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  1. Wow, awesome project and beautifully done!
  2. August 26, 2019. It was my last night of work at the hotel that I worked graveyard at for 10+ years. Though I have had many nights of interrupted sleep caused by my baby, she’s never kept me up all night. That seems to be the province of fathers. She took off her boots, took off her socks, put one boot back on, then fell asleep. Pumpkins make me happy. There’s just something about their shape and their color that makes me unreasonably happy.
  3. So, would y’all say winter tires are more important or 4 wheel drive? You put that in purple, but it is a serious problem! How will our babies know the glories of the great pumpkin if they don’t have Linus to preach them?! In 2 different games, Hubby has made a clan called The Loot Mongers. We break for treasure chests.
  4. @TaleSpinner for his awesome sculpts, lovely paint jobs, and great teaching. @buglips*the*goblin for his dedication to spreading the hobby love. @Lord of the Dish Pit for the kooky way his brain works and the stories that result. There’s more, but my sinuses are squeezing my eyeballs and I can’t think. The longest I’ve consistently watched a channel has been Overly Sarcastic Productions, and I basically just log in every now and then, watch all their new stuff, then ignore YouTube again for like, a month or two. I plead the fifth! Woah! Your minis get the special treatment! No gathering dust for them. Talk about the bourgeois!
  5. Anything with buttons really. Sephy likes to steal and pretend anything with buttons is a phone. Phones, of course, also remotes, heating pad switches, a hard drive one time Also, as soon as he gets some mobility, he’s gonna start touching EVERYTHING. Pulling it off the shelf, chewing on it, ripping it up, taking the discs out and chewing on those... a minimalist lifestyle is really ideal for having a toddler.
  6. @ManvsMini just add stars or stripes, depending on the color, and you have a patriotic cast. If it’s stars, you could even get glow in the dark stars Just gonna say, when caring for an infant (or toddler) is NOT when you want to be hangry. The temptation to flush them down the toilet becomes a little too strong when you’re hangry
  7. I made chili on Sunday, which is basically stew, which is basically thick soup. And keep your ideological debates away from me. I like my chili with equal amounts beans and meat. Next soup will be loaded potato soup next week. Mmmm... bacon!
  8. It sure as hell ain’t easy. But they’re so sweet and so cute and remembering all the good things... life is bittersweet anyway. Might as well add some more sweet, add some more bitter.
  9. I finally found my studio ghibli poster, got it in its frame and hung on the wall. I was ready to give up and order a new one.
  10. My dad was 72 when his fall lead to him being hospitalized and then put in a home for dementia. After his fall I scheduled him to see a neurologist, with a 2 month waiting period. By the time that appointment came up he was already in the hospital. If you can, the time to see a neurologist and talk about a living will is NOW. Things can happen fast.
  11. Hahahahahahahaha. My next “project” is finding the time and motivation to finish the minis I’ve already started. It’s impossible to plan beyond that.
  12. You really should move to the Pacific Northwest. Sure, generally the summers are sunny, but the winter, fall, and spring are generally very overcast. There’s some pretty good lore, most of it tribal, to delve into also.
  13. They probably rereleased it. My local theater has been showing older films since they reopened in June. Hilariously (frustratingly, boringly, repetitively) they’re playing the same previews as they were in March when they shut down.
  14. I mean, life with chronic fatigue is just failing every day. That being said: a mission in destiny 2 that has a 20 minute time limit. Damn that mission was frustrating. Also:
  15. Poor Sephy isn’t feeling well again... still. On the plus side, she’s extra cuddly. So, most of Hubby and my interests are shared, but not all of them. Like, he cares a lot more about the lore behind some of his games (like mortal kombat) and will rave about them for quite a long time. Do I care that much? No, but he does, so I listen, I ask questions when appropriate, and he appreciates that. He does the same for me. As for chores and feeling ignored, we actually had a situation recently that we had to work out, because resentment was starting to build up. I would say that the most important thing in those situations is to talk to each other, listen with an open mind and heart, think about your spouse’s needs, then come up with a plan to address the situation. Collaborate. Marriage is life by the buddy system. Hubby and I do this a lot. My crafting table is in the living room, and always will be, even if we get a fancy house with enough rooms for me to have a crafting room.
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