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  1. Umm.... chocolate! Wait, no, old bookstore! No, no, clean linens. Or maybe the smell of mangos! The smell of spring! the smell of autumn! Theres too many good smells! One that I like, but that doesn’t like me anymore, is woodsmoke. Brings on an instant sore throat and headache. Sadness.
  2. Recovery is not going as well as they told me it would. I tried going to work today and I couldn’t even make it 2.5 hours. I’m glad to have the kidney stone gone, but I’d like to feel back to normal please
  3. A grasshopper infested McDonald’s in the middle of nowhere between Sacramento and LA. Grasshoppers everywhere. Ick!
  4. I suffer the same problem. I always make too much food, and then we end up forgetting about the left overs. That’s also why I store things in cheap containers. No way I’m opening that mystery container! Well, I wouldn’t say normal. The pain has increased as the day has worn on. I’m beginning to doubt if I’ll be able to return to work tomorrow.
  5. I just watched the 2020 version of Emma. I have to say, it’s easily my favorite version of the story that made it to film. Not only is it a gorgeous costume piece, but the story is treated with witty delicacy, as it deserves. Bill Nighy does an amazing job as Emma’s father and Anya Taylor-Joy plays Emma to perfection. The unsung hero’s of the film are the long suffering, exasperated footmen though! They absolutely steal every scene where they get to roll their eyes are the ridiculousness of the rich folks they serve.
  6. I haven’t travelled much, but I’ve loved all the places I’ve been. When I was about 8 my family moved from North Carolina to New Mexico (to aid with my mom’s research, she’s a cultural anthropologist). When we first got there we visited a number of pueblos, but I barely remember it. I’d love to visit those places again. Of places I’ve never been, I’d particularly love to go to Ireland (seems to be popular here), Greece, Egypt, and India. All of those places have fascinated me since I was young, so going there would be amazing.
  7. Yeah, that’s totally normal when they start learning to move their bodies. It’s pretty fun watching babies learn how to human.
  8. Babies usually tell you when they’re interested in starting solid foods. If they’re staring at you and your food while you eat, smacking their lips a little, it’s probably time to start giving them tastes. I had one baby that was so interested in my food that she nearly dived out of my arms trying to get the spoon. Why yes, I was eating theatrically slow in front of her, it was hilarious Procedure went well, kidney stone has been obliterated, I’m home and only in moderate pain, except when I pee, which feels like lava.
  9. Right now Sephy is very busy giving me all of her little people to keep on my lap. She’s so good at sharing.
  10. This is my Home Screen: And this is my Lock Screen: I like to have dark-ish pictures on my screen, and I usually change them seasonally. As a rule, I never have anything personal in my Lock Screen.
  11. Sounds like you need some “you” time. I suppose buying minis is better for your health than bing eating. I’m glad your mom is doing better. :hugs:
  12. He looks especially young in that video, like a 15 year old lip syncing to Rick Ashley
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