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  1. From now on, from the Greatest Showman. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XyIDxpUJ10Q Cuddles with Hubby. Healthcare that works. Transporters are a very close second.
  2. If your body makes a “pththththth!” noise when they poke you, you know you’ve turned into a balloon person.
  3. The Overgourd. I love it, it’s too funny. And it’s pumpkins.
  4. Watched Deep Star Six yesterday. They almost had me at the end, but Hubby said it was one of his favorite movies, so I knew they weren’t gonna do the tragic sacrifice thing. Fun movie, worth watching.
  5. Sephy is most annoyed with me. Despite my debilitated state, I am still managing to keep her out of most of the trouble. This vexes her. Also, I don’t think I posted any birthday cake pictures. It was a cute little cake, almost as small as an easy bake oven cake: Despite our encouragement she refused to get too dirty. She had fun though.
  6. Fix it. I’ve improved my not-yelling-at-idiots skills. I’ve seen a grey whale frolicking in Budd Inlet.
  7. The one time I didn’t have it there, of course. But yes, I do have a sieve.
  8. Bah. I have to cook like a normie until next week when instant pot part gets here. Stupid tiny part. Also, celery’s highest purpose. A peanut butter delivery system.
  9. Hamburgers, with bacon. No side dish needed, because if I’m going to the trouble of making hamburgers, it’s gonna full you up all by itself!
  10. Birthday girl! We have a crown for her, but she keeps taking it off Its amazing that it’s been a year already!
  11. Oh, I wasn’t complaint about my baby. No, the baby getting on my nerves was the neighbor baby. Like, I understand that he has a very unsettled home life and that his situation is very uncertain, but he cries all the time. He stumbles a little, he cries. I go into the other room, he cries. He eats a puff, he cries. And he is an ugly crier. Snot everywhere. The only way to calm him is to hold him but I don’t want to because he’s so gross Oof.
  12. You could balance that by having an educated female populace. The more educated a female populace is, the lower the birth rate tends to be. I mean, people could just use the sinks already there. I can’t count the number of times I’ve watching someone walk out of a stall, skip the sink, and walk right out the door. People be nasty.
  13. Prepping the mini, including sculpting a base is calming for me. I also like the part where the mini is done and I can play with it.
  14. Hubby enjoyed his birthday yesterday. He ended up with 3 new t shirts, 4 new dragons (2 of which were t shirts), a pinky & the brain cup, a pop, and a new transformer (Soundwave). I made him lasagne and a German chocolate cake. We have a lot of leftover lasagne right now
  15. It depends on what’s actually getting me down. If it’s my baby, I talk to my hubby about it. If it’s financial stress, I usually clean. Everything else and I take a walk outside.
  16. I once rode a bus through California’s agricultural region in the summer. The bus stopped at a McDonald’s in the literal middle of nowhere. There were grasshoppers everywhere. Like, crawling all over the counters and in the lights. The people working there didn’t even seem to notice them. I decided to wait a few more hours to eat
  17. I’m pretty dang proud of the human I made. Granted, she’s only like a year old, but she’s scary clever, brave, learning to be kind, and oh so curious. I’m also really proud of my relationship with my husband. It’s about as perfect as it can be, and that’s because we’ve put a lot of effort into communicating and understanding each other and strengthening our bonds.
  18. Had to add the brush holder dragon... too cute
  19. :siiiiiiiiigghhhhhhh: This is quite simply not true. European honey bees are in no way endangered. In fact, they’re so NOT endangered, that they’re causing all sorts of problems for OTHER bees. Bees that are in endangered are wild and native bees. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/07/23/call-off-the-bee-pocalypse-u-s-honeybee-colonies-hit-a-20-year-high/ https://www.wired.com/2015/04/youre-worrying-wrong-bees/amp Domesticated bees will be fine. Billion dollar industries depend on them, so billions will be invested in them.
  20. More may the Fourth stuff https://people.com/style/barbie-announces-four-new-star-wars-themed-dolls-for-may-the-fourth/
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