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  1. Help with the paints or the shots? ;)
  2. Cool. Reaper paints are a pain to get here in Canada as everyone is leary to take on yet another paint brand so I'll be using a new paint formula... I guess it's time to start posting some wips and get to know some people for the trip! (Because fireball shots just aren't the same alone).
  3. Hey all. I'm pretty new to the forums, but after a lackluster support for the hobby aspect at the con I usually attend, I am hoping (after reading all the chat about how personal and ridiculous reapercon can get) to make it there in 2016. I am all about the painting (although I'm not very good) so I need some expected dates to plan around, and flying in, an idea of what I'll need to bring as space is severely limited! Thanks all. I will be making an effort to participate here alot more as I'm sure I'll be flying in alone, and will need a roommate or 2!
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