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  1. garm

    The Big Game

    We did a 8000 point per side game at home one holiday weekend. I had some where in the neighborhood of 40 models to face Orchid an Rex. There were some hilarious moments during that one.
  2. A CD is a great base for the dragons and should provide enough are to make the connections for Deathsleet.
  3. If you go with MDF boards cut to the size you need if shipping is not too bad try these from Ikea. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00144763/ Most big lumber chains will give you one free cut and then a dollar or two for each additional one. You put a pin in the trestle and a macthing hole in the MDF top and it is secure.
  4. If a restore can be done how about as a suggestion leaving a CAV General section? Kit may be able to add it so there are four sections in the CAV section, any topics from older rule sets can be moved to CAV General and the other three can be used for the current rule set. Just a suggestion to prevent the loss of information from any version of the rules. Garm
  5. Here's a link to Reaper's Facebook album with a Kaladrax and 25 mm for comparison.
  6. Createx Air Brush paint, get the pearl and the metalics. Both are good for use, they have fine pigment and a good density of pigment.
  7. I went into the hobby comic shop in Houston I always hit back when I lives there. I was buying Ral Partha minis and Battletech stuff. I spotted the new section of green carded minis and checked them out, the detail was leaps ahead of Parthas stuff. To make the deal even better the figures were only about $2 a piece, I could get three for about what most of the Partha ran. Of course this was like 1992 or so, I have been a predominate Reaper buyer since then.
  8. With out unseen incident I'll be there. Now I have to start army crunching.
  9. I would love to unfortunately I am busy most Saturdays till around 4 pm. I will try and make the ones I am not busy on though.
  10. I recived a very beautiful CAV Panther today in the mail, thanks Sethoman. I am going to be officially late with my out bound mini, I hope to be done by Friday of this coming week. We will see if I can pull it off. Garm
  11. I had to strip mine, I may be done on time for a change..... I hope.
  12. Well lets see. -Having my right thumb caught between a container and a generator I was mounting to said container. Amazingly enough all I got was bruise and swelling from this one. -Pushing a wrench to break a bolt loose and having the wrench snap, cut my arm from wrist to elbow. Butterfly taped it and kept going. -Getting smashed between two canoes in a lake and K.Oed with no life jacket on, came to to a hand wrapped in my hair pulling me up. And too many to mention from hobby related accidents. Garm
  13. From experiance if you leave green stuff in Simple Green too long it will come apart, Orchid left a piece in for about a week and the green stuff dissolved.
  14. Conversions are allowed and encouraged by some people. Froggy did a custom gunship for my wife from a Dictator CAV mini. As long as the figure is still reconizable as what it started life as for Warlord it should be fine. Most leaders can be doubled or tripled in that game so a different weapon ccan be most helpful to tell which is which.
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