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  1. Turkeys. There’s already wild turkeys around here, so chasing them off wouldn’t be too risky (as they are used to people), I could always eat them, and they’re less of a-holes than geese.
  2. I’m really glad I didn’t have the energy to call my IP last night. Wifi went out, I try to direct Hubby through troubleshooting it, because I’m sick and have less energy than a corpse, but it didn’t work. So I say elf it, we still have cell service, and I go to bed (and hubby goes to work). This morning I look at it and realize it’s not even getting power. The power brick was ajar in its socket. Wifi restored. That would have been an embarrassing phone call
  3. Yes, it shines in my window at an annoying hour. If the sky darkened at any point during or after that I was too sick to notice.
  4. I mean, for Hubby and I it really just encouraged long drives, followed by short walks and bouts of standing still for a while.
  5. Have I been body snatched? Because that’s the only way you’ll find me at a bar or club And no, I don’t scan it, because my one and only experience with scanning a QR was just frustrating and annoying. I might take the dragon part of the sticker.
  6. And Armed Forces Day (3rd Saturday in may) for those currently serving.
  7. Since it’s irresponsible to let your kid eat ice cream for dinner, cook whatever it is in the instant pot.
  8. Well, it wasn’t my house, it was the hotel I worked at. Had a bat fly in one night. I closed the doors to the wings, opened the front door, and stood back to let it find its own way out. Took about 10 minutes, thankfully a guest didn’t come in and scare the poor critter.
  9. I had forgotten what day it is. Thank you for reminding me. We owe those brave soldiers so much, words can’t even cover it.
  10. Sephy had nightmares last night, and when she finally settled down she wouldn’t stop kicking me. Tried to get out of work, but they needed me and Sephy was too awake for me to sleep anyway. So this day is kinda difficult. I’m currently waiting to get my second covid shot. Hopefully it’ll be fine.
  11. Nothing comes to mind. I don’t go to the theater often enough to walk out of it. I can’t recall ever having changed the channel because a movie was bad... just boring.
  12. Just bits and bobs to add to preexisting figures, never a whole figure.
  13. I don’t have any hotel stories that involve sniffing butts there’s a few that involve trying NOT to use my nose
  14. There’s not many professional settings where sniffing butts is acceptable. I work in one of them.
  15. Yeah, I’ve mostly had good luck. Mind, I haven’t gone as nuts as some of y’all, but I’ve only ever had one project that never delivered (and I still have a bit of hope for them). No, I don’t. My life is too busy to watch them ramble on and maybe occasionally say something pertinent.
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