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  1. To all the folks at Reaper, I'd like to issue a big "Thank You!" for an excellent kickstarter. My wife and I definitely agree with Ron Hawkins. This year the art team did an amazing job! A majority of the minis offered were truly remarkable and special. This is definitely the best Bones KS of the three. There's only one thing that isn't thankful for this kickstarter and that's my wallet, but to be fair, I don't care about the feelings of unliving objects. Thanks Reaper!
  2. Waiting for Bones II to ship.

  3. Once my camera with a decent macro mode charges, I'll see if I can't post them somewhere so you guys can see what I'm talking about. I'm just concerned because this is roughly 10% of my models with this problem. And, keep in mind, it's not a lack of detail in all cases. some of the minies are literally missing their lower jaws and noses. Either that or half of their face has no detail at all. It's definitely not caused by the semi-transperant nature of the bones plastic. It's amost as if not enough plastic was injected into the mold. If this is the case, the only reason I'm seeing it on fa
  4. Greetings all! I've just finished inventorying and inspecting all ~250 of my bones figures from the Kickstarter order! Lots of great looking minis in this order. One thing that has been fairly prevalent however, is the complete lack of detail around the chin, nose, and mouth areas of the minis. I have roughly 20 minis with this problem to varying degrees. Some of them are so bad they don't even have chins or noses! Has anyone else experienced this problem or am I being overly picky? I'm OK with putty, but if I was that good, I wouldn't need to buy minis in the first place. Given th
  5. My Kaladrax Head and tail, the female giants, and C'thulu's head are all extremely flexible. Almost like a soft rubber rather than plastic. I'm especially concerned given a previous poster was commenting that his rubbery bones that were painted suffered from flaking paint. I fear no amount of dull-cote will resove this. A wash with thinned super-glue may help as previously suggested, but then as the item flexes (as you know it will) it will most likely crack and then flake.
  6. After your spray basecoat, it's important to lay down whatever main color you'll be using on each section of the mini in several thinned down coats. This will give you a nice foundation to build shadows and highlights with later. The nice thing about white spray basecoats is that generally, you don't have to work to overcome blacks natural dullness. The colors will appear vibrant even after your first coat of paint is complete. The trade-off, as you've noticed, is you need to spend a little more time coating the cracks and crevices of your mini to prevent missing white basecoat. I gene
  7. For your first mini, I'm impressed! I agree with Klyons99 about your brush control. I don't see any paint in odd places either. I can also tell you spent a lot of time on the eyes. I haven't even done a mini yet with colored eyes!
  8. Oh my! That is simply going to be a treat to paint! Finally a dragon that fits with the scale provided! Dragons should be terrifying creatures, not piddly little things barely larger than the average human at the shoulder! I can't wait to see the zombie dragon. I love painting rotting flesh! To Reaper: Thank you so much for the opportunity to obtain this "mini" at below MSRP with a bulk order! Not only is it an incredible deal, but Reaper has the best selection and sculpts in the industry! I wish more companies treated their customers the way Reaper treats us!
  9. Sorry Tranquil Ape, I missed your post. That's a laminar flow hood. That's where I prime and airbrush my minis. There's a blower inside that sucks air from the front of the hood and blows it up through a charcoal filter in the top. No smells when I use spray primer and no inhaling paint! I should really use my airbrush more...
  10. Sometimes it's not about winning or losing, but about looking good doing it!
  11. Anything is better than "basecoat black" which is all I usually see at local games!
  12. Finally, someone posted the most unique Reaper mini ever. The Faceless Horror! It's been in my painting queue for a while. Might be time crack open that packaging.
  13. I didn't even think of it like that. How funny! Definitely going to go darker than it is, but throw some snow flocking on that base and it could easily pass for a Hoth ice cavern... Where's my tauntaun?? I'm not too crazy about the paper clay I used to form the base because it cracked like crazy during drying because of the shrinkage. I was apprehensive about using wood putty because of the drying as well. Anyone else have any suggestions for a nice air dry product that isn't expensive, is lightweight, and cheap to form bulk terrain?
  14. It was the 02140 version. Unfortunately, due to the negative sentiment that model holds, it has been relinquished to the metal trade-in bag. I have to admit, I looked for the model after your post too...
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