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  1. Play a stupid phone game. Though, usually not sleeping is something that’s forced upon, rather than something that just happens.
  2. The only film Disney has released in the last ten years that seems as good as their weird period was Bog Hero 6. Wreck it Ralph was also pretty good, but I firmly believe Big Hero 6 was their best film this last decade. I heard a rumor that Big Hero 7 will be out soon.
  3. So, when my dad was a kid in the 1950s, there were around 3.5 billion people on the planet. Half of what we have now. It only took 60ish years to double. Thanos’ “solution” was lazy and stupid, because people aren’t gonna stop procreating just because half the other people are gone! The half that remain would get drunk and have sex and have babies! As for Gamora, my Hubby thought the same thing. But personally, I don’t think the “test” is about being worthy or about it being love at all. I just think the soul stone just wants to make sure it’s getting a really dedicated psychopath, so it can be as full of souls as possible. Hey now, maybe she just doesn’t like raccoon eyes
  4. Treasure Planet was from Disney’s Weird Period. You know, Lilo & Stitch, Emperor's New Groove, Brother Bear, Atlantis. The main studio in California was working on converting to 3D animation, so the “back up” animation studio in Florida was left to their own devices. And they came up with some seriously brilliant, underrated stuff! Like, Disney must not have promoted these films right, because they were all gorgeous and well written. But yeah, they closed the Florida studio and laid off those animators. Who went to work for dreamworks
  5. My husband agrees with you. He prefers comic book Thanos, who did it to impress a girl (Death, who I guess would be Hela in the MCU).
  6. Maximus is my favorite horse, ever. ”moi!? Eat the table!?”
  7. We got the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica the other day. Because it has elephant people. Seriously thinking about a loxadon monk character
  8. The henchwomen have a strong sensible shoes vibe going on. I love them! She sounds awesome!
  9. There’s Laril Silverhand. She’s an elf, but you could cut off her ears (I’m pretty sure that’s a hate crime though).
  10. I have acquired (and assembled) a kitchen table and chairs. Leaf collapsed. Leaf unfolded. Those chairs are hecking comfy. I am pleased.
  11. Welp. I got my table and chairs put together without my mirror universe doppelgänger. Though, considering the fuss Sephy was making I most likely would have been happier with their help. Even if it was evil help.
  12. According to the instruction manual for putting together my dining chairs, I’ll be happier if I have a clone to help me.
  13. Watched IT chapter 2 yesterday. Or rather, the end of it. That movie is loooooooong. Got 2 hours into it on Monday and had to stop. It was weird, as things by Steven King are wont to be. His cameo was pretty funny.
  14. I can’t believe it’s almost a year since my little monster was born. Crazy! Since she’s almost a year, that means she can drink cow milk, which means Mommy’s Milk Factory can shut down production. Finally!
  15. Man, making gluten free bread is expensive. Normal flour is so cheap, but all the wheat substitutes are just crazy expensive. I think we should just genetically engineer ourselves to not have these issues and be done with it. I like that idea...
  16. I mean, all those other people got themselves killed. If they had just let him have the twit, they wouldn’t have died. We are all Billy. I made bread today, for the first time in like, 20 years. It turned out really good.
  17. The problem with the wipes, or the cleaner and paper towels (which is what they have at my Walmart for when the wipes run out), is that the way they’re being used is ineffective. For them to be effective you have to wipe a thing down and let it air dry, taking about a minute. The cleaners that are rated to kill covid19, you’re supposed to leave on for longer. So spraying something and immediately wiping it up doesn’t help. It’s a placebo. Like that silly woman that sprayed the door handle with Lysol (and I guarantee that wasn’t Lysol rated to kill covid19) and immediately grabbed the handle. All she did was get Lysol all over her hands. I guess if it makes people feel better though :shrug:
  18. Coffee: no. Yuck. Disgusting. Tea: hot, English breakfast or Darjeeling. No additives.
  19. If you want I could bring my baby over to drool on everything in your house, making outside much more desirable
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