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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/johnbearross/the-28mm-scorpionmech Story Eerie in the contrast of their lethal size and silent movement, ScorpionMechs are deployed on the orbital and planetside battlefield when no quarter is to be given to the enemy, and none expected. They're colony killers. You send them in when you want the enemy base and any feeble defenders protecting it razed to the ground. These scuttling terrors can chop enemy armors in half in close quarters or pound them to pieces from a distance. Using a variety of modular payloads, the ScorpionMech can tailor its weapons suite to the mission, whether it be cold, quiet up-close killing, napalm and gatling cascades at ballistic distances, or missiles beyond the horizon. (Pre-production 28mm ScorpionMech sample shown with additional Viper Suit weaponry. Waldo and PugBots shown for size ref) Though they usually make their way overland to the target, there are rumors of ScorpionMechs deploying from orbit with bolted-on belly packs containing fuel and maneuvering thrusters. The thought of an orbital insertion of these lethal machines is terrifying, but not beyond reason. There is even a confirmed case of a jetpack-equipped ScorpionMech being used to rip a pirate raider's ship to pieces during an attempted boarding action. Needless to say, scratch one pirate ship. Viper suit pilots may try and put a brave face on it, but when faced with a ScorpionMech, they know that the best place to be is somewhere else.
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dragonworkshop/gothic-taverns Chris Hunt has just launched his modular Gothic Tavern. This thing is extremely customizable, from a small way-stop to a sprawling Inn. His Shipworks Kickstarter delivered well and he has been very active with his Patreon the past few years. Most of the building add-ons for this project were recent Patreon rewards. He is great with communicating with the community on his Discord channel. This would be a great place for all of the tavern bits from the Green Griffon Tavern set to hang out. Unfortunately, I'm not great at adding the media bits to the Kickstarter announcements. Please check this one out.
  3. This is a good looking multi-level crashed spaceship terrain set for wargaming/skirmish gaming. I'm looking forward to printing pieces up so my Five Parsecs From Home team of salvagers have an actual starship crash site to loot valuables recover salvage from. This is also pay-what-you-like, and has already passed the main goals and is working on stretch goals. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/digitaltaxidermy/wreckage-of-the-star-freighter-multi-level-terrain-layouts
  4. I use Stynylrez unthinned as well. It's recommended to use a 0.5mm nozzle for this. However, I'm using a 0.3mm with 30psi. It goes on smoothly and dries quickly. I'm in Seattle, so it's definitely not dry and arid around here.
  5. I'll back up what Doug is saying. I spray thinned paints at around 10 to 15 psi. This is a good place to start, and work up from here. The heaviest I go is 25-30 psi for spraying Stynlyrez primer from Badger, straight from the bottle. You could thin it, but I find I do not need to, and I love the way it coats already. I cannot recommend this stuff enough, and it's worked great with every material I've tried it on from resin to metal to Bones.
  6. I have a couple bottles of limited edition paints that I would love to incorporate into a new army. Does anyone have an idea what colors I can mix (and helpfully, ratios used) to replicate these paints? 09661 Pirate Gold 09653 Dreadrose Red-HD Thank you, Mike
  7. Delivery of the original SoB Kickstarter project was... problematic. They took way too long to deliver on this. They did eventually come through, but it was quite disorderly. There were extra shipping charges to get your goods in a wave 1 and 2 approach, or wait almost two years after the first ship date, to get your whole pledge in one go. I'm not a fan of their kickstarter projects anymore. I do like the game though. I may pick up the conquistadors when it gets to market.
  8. I thought the same about Kodama. They already had a line of FDM printers. I figured producing the Obsidian would be a pretty straightforward affair for them. Turns out they're not good at designing things, and even worse about communication.
  9. My bad, It must have been the Paladin I was looking at the other day. I'm glad your printer arrived. Sadly the Obsidian makers have gone quiet, and I have no hopes the Buccaneer will ever show up.
  10. It's not that these will all be supportless - the ones that need support already have tree-type supports built into the STL. I like this idea. I really hate messing with the hatch supports form Slicer3PE. Tree style supports are not available in the software yet. The active KS project for the Bean is a cheap resin SLA printer, but got burned with the Pirate3D Buccaneer, and the Obsidian project is moving way too slowly. I'm not backing hardware like this anymore. Edit: I had bad info on which resin 3D printer was currently active.
  11. I like Fat Dragon and want them to succeed at this. I went all in for the time being. I'll scale it back if I need to at the end, but I want this project to happen. I'm not sure I need all of those minis myself. I have a ton of pre-painted and yet-to-be-painted minis, but the ability to run off a group of these myself is pretty awesome.
  12. I want a bad guy "Black Knight" that's too black to even make out details. Perhaps Mangu Timur
  13. I noticed silver is not unlocked yet. I have one set in silver, one set in black and a spare base in red from the original KS project. FYI, I asked Kit of he could license the .stl files and received this reply. Hi Mike! Thanks for supporting Game Envy and I am glad you are enjoying your Hobby Holders! Unfortunately since the entire Hobby Holder system is patent pending we can't release the native files. Hopefully this means that once the patent is confirmed, he will license these for self printing.
  14. Yes, I would love to buy .stl files for these pieces. I love the two Hobby Holders that I have. I have a hard time justifying buying small plastic parts like this when I can now print them. I would be happy to license the files though.
  15. I got two of the original holders on the first Kickstarter. I absolutely love using them. Unfortunately for the creator, there are plans/files for similar holders now available to print with my 3D printer. I would love to see the creator of these get more business, but it's not in the cards for me at this time.
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