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  1. I don’t know that I have a favorite. I can tell you things I don’t like though.
  2. Well, since it would have to be in the town I currently reside in, because I’m sick of moving, it’ll have a to fill a niche here. There is a lack Greek/proper Mediterranean food here, as well as Indian food. So I’d probably do something like that. Hire a couple of grannies from those food cultures, set them up with a nice staff, and let them work their magic.
  3. I don’t think I have a static worst color. Though I’m not a fan of the way Target makes red look beige.
  4. Hide from my kid and take an epic nap! On Sunday it was warm and partly cloudy most of the day. In the evening we had a deluge and thunder storms for like, 20 minutes, then cloudy until the morning. That’s remarkably vague. Things change all the time, nothing has been static. It started with my parents, who are responsible for most of the changes in my early life. I suppose my grandparents get credit for various changes, my aunt who made me want to have long “princess hair”, my uncle who had a scary dog and seemed to enjoy my fear, teachers who encouraged me to learn, teachers who made me feel stupid and worthless, kids who ostracized me, friends who made me feel like it was okay to be myself, boyfriends who made me realize my worth, my husband who gave me so much more confidence, and my daughter who’s made me sleep deprived. And of course, myself. For deciding who I want to be and making the changes to achieve that.
  5. So, I’ve been going to a physical therapist (overworked my leg while moving, pinched my sciatic nerve) and this morning there was another guy there, working on a yoga ball. I'm thinking to myself: yoga balls are great, but if I never have to sit on another of the damn things again I’ll die a happy woman. I still feel traumatized by bouncing Sephy on the dang thing for like 6 hours when she was a tiny baby!
  6. it’s more about the stuff that’s in the kitchen than the stuff that’s not in the kitchen. Like, tons of boxes and tools taking up the counter space. Currently, Sephy’s favorite movie is Pacific Rim. Her grandma is sick of it because everytime Sephy just wants “kaiju!! Stompy robot!” 🤣
  7. If 1 is not strict and 10 is the Catholic Church, I’d say around 5. My parents engaged in what is called “free range parenting” nowadays, but in the 80s it was just parenting. We had rules, if we followed them, things were good, if we didn’t, they came up with creative punishments. Like the time I drew something on a shelf in permanent marker and had to sand it off. I think my parents were more concerned that we grow up to be decent people, than they were concerned about us growing up to be obedient.
  8. Pirate ship, hands down. Unpainted. Smallest is probably a familiar from one of the familiar packs. I don’t think I would. All the periods I’m interested in would probably burn me as a witch.
  9. Well, we got out of our apartment okay. I had to take an extra day, and it wasn’t as clean as I wanted it to be (though far cleaner than most folks’ standards). Our attic is slowly getting set up. It looks very much like a pillow fort. Sephy loves it, because she’s got a window she can stand at and see outside (and yell at everything going on outside). Unfortunately, and predictably, work on the kitchen has stalled out. It’s been a week since anything was done in there. But the gal who is helping us is doing it as a gift, so I’m not going to complain. It would be nice to be able to cook again though. My body and wallet do not care for all this eating out.
  10. There’s lots I haven’t painted. It’d be easier to tell you what I have painted than what I haven’t.
  11. The remodel did not go well. On Saturday my husband called, freaking out because the folks who were helping us with our drywall did one of the most atrocious jobs ever. It’s like they weren’t even trying to do a good job. Hubby was having a full blown panic attack over it, so I came up with a plan (cover the walls with sheets for now, have pros do the drywall next year), and instead of packing and cleaning on Saturday and Sunday, I helped get all the old drywall out of the attic, clean it up, and put up sheets. We have all our furniture in here and most of our stuff is here or in storage, but I still have stuff to pack and I haven’t even started cleaning the apartment. The move out inspection is today and I’m stressed to the max over it.
  12. In processed foods, yes. You don’t need to add salt to canned soup or anything from the frozen food section. But if you’re making mashed potatoes from actual potatoes, or fried eggs, or grilling a steak, add salt. The sodium you get from sprinkling table salt on your food is nothing compared to what’s in processed food, and you get you iodine.
  13. When I write champagne, in my head I say “sham-pag-nee”.
  14. Largest thing, probably a kiddie pool while working at Toys R Us. Heaviest thing, probably my daughter at 40lbs now.
  15. Assuming this is a petting zoo run by a druid, so the animals are there willingly, a bear, an elephant, a red panda, and an owl.
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