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  1. Pragma

    Happy Birthday Pragma!

    Thanks everyone! I had a lovely day gaming with the family. I haven't posted on here in ages, I should probably show everyone what I have been up to in the last year or so .
  2. Pragma

    A Lannister always pays his debts (now finished)

    Very nicely done! (which one is Ed Sheeran?)
  3. Pragma

    Sculpting free-standing feathers

    I just learned a new word. I think you would want something that you could bend without too much difficulty. I have never used copper, brass or music wire for this purpose - I think my armature wire is made out of aluminum.
  4. Pragma

    Sculpting free-standing feathers

    Feathers are hard. The thing is that you don't have anything to push against when sculpting. When I last did some feathers (albeit at a smaller scale) I decided to lay them down flat and sculpt just one side at a time. That way I could push against a hard surface to get the details. Then it can be formed into the shape you want to cure, after which you can go back to the other side and add details. I would suggest having a thin bit of wire running up the middle. It might not add much rigidity but will be helpful for attaching the feather to the rest of the piece.
  5. Pragma

    Wyrmgear WIP

    Some minor progress. I cut out the stencil on some card stock (not shown) and did a zenithal prime. I kept the whole thing assembled so the shadows would fall in the right places. Now I'm not sure if I will disassemble to paint, or try to keep it all together as much as possible.
  6. Pragma

    Wyrmgear WIP

    Quick update, I am planning out wing designs. I found a style called elven tribal that I am really digging. I photocopied the wing and made an attempt at reproducing the style: The plan is to cut out a stencil and apply it to the wings with an airbrush.
  7. Pragma

    03439: Dicarus Darksword -- Pinning Issue

    Sounds like pinning is your best option. Honestly, if I were painting the same mini today I would probably pin it.
  8. Pragma

    03439: Dicarus Darksword -- Pinning Issue

    I had to look back at my WIP thread to remember what I did with this guy. I'm pretty sure I left a little bit of the broccoli attached to the bottom of his feet in kind of an inward "V" shape. Then since I was making a base out of polymer clay, I just pressed it into the clay before baking to make an indentation. But that doesn't help so much with painting.
  9. Pragma

    Wyrmgear WIP

    BRB, off to steal ideas from be inspired by your Wyrmgear WIP thread :)
  10. Pragma

    Wyrmgear WIP

    So I thought I would share some of my process of making the wings adjustable. I tried a few different options before finding something that seems to work. It's not too hard to make (or buy) a hinge, the tricky part is making something that will support the weight of the wing and hold it in place. Here is the solution I settled on. First, I cut off the tab that holds the wing in place, and drilled two small holes at a 45 degree angle. On the body, I filled in part of the slot for the tab, and drilled matching holes at 45 degrees (these look a little rough because I experimented with lots of different designs, resulting in some of wear on the holes). Then I hold each wing to the body with two short pieces of wire. The wire is flexible enough that the wings are adustable, but strong enough to hold the weight of a wing. Here is what it looks like positioned at an angle: Simple, not super attractive, but quite effective. Has anyone else tried a modification like this? What did you do, and how did it go?
  11. Pragma

    Wyrmgear WIP

    Thanks y'all! I am very happy with how it turned out. I tried doing a press mold of gears at one point, but it was not very successful. I think you just lose too much detail in the process, the corners become rounded and you lose the mechanical effect. You would almost certainly be better off buying a silicone mold, or even better just buy some gears and other steampunky bits.
  12. Pragma

    Wyrmgear WIP

    Base primed! It took me a while to glue everything into the right place and I had to go over it with greenstuff to fix a bunch of gaps. I adjusted a few things here and there, but it's basically the same design. Still thinking about what to do next, maybe I will plan out some wing designs.
  13. Rare earth magnets work well, but are very strong. If you embed a magnet on one side, you can just embed a piece of metal like a piece of paper clip on the other side and it will be strong enough to hold foam into place.
  14. This looks great, and good idea to make it modular. Have you checked out black magic craft on youtube? He has a lot of tips for working with foam. One of them is to texture the foam with balled up aluminum foil. Also, in the spirit of modularity, why not make removable sets of doors?
  15. Pragma

    Wyrmgear WIP

    Thanks, I hope it will look even better when primed.