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  1. I got my minis on Monday!!!! (Yesterday for those of you who don't work all night and lose track of days like I do) I spent 3 hours doing my first sort through the all bags and bags and bags of minis. 1 little bag is now things I know we wont use in game (space marines/ anything with a gun). A couple of bags of PC/NPC pieces. And a few bags of creature pieces... Second sort to come soon.... Going to sort the creatures by hit dice and then by our encounter tables... We had a game this morning and as we played I just pulled things out of bags and said "Oh, I have that" XD Seriously, two thumbs up for the Reaper crew! The detail is awesome! And I seriously didn't expect to see them on my doorstep for another week or two! Yesterday was like Christmas! Or my Birthday! Or like my Birthday on Christmas! And the guys in my playing group are already talking about investing in thier own pieces!
  2. That was one of the first articles I read yesterday. I really like how his packs/baskets came out. Really nice looking. Anyways, I can't wait to try stippling or crosshatching on a miniature... This is going to be so much fun! (Yes! I actually enjoy making tiny dots for hours at a time hehe)
  3. Thats why Ive been thinking more about my dip pens. There is an art supply store literally right around the corner from my house, I'm going to see how ridiculously fine of a nib I can get from them. I don't want to run the risk of ruining my rapidograph nibs on the vinyl... those things aren't cheap and I need them for bigger work. I'll try the acrylic basecoat suggestion first once they arrive and take pictures as I go along. It will be an experiment, but I think it might pay off :) [edited for spelling]
  4. I usually use Rapidograph pens, which require very thin ink with little in the way of heavy particles to clog up the threads inside the nib. I also have a set of dip style pens, the blades are easy to clean so you can use all kids of inks with them. But generally, yes, pen ink is a different animal. [edit] Well, theres plenty of time before my Vampire box gets here. I'll have lots of ideas to try by then, and will probaly experiment on one of the pieces thats cool, but not relevant to my groups D&D campaign, like a gunsliger or something. Also, I apologize for not starting this thread in the appropriate sub forum :X
  5. Hmm, I wonder if I can find a fixant to spray on first, sort of like when you do charcoals or pastels but in reverse... Time to google up some ideas. [edit] HA! Every single result is for removing ink from vynil. Must dig deeper.
  6. The only experience I have had with painting anything was in high school art class when the teacher decided that I needed to "expand my horizons" and do something other than pen and inks... which ended in disaster. I know it sounds funny, but I just don't have the patience to paint. I can sit for hours on end stippling tiny dots of ink onto a single square inch of paper to get it "just right" but as soon as I have a brush in my hand I'm nothing but frustrated and the brush isn't even wet yet. So my question: Do any of you guys know if ink would adhere to the Bones? Even if no one here knows, I'm going to try it out to see what happens.
  7. Ah sweet! The group I DM for is going to flip out when they see we have minis. Only one of the guys knows I placed the order and he hasn't said a word to anyone. When they come I plan to open only the ones on our encounter table and first random encounter place them unpainted on the table. Muahahaha!
  8. Did I read correctly that the RPM pledges would be delivered after the kickstarter and then retail/distro was shipped? If so, not complaining at all. Just trying to get a feel for when I might expect to see them show up, as I was a bit of a latecomer.
  9. I'm starting to get "little dog syndrome" now... I keep waking up and checking the front porch just in case theres a big 'ol heavy box there. The players I DM for are getting excited too. We're going to have a massive mini painting party when they do get here.
  10. Thanks Bryan. I admit, I havent been on the site or forums for a while until now. Work and real life responsibilities have been keeping me pretty busy lately. Just thought there may have been another mass email to backers saying "dont panic" in fuzzy pink letters so to speak :) or that I might have fallen through the cracks if there were.
  11. I pledged for the kickstarter, got an email confirmation saying my payment was made and that another email would come saying when the items would ship. Its been quite a few months now.
  12. Oohhh can't wait to place these on the table for our 2e campaign! I hope they start shipping soon :D
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