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  1. Haha it used to be on late night cable all the time during the 90s, at least once a week. So I’d seen most of it. It really is a fantastic movie... not exactly “good”, but not really awful. Just very 70s
  2. 1) Well, for one thing, I’m always dreaming of going. The virtual thing is the closest I’ll have been to it. While the classes and such would be amazing, the thing I look forward to most is being able to meet some of you lovely folks, even though I’m hella shy and awkward. 2) I’m gonna pick @TaleSpinner, because he’s cool, got loads of knowledge about sculpting, and he made my cute teddy bear mini But I’d love to meet all of you and spend more time in person.
  3. Hubby had me watch the original RoboCop tonight. I’d never seen the entire thing before. I really enjoyed it. The special effects have held up really well, and I loved seeing all those actors being so young. After that I watched Logan’s Run. It was kinda weird not seeing it starting halfway through, but cool to see all of it. Including all the gratuitous boobies they blurred out on tv
  4. Persephone is currently very busy taking all her clothes out of her drawers, handing them to me to be stacked up, then putting them all back in the drawers so she can begin again. I wish she’d just go to sleep
  5. Great month of questions! Thank you for your efforts Those two classes I am definitely interested in. I don’t know how much time I’ll have, due to work and life, but I’d like to participate in some of it. Hubby got me the huge swag box, too, so I’m set there.
  6. Speaking of tea! My friend got me a can of republic of tea’s ginger peach tea. That stuff got me through my pregnancy with a calm tummy. I have missed it sorely. So, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice (possibly mace) are some of the spice considered “pumpkin spice”. You know what else has those in it? COCO-COLA!!! Thats right! America’s favorite soda is pumpkin spice. Which explains why The closest they ever got to doing pumpkin spice coke was that gawdawful cinnamon coke. Bleh!
  7. I am incapable of not painting to the best of my abilities. Sometimes I try, but then I always find myself trying to make it “perfect”.
  8. After hearing your stories, I’m pretty sure your catchphrase is “surprisingly, he lived!”
  9. So, last Friday we saw The Karate Kid (original) in theater. Since then I’ve been dying to see them honk those guys’ noses. So I watched The Karate Kid part 2 tonight. The nose honk was satisfying.
  10. Well, if you don’t mind a high price tag, I really love my Kirby vacuum.
  11. Well, drunk people aren’t known for their good plans and such. :remembers the anniversary celebrations: I certainly HOPE toy story isn’t real, otherwise I owe my princess dolls an apology
  12. Take some time out and watch The Rookie
  13. Ice cream. Or a popsicle. Or an otter pop. Maybe some sorbet.
  14. We actually celebrated on Friday. I left that part out I guess. The theater here is doing short runs of older movies, so we watched The Karate Kid (original). They still have the normal previews, so I made fun of them: “wonder woman, coming in June 2020 the redo!” Or, you know, never
  15. This is the view out our living room window: that Kia Soul is our car. I have not ever participated in it. I’m not sure there’s a place here that would partake. I’ve made about 5 “campaign settings” from scratch. I’ve never ran any games in them. But yes, I love world building for funsies. Hubby has his own, very expansive universe that he plays in.
  16. I got some pretty dice on Friday. They’re pink and orange/yellow. Sadly, it came with 2 d20s instead of a d12.
  17. So, at about 5:30 on Thursday night I looked at my phone and read a text from my mom saying “congratulation on 8 years of marriage”. And I went “oh yeah, that was today”. Both of us forgot that it was that day. We went out for dinner and a movie, then a walk for some ice cream. It was really nice having a few hours to the two of us, without our monster being rambunctious.
  18. Hubby and I pledged for the dragon. $31 seems a reasonable price for a 4” wide sleeping dragon.
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