Sweden-time?
  21. He looks like a charming and delightful individual. Great work!
  22. Looks very cool, I like the colors!
  23. Are you kidding me?! Those wings look astonishing. The angel is really great too. Very impressed.
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