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  1. Yes Ral Parthe (now Iron Wind Metals) made the old Battletech minis. This included the Warhammer, Archer, Marauder and other Robotech mecha copies. The funny thing is the Battletech pins and keychains were made by Reaper fo FASA. Garm
  2. found from a web comic site. I could belive some of them appearing on a Windows system. And lets you create your own. Would help to add the url.Atom smasher's error generator
  3. my reesults Orchids going to give me no end for this. Lawful Good 80% Lawful Neutral 65% Neutral Good 60% Chaotic Good 55% True Neutral 50% Chaotic Neutral 40% Neutral Evil 35% Chaotic Evil 25% Lawful Evil 25%
  4. Orchid has stated she is not touching the camera anymore. She's been fighting it for days, so I sat down and took a couple for her
  5. garm


    last pic. Hopefully I will have my Rhino done soon to post as well.
  6. garm


    Another of my unamed Merc unit. The base and decals are left to do, but I am just getting back into painting so they will wait till I am more comfortable with painting again. 4 pics total
  7. Last one, I promise:
  8. Another angle (two more on the way)
  9. After almost seven years of not being able to paint (for this or that reason) I finally painted something! First of my as of yet un-named Merc unit. I don't have decals yet, and have not yet felt up to trying to do basing, but here it is in it's current state: (comments welcome, I have a thick skin)
  10. garm

    "Civillian" CAV Mechas?

    Actually we have the start of mecha already, these links should give a good idea of what may be avalible in CAV. A big wall paper of it. http://www.plustech.fi/images/Wallpaper/Wa...er1280x1024.jpg And footage of it walking. http://www.plustech.fi/Walking1.html And the main page. http://www.plustech.fi/Plmain01.html I found this over at Lords of the Battlefield.
  11. The clan Kraken is a crit monster with 10 ulta a/c 2s, and a 180 rounds. I have destroyed foes just on crits to center torso and head shot with this thing. Powers that be help you if they close with you though.
  12. After a move and getting on to let everyone know we were back in touch the modem in our roommate's ccomputer cratered. Then our old computer craters completely, and the modems are not interchangable. Orchid_noir and I are now back to haveing access to the web again.
  13. garm

    Saw this on Mil-Net

    This was posted on the Mil-net site thought people here would find it cool if it's real.Robots
  14. I got the same starter set while at Reaapercon, i traded one of the CAVs out fpr a Dictator (the Gladiator ) while there. I know some people think I am crazy for that trade, but I used the Challenger, Soverien lll, and the Rhino so I had a idea of what they could do. That and the Dictator and Rhino are the two most reconizeable CAVs out right now to new comers. I have a tendency to buy mecha in general based on looks as well as abilities. I bought a old sculpt Rhino this weekend at a LFGS because I like the idea of owning one of the few minis Reaper actually is trading back for the new sculpt. Besides I was considering a custum unit based on the old sculpt.
  15. nevermind, I didn't log off garm's account, will re-post in a few Orchid
  16. Wings, dragon heads, the new fairies (sans nymph, sorry Werner), treasure/weapon/adventure pack sprues, tails, and anything else I get in my hand and can "see" used somewhere. (or heck, might see a possible use for ) And lots and lots and lots of skulls!!!!!
  17. garm

    So....who is going?

    We still may make it ( Orchid and myself) just have to take it a day at a time. We'll know for sure around the week of Reapercon.
  18. A suggestion on how to generate money for a CAV unit I have used in CBT, you hire on to a long term contract with clauses to allow a small portion of you unit take short indipendent contracts. This allows for a long term secure income and allows for a source of quick ( and possible large ) side income. It also allows for a way to rotate new personel out to get combat experince, all the while the vast majority of the unit is sitting in a secure and stable area( at least one hopes the conditions fit the previous) ready to help repair, maintain and provide a area to recover andunwind. This works well for a unit that is expanding as it provides most of the needs a merc unit requires. You have a way to rotate troops to a combat theater and a area to allow them to rest or stage from. Of cousres care must be used when doing this to avid having enity A whom you just kicked the snot out of on a raid or assult show up at the garrison to pay you back. If the garrison employer did not discover that you hit enity A they may write it of as pirate or espionage towards them. If however the employer discovers you brought the enity a on them, well you will be in a deep pool of snot on your head. This senerio can work for any unit over two fighting groups in size, obviously the more the better as far as effectiveness of ratating units around. Garm
  19. battlecraze on ebay, but i don't sell. i leave that to orchid.
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