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  1. Do baby humans count? Here’s mine, definitely NOT TIRED And 30 seconds later... Nope. Not tired at all.
  2. I watched my husband play. He did both endings. He usually does. They’re all so destructively selfish it’s funny.
  3. You know, my favorite thing about Mortal Kombat is how everyone works together to stab each other in the back and bring about the worst possible ending. It’s really deeply impressive how stupid they all are
  4. @Sirithiliel I’m sorry to hear about you gecko friend About the only thing I’ve ever agreed with in parenting book was that kids grow healthiest when their parents demonstrate a healthy, loving, stable bond. It rough watching that sort thing Thank you for that! You can get a poster of his map for $25 too! My mom was really excited to see that article.
  5. I’m going to have to budget and see if I can get these. I need them!
  6. I Like fashion dolls, like Barbie and monster high dolls (rip). I have way too many of the former.
  7. I took Sephy to a wetlands trail park today and showed her what dandelion seeds do. She was absolutely enchanted, and then kept trying to give me the seeds Thankfully she was only a little cranky after her vaccines. She’s been in a sweet mood most of the day.
  8. I liked the remake. I loved that it brought his family back into it, rather than them just vanishing. I like them both.
  9. Started watching What we do in the Shadows yesterday. I love how utterly uncool the vampires are.
  10. I dunno. He had his uses. I mean, without him, she wouldn’t have had her daughter, and without their daughter Arwen wouldn’t have been born. So, sperm donor at least The toy is creepier. Wtf toy companies!!!
  11. I actually have two and a half Bob Ross pop vinyls. I have the one above, the one with Hoot (owl, obviously), and a bobble head Deadpool Ross, which I figure only counts as half. I’d like to have the Steve Irwin with the turtle, but that’s stupid expensive. Same with the Mister Rogers with the king puppet.
  12. Just so. Very few people do not drain me, my husband is one of them. I’m hoping my daughter turns into one of them, but right now she’s like a psychic vampire.
  13. I got my Mister Rogers pop the other day. And here’s my set of the Modern Saints of Kindness
  14. Take them off. Our rugrat still crawls around and puts everything in her mouth. Of course, we did that anyway before we had a rugrat. Do you put on a cardigan too?
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