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  1. Okay, wish us luck! Beginning underpants training for Sephy today. She’s very excited to be wearing her Moana underpants.
  2. That pretty shiny silver one from Star Wars episode 1.
  3. Hell yeah! I’m going with this. The first time I “met” my daughter, just after they’d removed her from me. She looked pissed! Not happy to be out of the womb at all! I’ll never forget the look on her face. ❤️
  4. Today IS my Friday. I just have to get through a dental procedure and I’ll be done. Sleeping all night with my brace on has helped my wrist quite a bit. Just gonna keep taking it easy though, it’s probably only at like 40%.
  5. Just when I’m really getting excited about hobbying again, I’m having a major carpal tunnel flare up. I couldn’t even brush my hair this morning. So now I’m cycling hot and cold packs on my arm in the hopes that I’ll be able to use my arm. Sigh. And we have 3 babies with covid.
  6. Catherine the Great. She sounds like a real hoot. Probably make “girls gone wild” look tame. Pft. Marilyn would love the glitter. She’s another that I’d love to meet. She just sounds like a really lovely, interesting person. And she probably needs some hugs.
  7. Bringing my baby home from the hospital was a big moment. I was internally freaking out because I had to take this tiny thing home and keep it alive and THE NURSES WERENT GOING TO COME HELP ME 🤣
  8. Welp. One of our babies tested positive. I have some pretty strong feelings about caregivers who don’t protect themselves, and thus the vulnerable people they’re taking care of, for no better reason than “they’ve done their OWN research” 😡 Anyway, the cleaning continues at a slow pace, because I’ve got all week to do it.
  9. I am pleased with myself. I finished a mini I’ve had sitting there for way too long and I started a mini I’ve been promising to paint for someone. It feels really good to paint again. Today I am going to clean the daycare, but do it in a relaxed, non-hurried way, because I’m done with giving all my energy to that place and having none left over for the rest of my life.
  10. 🤣 I don’t and I never have. I feel like I’m faking it the whole time. There’s always a part of me that like, this is all some crazy dream and I’ll wake up soon. Hello there imposter syndrome!
  11. Welp. My co-worker had a positive test. And then her close co-worker has had a positive test. So all the tiny babies and crawlers are being quarantined until they test negative. Not sure about the tots. My test was negative. And I still have work, I’m going to clean and sanitize everything. Should be fairly relaxing.
  12. Winnie the Pooh. It’s a tie between breaking my my right arm (when my younger brother pulled me down the stairs) and breaking my left arm (when my older brother chased me into a brick wall). Brothers are great. You’re a cruel hamster to make me choose one. I’m really proud of this one. And I’m really looking forward to painting this gal. I made a Halloween wreath. I’m pretty pleased with it.
  13. Welp. A co-worker’s husband has tested positive and she most likely will too. I foresee imminent closures. Which is fine. It’ll give me more time to find a new job.
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