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  1. It's a really nice take on it. I want to sit behind this guy in my next math exam.
  2. Pragma

    77514 Iron Golem - Bones

    Very nice. The metallics look awesome, and having just a few places with the color shift effect makes it really stand out.
  3. Pragma

    Airbrush of choice?

    I got a TC20-T compressor bundled with a cheap Master airbrush. The TC-20T a good basic compressor, with a tank and pressure regulator. It was quieter than I expected and the tank means it's silent most of the time. The brush is nothing special but perfect for my purposes - I can make all the newbie mistakes on this cheap brush without worrying too much about bending a needle or clogging it with paint. If I were to upgrade the brush I would go with a patriot 105 - it is almost universally recommended as a versatile beginner airbrush. Just be warned that different manufacturers use different size hoses, so you may need an adapter. Don't forget lung protection! A dust mask and spray booth with a fan to pull those nasty little paint particles out of the air.
  4. Pragma

    Khanjira the World Breaker

    I like how he is bursting through the trees. Khanjira: "peek a boo!". Picard seems mildly concerned ...
  5. These are great, they have a very cool grimy 70s sci-fi aesthetic, they remind me of Alien. My only critique is that the grey shelves look a little cleaner than everything else.
  6. Hi forums, it's been a while, how ya been? I started DMing the pathfinder module "The Dragon's Demand" for my family. So far I am really loving the module, it's a great introduction to the game and *spoiler alert* there is a dragon at the end :). I decided to go all out and craft terrain for it. So far it's a mix of mostly scratch built stuff, with some bones minis and the occasional 3d printed bits. The opening scene takes place in a ruined tower, which is a great opportunity for a set piece. So I used the tower from "Dragon's Don't Share". I added debris on one side - a mix of XPS foam bricks and popsicle stick boards - which the players have to navigate to get inside. The door is jammed shut from the collapse, so the players can't go that way. Inside there is a trap door to the dungeon below, blocked by a fallen beam so the half-giant fighter can show off her strength :) The astute among you might be wondering, doesn't that Dragons Don't Share set come with a big scary dragon? Hmm, why yes I suppose it does :) I will try to keep posting bits regularly. We are about half way through the adventure, so this might turn into a WIP at some point.
  7. Pragma

    Primer vs Ink zenethal

    I also use the stynylynyrdskynyrdrez primer unthinned, and it dries pretty well. I'm pretty sure it's designed to be used this way, so it's probably the thinner. (but you do also want to apply a fairly thin coat)
  8. Pragma

    16 bones 4 statues

    Great verdigris.
  9. Pragma

    Primer vs Ink zenethal

    I have never used ink before, but have had good results doing zenithal with primer. Do you water down the ink for the airbrush at all? If it's getting blown around, you could try lowering the pressure maybe.
  10. I'm just on the other side of the border from you, so probably you would be shipping to me. I can help you figure out logistics. It may or may not be much cheaper to ship from Canada, you can look up prices here. Feel free to send me further logistical questions by message.
  11. Oops, I forgot to mention that I am also in Canada ... so I am willing to ship to Canada ... but that doesn't really help because we would still need someone else willing to ship to Canada.
  12. Pragma

    44026 Razormouth

    Great colors! What a fun little dude.
  13. Pragma

    Sculpting Stonework

    It's very hard to sculpt architectural stuff like stairs straight from putty. You might try turning to terrain builders for techniques, you will find lots of good tutorials on youtube. If I were doing it, I would carve the basic shapes in xps foam, and maybe imprint a rock texture by poking it with a rock.
  14. I'm interested, I haven't done one of these before.
  15. Pragma

    Buckyball's kickstarter vampire workshop

    Impressive painting and thread necromancy :)