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  1. Amazing work! I am bookmarking this thread for future reference for when I want to try this technique.
  2. Mine is sitting pretty at Dutch customs. From Chicago to NL within two days. Now the real waiting begins
  3. The link to kicktraq is wrong in the first post. It leads to a painted Kraken
  4. Link? EDIT: Hmm, only 25 days? Wonder what that's about. http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-ii-the-return-of-mr-bones/
  5. Added it to kicktraq to see the nice graphs develop
  6. That is annoying. They gave me the bill from someone else. Luckily the postman spotted the error before I handed him any money. Would have been €51 for me otherwise. However now the post didn't know how much money I owed them. It was nowhere on the package and headquarters didn't know either. Luckily my postman convinced his boss that I could take charge of my package right then (knowing the amount I would have to pay helped). So I gave him the €28.75 and if the amount differs I will get it returned or have to pay extra. The other option would have been to say goodbey to my package for another two weeks until it could be delivered again. My postman rocks.
  7. Some people have reported that bones that are more flexible than others were a bit more rigid after heating and cooling. Since I haven't tried this myself I can't verify these claims.
  8. As I understood it, it was not just costs. Both dragons were intended to be the same size. Unfortunately this was understood as, both sculpts need to be the same height. Since one dragon is horizontal and the other vertical the difference in size is quite large. I think either the costs or time to correct this was a bit too much so it wasn´t corrected Wait, really? Which ones were pulled? Inquiring minds wish to know
  9. Munchkin is a lot of fun. Though my experience isn't one of a short game. I have had a lot of 3+ hour games (those were with six or more people and some slow or new players though). Somehow all the players I drag into a game of munchkin want to play again even if they lose horribly. I think this is the most important aspect of a game, that everyone enjoys it. Muchkin Quest is also a lot of fun. The ability to mess with each other is a little less than in the cardgame, because for a lot of things you have to be in an adjacent room. This is offset by the roaming packs of monsters. Nothing more terrifying than a doomstack with your color approaching...
  10. I guess they have already fullfilled some countries and are lumping the remainder together largest to smallest. I had already ordered some Bones and paint during the twelve days of Reaper since I really wanted Frumitty. Sadly no painting for me yet, since I only have midnight black and linen white in my possession. I don't feel confident enough to try a greyscale mini on my first try.
  11. I'm also waiting for a 21 line item order. My location is the Netherlands in case that makes a difference in your estimations for your own order.
  12. I am interested to see how much we wil be charged before we can take charge of our shipment. Having to have exact change when they deliver is kind of hard when you are not notified beforehand how much you are supposed to pay. Having a better guesstimate will come in handy. Though my carrier is a great guy who has even once offered to pay the charge himself so I could pay him back when I had the funds. It was not necessary in the end, but still a nice offer. Somehow I doubt he will be willing to advance my kickstarter package
  13. I am in the exact same situation, though I did saw Delft pass by on the tracker in the last couple of days, so at least one Dutch order was packed. Maybe you are the lucky one
  14. I like how your potted plant is grooving to the music
  15. I understand the cry for information, however emailing every backer with news concerning only 15% of them is quite annoying to those it doesn't concern. I like to hear from Reaper, but apparently there are people that don't want to get lots of mail about their backed project. As I understand it Reaper has already gotten complaints about sending too many emails. So while I understand the need for information (to clarify: I also want to know), I also understand that this is not communicated through a kickstarter update.
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