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  1. Here's the piece I did for CuCulain42 enjoy.
  2. It's on it's way to my victim. Mailed it about an hour ago, about to pm my partner in this one.
  3. Ha! I still have you beat at being a slow poster.
  4. Never have and never will. I have enough trouble painting my CAVs and reven, I don't like Warhammer. I have tried the game with a friend providing the army but got disgusted when I priced an army for my self for Fantasy.
  5. DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as we get pics it will get packed and on it's way, hopefully tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. I'll PM the vic... uh recipeint as soon as it's in the mail.
  6. Sorry I can't help but I'll see if Orchid may have some pointers.
  7. A thread to sell is not allowed you can put a notice in your sig though. Reaper does not want the problems that can accompany any sales threads.
  8. I am down to the base work and some fine tuning of the details, hopefully it will be in the mail by Tuesday. I said hopefully, baring Mr. Murphy iterfering with it.
  9. The arms are correct. The blue, for a non-metalicm is close to the blue I already use for my unit. I break up the amount of blue by doing some pannels in black. For example. I love the piece and will be using it in my force, Thanks Jabberwocky.
  10. Still working on it, we have guest and I am not getting much done. I will get it out it's going to be late.
  11. Mine is preped and primed, I have a shceme in mind hopefully this weekend I can work on it some.
  12. Light infantry heavy mortar are not bulky. The hedgehog with a upgrade can carry all four stands.
  13. garm

    Decent Camera

    We got this one in the range you want a Kodak Easyshare Z740, probably cheaper now as it's a year old below's a link to the thread Orchid posted on it and photos she took to demo it. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...5&hl=Camera
  14. They look like Malfactors, not to nit pick Nanite. Hit them with the clear for a snow effect or maybe try a wash to darken it back out?
  15. Well we have had the whole car problem thing twice now before Reapercon. First one our Sunfire lost it's fuel pump and cost a grand to get repaired, luckly the wifes father covered it and let us make payments after the trip. For '05 the Buick we had dumped it's fuel pump, almost $500 to fix and was not done till the friday of con. We missed that one and were in a funk because of it. Now even if the truck does incurr a problem we'll walk, or beg aride from some one as we live 15 minutes from Reaper.
  16. Well Orchid and my little monster is nine and his first painted mini was done at Reapercon '04. He now paints all his own CAVS and has dabbled with his Nefsokar army some, he has quite afew Dark Heaven minis and a good selection of Pro Paints and some Master Series paints. He is learning to go for a good clean thin layter appliccation on his work, finally is seeing how too thick clots the detail.
  17. I should be there if life stays normal.
  18. Since when have wargammers ever know what they are doing??? You're going to give us a bad rep if you appear to know what you're doing.
  19. Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze. This is what I use on my CAVs and it is very effective at protecting paint jobs, actullaly take a fall or good hard contact with another mini to chip the paint. Hit it wit a good coat, be careful it is thick, then dull coat it if you don't want a gloss finish.
  20. I agree as I pointed out in the data card thread the Sovereign III is not much better on IFM than a attack CAV with IFM. I would like to see the return of a larger AOE even if it means more point cost for the model.
  21. I have a low post count due to not liking to type to talk. Heck I sometimes don't even like to talk for more than a few minutes on the phone.
  22. garm


    Depending on the resturant steaks run any where from about $10.00 to beyond what I'll pay. Outback steak house is good and fairly reasonable depending on which steak you want. Taxis are very expensive, I can check the Dallas cab services tomorrow to see if they have a flat rate fee to Denton.
  23. Naw Stubb this is the mini he picked up for me when my first painter had RL interfere in the summer exchange.
  24. My favorite is a Atlas with 2 RAC 5s and ER medium lasers to back it up. Second is a Daishi with 2 LRM 5s and 2 RAC 2s backed up by ER mediums always fun to sand armor off a foe. (Till the RACs jam that is.)
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