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  1. I really don’t understand why Sephy fights so hard to stay awake. She’s just so determined to not be sleepy, then she crashes hard. Oh well. Made an amazing roast tonight, with tiny roasted potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms. Then I had one of those cup brownies for dessert. Had a really hard time keeping that away from Sephy
  2. Watched Hobbs & Shaw. Definitely not high brow, but it was fun. Very much enjoyed the Samoas. Would have been better overall if there was less rap music.
  3. redambrosia

    The Wile E. Coyote Award

    Alas, I cannot tell it. I was not there, and all Bryan would say was “you had to be there”. I do know that there was no car movement involved. I cannot imagine how he managed to crash a car without it moving, but apparently he did.
  4. I think I know the problem, but you aren’t going to like it...
  5. Yes, three times. The first was for SDE forgotten king, the second was for the teenaged mutant ninja turtles game, and the third was for the rising sun game. I actually backed the super dungeon explore 2nd edition, but that hasn’t born any miniature fruit, so we’ll see. Actually... I did but that copy of monopoly just because it had the money bag... so I guess that’s four times
  6. Any word from @Crowley yet?
  7. Had a hard time picking a favorite... but it might be the Danny Trejo one
  8. They have a “Gritty Gritty Bang Bang”
  9. redambrosia

    The Wile E. Coyote Award

    In our group that would be called a “Gary”, for the guy who threw a 30’ fireball into a 20’ room that contained his companions. Gary was also the guy who crashed a parked car.
  10. Clue, lots of good fun playing that. I can’t remember anything specific though. Though, the first time I played Life with my Hubby, he threw my “husband” out of the little car and replaced it with his person Ah yes, the struggle to find a name.
  11. It always pleasant to be tortured by good looking people I hope everything was resolved and you’ve gotten some rest. :Throws a box of plastic spoons to you: My frustration with the house situation and waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for my license to be approved is getting to me. I have to keep stopping myself and say “it will get better, I will achieve my goals, I will get our own home” On the cool things side: Sephy loves the greatest showman. I’m pretty sure she’s going to grow up wanting to join the circus. Evidence: loves to be swung, lifted, spun, and tossed, obsessed with her aunty trapeze artist, and enthralled by this movie.
  12. That is super cool! I’ve wanted one of those for a while... :jealous: Just double check your plants to make sure they aren’t bad for your cat. I know mint isn’t at least (catnip is part of the mint family).
  13. Huh. Didn't realize the Simpsons has such a nice house... Uhhh... I think hard pack. Most of the streets here they just seem to leave at hard pack. Some of them they plow. And some get the dirt treatment. I was joking to Hubby that you know this is really the Wild West because, even though the streets are paved, they’re still hecking muddy. Instead of muddy horses there’s muddy trucks everywhere.
  14. Starting to get used to driving in the snow and ice. And whatever that stuff is after snow has been driven on a bunch. Don’t like it, but I’m getting used to it.
  15. The Defiance video game on PS3. I get to the end boss, who you have to solo, and who has 3 stages. I was on the final stage, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. And the game glitched, trapped the boss where I couldn’t hit him. I have never been so mad at a game before. I had to shut down my system before I started throwing things. Anyway, the next day I went back to it, finished the fight, and won the game.