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    Is Reaper going to do anything special for Christmas?

    I know, right? For the first time in months my Reaper shopping cart is empty... I'll have to throw some spiffy monsters in it just so it doesn't get lonely. Maybe one of the horrors, I know my hubby wants to throw one at us in D&D
  2. Bad! Bad! Not reptile! Drake! DRAKE! /shakes finger at you Take care with the R word, lest ye end up as lunch for the Drakes!
  3. redambrosia

    Klockenbooty? Overrated!

    Where did you get her? I want one!
  4. redambrosia

    Is Reaper going to do anything special for Christmas?

    You need a spreadsheet!
  5. redambrosia

    Fletch_Talon Show Off Thread - plus an introduction

    Oh-ho! But it is not complete! Not until Pentimus and his Chodling minions come out! But I feel the same way about my Legion, they can wait until I've improved more. Oh and my husband has decided to feature the Legion in the mousling campaign he's created
  6. redambrosia

    The Wartable

    I like slider rails for drawers >.>b But that's cause drawers that don't open have been known to get... damaged. That's a really lovely table. I'll pay you $20 to make one for me
  7. redambrosia

    Kaladrax - Molded To Base?

    Well, at his advanced age it wouldn't surprise me. Though I think you need cartilige for arthritis... hey, the perfect cure for arthritis, become a lich!
  8. redambrosia

    Is Reaper going to do anything special for Christmas?

    Thanks. Almost as proud of that as the nomination I got to be president of the Hair Club for Men. With a name like mine, you have to be prepared for such honors. Best Regards, B.A. Docter, Ph.D. A read of the abstract for my doctoral thesis should firmly establish my nerd cred: http://library.lehigh.edu/asa2.0/Record/737989 The first sentance made my eyes cross and my mind scream in agony and run cowering for a corner. Of course, that may have something to do with being up since 3am yesterday (it's 6am now) and only a short nap. Or it's just totally jibber-jabber to me
  9. Yep, I want both
  10. redambrosia

    Is Reaper going to do anything special for Christmas?

    Congratulations! You win Reaper Nerd of the Year for 2012 for outstanding achievement in Promotion Preparedness!
  11. redambrosia

    Kaladrax - Molded To Base?

    No, no, all his scales are gone now. I think the bones are much more painful.
  12. redambrosia

    Fletch_Talon Show Off Thread - plus an introduction

    Oooo I wants that toad, he's cool Very cute intro, welcome back to mini-land (check out the mouslings!)
  13. redambrosia

    Trouble in Christmastown

    Thank you! I think I'll try making my own snowmen this year (between feverishly painting all my kickstarted stuff and finishing all the other things I have... the list never ends!)
  14. redambrosia

    Hobgoblin hero archer - first sculpt ever

    She could be a remarkably ugly giant, 4cm is about the right size for smaller giant-kin
  15. Wait, did she literally hit you? Cause if so the warrior suits her even more
  16. redambrosia

    Please allow me to introduce myself...

    I was convinced long ago, I just managed to cling to my futile hope of limiting my mini horde to a reasonable amount. One of everything is reasonable. Two of everything is reasonable. You need a second for modding or for exchanges. I would say 3 of everything, just in case you get a new idea for how to paint your mini
  17. redambrosia

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    Is Boxing Day for getting rid of all the present boxes or do people box on Boxing Day?
  18. redambrosia

    Trouble in Christmastown

    How did you make the snowmen? They're really neat
  19. redambrosia

    Is Reaper going to do anything special for Christmas?

    That's happened to me too, though it usually ends up being at the apartment manager's office for me. You should call your post office and ask where it was delivered to. Just try to remember to be calm, post office employees are uber stressed this time of year.
  20. I don't think you were wrong. That dwarf is way sexy, not fat at all (I've been wanting one for myself). My husband has compared me to a dragon though, and I take that as a great compliment (cause dragons are beautiful). Your girlfriend is being overly sensitive about it and reading the wrong things into it. The miniature is strong and beautiful, so by comparing her to that mini you're telling her that she is strong and beautiful. You're honoring her is a really sweet and creative way and I hope she can see that (because you deserve loves for your compliment).
  21. redambrosia

    Dwarf chieftain WIP

    Well, the mini that got the rose-like plant and the mushrooms is a dwarf.... but they grow around him Though the character did jump in a pile of poop just to get a mushroom to cast a spell on one of his first outings
  22. redambrosia

    Need Santa's elves!

    In last nights' episode of The Big Bang Theory Leonard ran a little Christmas themed DnD campaign. I like that idea, so I'm gonna try to get my husband to run one next year (a little break from our regular story arcs). But I think I'll have better luck convincing him if I have our Christmas NPCs painted up and ready to go. I've already got Santa Dwarf and I'll be getting Krampus, but I need little workshop elves. All the elves in the reaper catalogue are too tall, and the gnomes aren't really suitable either. I thought of the Mites (60066) or the gremlins (03621) because they're the size I want, but those are too creepy (I'd rather have happy Santa's helpers than creepy evil ones; after all, Santa Dwarf may be grumpy, stubborn, and inclined to drink too much ale, but he's not Evil Santa). Does anyone have any suggestions for happy, tiny elves, after the ancient European folk style?
  23. redambrosia

    Chess set suggestions?

    If you haven't already found your knights I'd suggest http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/mounted/sku-down/14186#detail/14186_af and http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/mounted/sku-down/03357#detail/03357_3357_golgoth_the_ancient_af_front Those are the most badass looking mounted evil guys, IMO. Though I would probably favour goblins mounted on wolves
  24. redambrosia

    Please allow me to introduce myself...

    The key to keeping your minis safe from kitty is to keep them out of site. That's why I have the plastic drawers for my unpainted ones, and the finished ones I keep in my carry case. My mousling obsession (yep, it's an obsession, totally fine with that) gave my husband an idea for a campaign centered around mouslings. Basically, the mice were a wizard's experiment. After he vanishes they have to fend for themselves in the big mean world. We're not allowed to play that campaign until we finish the Axe of Dwarven Lords campaign, then the Ska-rai's in Hell. Then we can play something else.
  25. redambrosia

    Paint Area - Adventures in Organizing

    Thanks I was going to get one of those sets, mostly for the paintbrush, after Christmas. I already used my 3 12 Days of Reaper purchases on minis though. I needed mouslings and christmas stuff, and monsters, since I don't buy enough monsters and too many cute things, hehe