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  1. Sephy was fascinated by the stairs on our newly arrived pirate ship (my bones 5 order arrived today). She’s enthralled by the ship. Also had a hard time getting her out of the box.
  2. Yeah, I-5 is a nasty place for traffic, even without the complications of car accidents. When we had that train derailment by Nisqually a few years ago it literally backed up traffic for nearly 24 hours. At least she didn’t have to get into Seattle proper. Getting into SeaTac is much easier.
  3. Well, I’m making a savory noodle cake. With about 4lbs of cheese. If I remember, I’ll take pictures of it.
  4. Okay, I know we’ve got some DS9 fans here. Try this but if silliness on for size: https://youtu.be/59_Wzssx4iA
  5. I have successfully made my own subway sweet onion sauce! It’s delicious! Brat-fink didn’t care for it. Ungrateful wretch!
  6. Cooking potatoes in the microwave is more like steaming them. Same with a pressure cooker. They call them baked in their recipes, but it’s not dry enough.
  7. I am not watching the olympics. My favorite Olympic sport is curling. I was planning on making a cake for my mother in law, but it won’t be sci fi themed.
  8. Not the most original, perhaps, but I’m pleased with how this turned out.
  9. @MoonglowMinis I love your octopus! He looks so squishy!
  10. Well, got sent home from work. We were over-staffed and my boss could see I wasn’t doing well. My lungs feel really inflamed right now. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon. I really need to clean my house 😩
  11. I’ve done extensive conversions, the one I’m most proud of is this one: It was a GW sculpt that I fixed the face on, added wings, the right arm, and bird feet. The only things I’ve sculpted have been little things, like flowers or pots of gold (for a leprechaun). I think the Line between making and assembling is subjective and depends on the figure and the crafter.
  12. I don’t understand why doctors only give you 5 days worth of antibiotics nowadays. It always used to be a 10 day course, and whatever it was would be gone for good. Anytime they give me 5 days I have to call them and ask for more because I’m still sick after 5 days.
  13. You assume I have money to travel. I have never been in the tax bracket that can afford to go on vacations, much less traveling vacations.
  14. Benadryl makes for groggy mornings. But at least I finally slept all night.
  15. Not especially. I have very few older models, so it’s not much of an issue. Any variations are fairly natural to me.
  16. Yesterday I actually got the things I wanted to get done, done. So today I’m going to aim for that success again. Slowly feeling better here, despite this lower back pain, which I’m fairly sure indicates there’s something wrong with my spine.
  17. The closest I’ve come to making something like that is painting heraldry on shields and tabards, which I’ve obviously painted myself. This is the best example I have right now:
  18. I broke down and went to see a doctor. I waited for an hour and a half for a 5 minute talk with the doctor, he prescribed me an antibiotic and a steroid. For this privilege I paid $100 🙄 I just hope it’s worth and I can stop missing work. I was only able to work 1 day this week.
  19. Portals! A la Doctor Strange. Except I won’t be coming tonight, as I don’t want to get anyone else sick. I wonder if anyone ever told Peter that his actual name really was Doctor Strange…🤔
  20. Parades are stupid. You have to sit there forever, roasting in the sun, hoping to see something neat. Usually it’s just old people sitting in the back of old cars, waving. The stupid rodeo parade is shutting down half the town. Apparently the walk in clinic I need to go to (because I’ve broken down and am in enough pain that I can’t stand it anymore), is closed for the stupid parade. Parades are stupid.
  21. Oh, you know, I forgot to mention my favorite drink ever: cranberry juice mixed with lemon lime soda. Not fussed on brands, but I prefer 100% juice. Less sugar. Got the taste for it when I was in the hospital to give birth.
  22. Welp. Antibiotics have been acquired for my little bean. She has an ear infection. No viruses were detected, so whatever it is that’s causing this is likely bacterial. I am quite frustrated that this will interrupt my plans for potty training her though 😖 it’s not recommended to potty train a sick toddler. I was really looking forward to not buying anymore diapers.
  23. My favorite kind of soda is root beer, and my favorite root beer is A&W (if you can find one, their restaurants are pretty good too). My favorite cool, non-fizzy beverage is lemonade, and I prefer the Simply brand. I don’t care for booze, I only use it in my cooking, so I have no preferences there.
  24. Trust me, you are not alone in that sentiment here.
  25. All I want right now is to get my shipping notice from reaper! Is it really too much to ask that I get my giant pirate ship to sooth away my illness misery??!???!
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