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  1. Actually the only thing we've got left to do for this is get our hands on the concept art so we can show it all to you. But the basics are - We're launching a kicker goal. If we reach 25k by Christmas each level between Dwarf and Guild Leader gets a bonus mini. This bonus is cumulative with the bonus beneath it. So that means that: Dwarf will get 1 bonus mini Scout will get 2 bonus minis Gearforged 3 bonus minis Bandit King 4 bonus minis Guild Leader 5 bonus minis Elf and Clan Chief also get the 5 bonus minis. Currently Dwarf Chief, Noble and Margrave will get the 0, 0 and 1 respectively. But wait, there's more. We've also got a bonus mini included in the stretch goals we've already teased for adventurers. So that means Adventurer gets 1 bonus mini Dwarf 2 bonus minis Scout 3 bonus minis Gearforged 4 bonus minis Bandit King 5 bonus minis Guild Leader 6 bonus minis. As soon as we get the concept art we'll post all the information for you. Adventurer and higher will get one bonus mini (this is actually already one of the upcoming stretch goals) Dwarf will get an extra bon2 bonus minis (the one from Adventu
  2. The aboleth counts as five normal minis. At any pledge level, you can trade five of your humanoid minis for one aboleth. Thats right. If you just want the Aboleth then you pledge at the Adventurer level and swap the choices for the aboleth.
  3. Wolfgang commented about the issue over at the EFS Facebook Group page "..the print material is fine [for the Aboleth], and the concept art we're using is original art. I'd be very, very surprised to hear a WotC objection here"
  4. Ok, on the serious side over 2 years of planning has gone into this kickstarter by both Mick and his team AND Wolfgang and the Kobold Press team. The model was sculpted from unique concept art created specifically for this mini.
  5. OK, yeah you're right, stretch goals will probably make sense of those higher level pledges. It just feels intuitively odd, though, I would think the basic setup should be 'the more minis you pledge for, the lower the cost per mini', not the other way around. No *ahem* comment.
  6. Its a mistake... sort of. And its caused by the new bane of my existence - shipping!! So the Trading House isn't supposed to be accessible until the Adventurer pledge level because of shipping. Relooking at the model, it could probably be accessed from Bandit upwards. Somehow that sentence got lost along the ways (probably by me....oh lordy). So sorry, but will anyone here have a problem if we reapply that policy? Because otherwise Mick's going to have trouble sending you your goodies. Well it really depends if the music industry finds out about his illegal DJing and sampling of other artists work in his CDs....
  7. Just for this kickstarter. For now. Basically my publicist is sending me out to all the talk show equivalents...
  8. Thats US EST. So I think in about 3 hours. But I'm an Australian - i'm not sure if i've worked that our right
  9. Ah, thanks buddy. Its not opposite views, its the delivery and off-handed destruction as CashWiley says. I didn't even know of frothersunite until you posted it, though thats not the sort of place I like to hang out because it is similar to where i am referring to. If thats how they enjoy their time thats fine. Its toxic for me, so I won't spend much if any time there at all. Exactly. I completely agree. Well said
  10. I don't think you or anyone else here has. (Again editing away too many redundant words and trying to be less verbose. I really write a lot of words that just mean the same thing)
  11. Regards the logo, i'm not sure about who has the TM (Kobold Press or EFS), but Mick tells me it was Wolfgang from Kobold Press who wanted it there. Everything has Wolfgang's tick of approval before Mick goes forward with things. Oh I wasn't taking it personally, and if it came out that way i'm really sorry. I see where everyone is coming from here, and they've been really pleasant about it. Everyone has a right to such concerns, whether founded or not, and at the moment we just don't have enough information to truly know which is the case here. I'm just a little more on the optimistic side of the equation, others on the doubtful side. Thats good. Thats healthy. I wouldn't have it any other way. Just as people post their doubts, I post my confidence. I'm just excited and enthusiastic. And confident. And sunny. (Just edited away some boringly verbose stuff)
  12. EDIT (finally figured out how to say what i wanted to say): Well I'm still feeling confident about it. Still got that shiny and confident feeling going about it. I would like to say that I'm grateful for the respect and tone though of people's posts throughout. Its good to see, even if we are not completely agreeing . I was recently hanging out at a different forum, that shall remain nameless and where i will never lurk again, where a similar discussion was held but people just trampled all over other people and their dreams. This is refreshing and nice. thank you
  13. That's a good point... when is January payday?
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