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  1. No Anne, stop! No one should be subjected to the horrors of this awful made-for-tv crapfest. The Hoff in tight leather pants scarred me for life. Seriously though, what was wrong with the 'paper thin' plot? Has anyone that complained about this ever read some of the early Avengers stories? I thought the movie was completely and utterly brilliant. It was a perfect mix of old and new. For those who don't know, Loki's lust for revenge against Thor was the catalyst for the forming of the original Avengers. This inculsion, and the fact that the movie actually made me give a damn about Hawkeye for the first time in my comics reading career, facilitate my ranking this as the best movie I have ever seen in a theater. Well done, Joss Wheadon. Enjoy your laurels, you deserve them.
  2. Kind of reminds me of a WWII poster. The one about women in the workforce.
  3. Unglef

    2010 Sophie

    That looks really cool. Good job, Gene! I just found my 2004 RCon Sophie after not knowing where it was for six (seven?) years. Could someone tell me who sculpted that?
  4. I would like a dwarlfly cleric, if that's at all possible. And if not, then I'll take whatever I can get. Looking forward to it.
  5. I think we're leaving at midnight Wednesday.
  6. Pancakes will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Unglef

    Steve's RPG

    Done and done. Thought you could sneak one by me, huh? Coming up with secret tickets, pfffft. You gotta try harder than that.
  8. Toth leaves the question asking to Ray, and takes a position to watch the perimeter, though not out of earshot.
  9. Ach! Noobuddy said anythin' aboot it bein' roon by an elf! Ah well, at least it looks clean, Heleger says to himself as he surveys the room. "An' a beer as soon as poosible, if ya can," he says aloud.
  10. "Ah never thoot Ah'd be stayin' inna place called th' Bent Gooblin," Heleger mutters as he shoulders his gear. "Ah woonder what happened ta make 'im Bent?"
  11. "Aye," says Heleger, now resplendent in his new armor. "It's a good idea, lass, boot joost where shood we moove ta? Ah'm nut familiar with tha city, soo, Ah'll leave it oop ta the rest oof tha groop."
  12. Toth resists the urge to answer the call for help vocally. Instead, he signals for Ray to follow him once more, and approaches the woods quickly, but cautiously.
  13. "Aye, tha's a good plan," Heleger says. "A think, an' a drink, is wha' we all need."
  14. "That, Mr. Bullick, is a fine example of a [email protected]#!&," Toth whispers back. He is still shaking off the effects of just seeing the thing, and takes a moment to calm down. "We're going to help the camp, but we need to stay alive to do so. Follow me, as quietly as you can." Staying in a crouch, Toth begins to circle around to the thing's right, giving it a wide berth (30 feet, at least), and moving as silently as possible. Outwardly, he is calm and in control, his face blank and cold as ice. Internally, though, is a different story. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!, is what he is thinking at this particular moment.
  15. "Mah lady," Heleger says after taking the glass offered by Kora. "If Ah may ooffer mah oopinioon, it seems that yoor broother is either actin' oof his oon free will, oor he's oonder the infloonce oof soom soorta spell oor enchantment. He did nut trap oos in that hool with any regret noor remoorse. Boot, we will nut knoo fer certain oontil we have coot him an' questiooned him." (OOC: By the way, the guy's name is Jared.)
  16. Heleger steps forward and gives a slight bow. "M'lady, Vieta an' Malrae have oonfurtoonatetly fallen in battle. They were good sooldiers an' will be remembered. As Kavik said, we did find yoor broother, an' were pooled in by his treachery; left ta die in the tunnels beneath Parrot Island. These two helped oos escape." He takes out the note found on the body in the tunnels and hands it to her. "We foon this oonna buddy in one oof tha room doon there. Ah'm afraid it's nut good news."
  17. Heleger hears this last as he gets to the table, and immediately rounds on the human. "Yoo will keep a civil toonge in yoor head when ya mentioon Lady Lavinia, oor Ah'll snatch it oot! Soo, ya'd like ta see tha dissapoontment an' sadness oon m'lady's face when we tell her tha latest bad news aboot her nooaccoont ruttin' broother? Have a good laugh, will ya? Well, if'n ya doo, a facefool oof axe will be tha last thing yoo ever see, mah friend!" The dwarf sits down and begins shoveling porridge in his head, grumbling about slow armorsmiths and fool humans under his breath.
  18. Heleger raises his mug and toasts with the rest of the group. He downs it in one, and says to the others, "We'll head oot ta the Vanderboren estate toomooroow moorinin' Make sure ta get soom rest. Ah've gut an errand ta roon b'foore toornin' in. See yoo all in tha moornin'" The dwarf sets his mug down and walks out the door, heading for Gildendorf Steelhammer's forge.
  19. "'alf-elf?" Heleger mumbles as he takes a seat. Then the light of recognition flashes on his face. "Malrae! Ah woondered wha' happened ta 'im." The dwarf hangs his head and sighs. "Shame, really. Ah lahked tha' booy. We loost annoother oof oor coompanioons dooring oor little excoorsioon. Vieta, tha lad wi' tha pistool, will noo loonger be stayin' 'ere, Thad." The dwarf looks grim for a moment, thinking about his lost companions. He looks again at the innkeeper's son. "But, foortoone has smiled oopoon oos. We 'ave been blessed with two moor able boodied coompanioons. Fer the mooment, a' least, Kavik an' Arwin 'ere will be joinin' oos in tha lady's emplooy. Ye c'n give tha oothers' oold rooms ta them. Noow, bring oos all soom ale, soo we c'n toost oor departed members."
  20. The inkeeper's name is Jim Crackerbarrel, his son is Carl, and the cook is a dwarf named Bolvar. That's all I have in my notes. Of course, he could have another son named Thad. Is the half-elf he's talking about Malrae? if not, I'll change my post.
  21. "Then less goo ta tha Strumpet," Heleger says. "We c'n rest, an' send word ta Lady Lavinia, an' maybe roon a few errands," he adds, thinking of the new breastplate awaiting him at the smithy.
  22. Well, do we want to go back to the inn, or straight on to Lady Lavinia's? I vote inn, and we tell the lady all about her rotten brother in the morning. Wait, is it day or night?
  23. Does anybody remember where in the heck the Vanderboren house is? I really don't want to go through all the old posts just to tell the boat driver where we need to go.
  24. The dwarf laughs lightly at the half-orc's jest. "Ooh, yeah? Well Ah think Ah see soom bit aboot an Oonglefsoon there."
  25. This is what I didn't want to see. Just because a single player plays a couple of games against a single opponent, doesn't mean there is broken. I will not be making changes to Summoning. I will not be making changes to the rulebook at all. We've been there & done that. You have already found the solution to these types of things - simply don't play against them. However, it is WAY premature to make that call! I'm sorry that you didn't want to see it. I never said that the thing was broken, just that I didn't like it. I was simply suggesting the easiest way to fix the problem, if there is a problem. I'll still play the game, and I'll enjoy it. Just not against this cheese. I didn't mean to pick on you, sorry. The "this is what I didn't want to see" was about the reacting too quickly. Your post was just the easiest for me to grab. That's all right, no problem. I just hate to see things like this that could potentially be gamebreakers, is all. I know that people want to win a game when they play it, but some folks don't understand that the fun is in the playing, unless you are a professional and get paid to play. Then, and only then, do results count for anything but bragging rights, and people that take those too seriously aren't worth playing against. Hobbies shouldn't be a hassle. I just hope people don't start using this list, or something similar, in their demos. New players could be discouraged.
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