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  1. That was my favorite bit about this as well.
  2. This is going in my next order, your paint job has convinced me. Looks fantastically creepy. Good job!
  3. This is so far outside everything I have considered painting this guy, I am blown away. Fantastic job!
  4. I did the forum equivalent of sending an unattached email. I'm a fool!
  5. I really liked the simplicity of this mini. With a tiny bit of green stuff for shaping, and some paint, I added a beard on to him, channeling Jet from Cowboy Bebop. The first time I used the mini was as a mercenary leader and when he showed up on the table everyone called him Battle Ian, as my chromed dome and beard fit well enough. He promptly finished off two players with a series of lucky rolls and thus Battle Ian became a source of terror for my players, as every time he arrived, heads would roll. The sword looks pretty drab in these pictures, and unfortunately, not much better in hand, but I was trying to go for a strange metallic look to fit the skymetal that the Technic League makes their weapons from.
  6. This is Arturo de Montreux, my Pathfinder Society swashbuckler. He is from the devil worshipping nation of Cheliax, and as the 8th son of a minor noble house, he was going to be used to sire half fiends for the rest of his life. That sounded less than desirable, so he abandoned his familial duties and left into the wider world. Having never really seen much in the way of heroism or nobility, he set out to make up for the evil that his family has done. His idea of being a hero is flawed at best, but he tries. For the mini, I went with a pretty basic color scheme, but as he is all about wine, women, and swinging from chandeliers, I wanted to bring a bit of his carefree shenanigans into it. So, I took a few left over Hirst Arts pieces and Balsa wood, made a little bar, and sculpted a cup out of green stuff. The cup is decidedly large, but I doubt he would be complaining.
  7. Yeah, I am slowly evolving on this. Just the little I have changed has made a huge difference. More upgrades to come, hopefully, haha
  8. That is ringing a bell, that would explain being unable to find them. Thanks!
  9. Quick Stone golem, this one was done as a body guard to a very vain and particular sorceress, hence the clothes and whatnot and not just solid stone look.
  10. I couldn't find the model number for this Frost Giant. I like doing snowy bases, and I tried to make his weapons look like they were hewn out of ice. I could have highlighted his skin better, looking at it now, but I think it serves well enough.
  11. I am sending my players into a realm of nightmares, in an upcoming game. So, I decided to paint some classic nightmares, and this evil clown fit the bill nicely.
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