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  1. redambrosia

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I was considering getting two sets of the villagers, one to paint for a Halloween village, one for normal villagers. Of course, now that I really think about it, I would need three sets, the third for Christmas villagers
  2. redambrosia

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Welp. Now I need two sets of boulderkin.
  3. Oh, there’s this one guy who did the voice for one of the soldiers in Skyrim who also did the voice for Fenris in dragon age 2, and every time one of those soldiers walks by I have to say “hi fenris! Have some magic!” BOOM! Sure there is. You like it. There’s your justification.
  4. Here, here’s another version to enjoy. https://youtu.be/hExrmWKTm2s I do love Rebel Wilson.
  5. redambrosia

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I don’t know that bones don’t lend themselves to less detail. I’ve gotten some pretty nice results from my bones minis. Not that I’ve painted that many of them
  6. @Glitterwolf but those aren't Sophie! They ought to have a bust of their mascot. Here, enjoy this. It’s seasonal. https://youtu.be/vNuVifA7DSU
  7. Oof. Queasy and sinus headachey. Baby not screaming though. Sorta disappointed the nereids aren’t busts, but now I can get all of them and paint up a cool diorama for my mermaid loving friend. Reaper needs to do a bust of Sophie. My head hurts.
  8. Jebus it took me forever to platinum Skyrim (just the game, not the DLCs). How much more can there be...?
  9. @Crowley glad to hear everyone is safe. Fires are scary as heck. I love it! Fantastic job!
  10. redambrosia

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    In the bones 3 pledge manager they set it up so you could choose a different colour of weapon sprue. I don’t see why they couldn’t add an option to pick the color. Better yet, leave it clear and have add on dragons available in different colors.
  11. redambrosia

    Getting to Know You, October 2019

    I’ve never tried the VR thing. And the only time I’ve done the AR thing has been in my phone. With Pokémon go it’s just annoying. And with the star chart apps I tried it was obnoxious. Like, I just want to move the sky around and find out which planet that was, not wander around waving my phone around like a deranged madwoman. Annoying.
  12. redambrosia

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Well, I think the sticking point is that folks are seeing the ship as less useful in a translucent state, right out of the box, than in an opaque state.
  13. I feel like the world would be much friendlier if they were. So, one hour, forty five minutes. An amazing, lovely, wonderful god send of a man named Roderick (I cant help but imagine him with a fantastic beard and a handle bar mustache), answered the phone. This angel not only answered my questions, but he pushed through Sephy’s application! I can make an appointment for her! I can see how many pounds she is and get her vaccines! Blessings upon the head of Roderick!
  14. redambrosia

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I need that down in the depths of my soul!!! Spoopy time!
  15. Box went out today! Should be there on Saturday.