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  1. That’s one of my favorite all time scenes in any movie ever.
  2. Did she have a date? If so, fancy up the back yard, invite one other couple (4 people doesn’t violate the 6 people rule) and give them a backyard dance. To me it sounds better than prom. No drunk teenaged idiots to ruin your pretty dress.
  3. At least she didn’t head butt me. If she had head butted me I probably would need to go to the ER her head is like a bowling ball. She made it up to me though. She gave a kiss and cuddle.
  4. My baby just punched me in the nose. When do they stop being elfholes?
  5. I got pots and pans! And I didn’t have to wait until the end April! I’m gonna cook aLL THE THINGS!!!!
  6. You know, I have to say that this thread is disappointing me. Six questions and we haven’t gotten to know APRIL at all! because the title is “getting to know April”... okay, I’ll leave now...
  7. I guess I should have said she can’t get to it as easily the gate gives us enough time to catch her. At least for now. I’m sure we’ll need to adapt to her grabby hands as she grows up
  8. Yep, already did. There was much swearing over the mechanism they included for that And we have the shelf blocked off, so Sephy can’t get to it.
  9. All the tiny dragon statues from the Hamilton collection and the Bradford exchange. Ever.
  10. The most recent thing I baked was a chicken pot pie, but that was like, a month ago. Pft. Pizza isn’t Italian, it American. I actually made this in a game: a living clown doll, looks like one of those Pierrot clowns, and it pulls stuff out of its sleeves. For instance, it can pull a seltzer bottle out and spray off your face after having just pied you with a lemon meringue. I named him Diogenes, because naming a clown after the most grumpy philosopher amused me. See, that box of cinnamon rolls would be useful though. If both you and the dragon are munching on rolls, dragon can’t kill you and maybe you’ll bond over a shared love of pastries.
  11. Finally got our big elf media shelf put together! There’s room for more movies or games. And there will be even more room if we can convert more of our collection to blu rays.
  12. Why just white? When we get a house I’m gonna paint things ALL THE COLORS!
  13. Hubby got visionary as well. Seems to go well with DM types. For D&D today we were going to order Chinese food, but discovered that both places that make it here closed down until further notice. Not even curbside pick up! So I made nachos. They were a great hit. Our players eyes lit up when I placed the tray in front of them. I am considering making Chinese food next week. Just gotta find a few recipes. Asian foods I need a recipe for, I need more practice at them before I can do the spice pallet by feel.
  14. This is pretty long, but it seems good. The colours are quite yours but the technique is there https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XhVqo0oe2Qw Though, I think your clouds are really pretty.
  15. Yes, I’ve paint four walls of fire. I base coated with matte sealer then painted in the cracks. As you can see, on the second set (or maybe it was the first set, heck if I remember) I forgot to do the OSL effect on the ground.
  16. Here’s a fun little test. I got the Russian nesting doll (dreamer). My mom got rock lady (thinker) and my brother got cage full of dodgeballs (innovator). They all work for us. https://mycreativetype.com I’m still very certain that she’s going to join the circus. And tutus work great in the circus. All things considered, for her personal health, is rather she not be a ballet dancer. I didn’t think it was that bad, and I’m bad at math :shrug: But was it soothing? Can confirm, folks from the east coast have smaller personal space bubbles. Folks from Europe have slightly larger ones. Folks from Asia seem to have NO personal space bubble. And folks from the Middle East have a giant personal space bubble. Though, I think the person with the biggest personal space bubble was a dude from Australia. He’d have no issue with the six foot rule. (based on anecdotal evidence from years of working at a hotel)
  17. How does one tell the downstairs neighbors that they need to put padding behind their headboard? I showed my mom and she said she was “Batterina” COWARD!! Topical:
  18. I mean... I could probably stay inside for a whole month with no problem given sufficient resources. And, you know, no baby Once she feels better and the snow melts, we’re looking forward to taking walks. There’s a walking path behind our apartments. And every time we go outside Sephy gets really excited. Until she gets put in her car seat
  19. Got my order from miniature market today! Megatron, Bumblebee, 2 female dwarf summoners, and x2 octopuses! One of those octopi will receive a top hat, monocle, and walking stick. Very dapper!
  20. There’s no classical station out here, so I don’t listen to the radio. I don’t like people talking at me while I drive.
  21. Sleep training! Round 2! Dingding! :face plants into the bed: environmental scientists and climatologist are very interested to see what happens. Of course, in some places there’s really no lack of activity. No one where I love seems to take any of this seriously. Not that it’s stopping them from hoarding all the TP
  22. Except being hangry. Then you need a snickers. Or a potato. If you’re me.
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